VODHLTV Confirmed S5E1 - jks

LAN 2020 - jks offers
Episode topics

Hot seat with jks
-Dissapointing end to last season
-ImAPet for kassad, changes to the team?
-Secret of good individual form
-Preparation/expectation for second half of 2020

Top 3
-Best news of 2020 so far

Recent news
-nitr0 -> grim for Liquid, nitr0's next step?
-Lekr0 dumps MAD Lions
-Kjaerbye leaves North
-ALEX to FaZe $600,000 rumor
-Renegades confirm mithR addition
-Who else could/should make a change?

DH Summer
-First test for NA top teams
-European mixed bag

Rest of 2020
-ESL One Cologne 2020 to be held online
-Pro League/Major chances of happening?
-Will we have a LAN in 2020?

-Viewer questions and leftover topics