VODHLTV Confirmed S5E10 - karrigan

Pressure in FaZe & mouz roster
Episode topics

Hot seat with karrigan (30 min)
-Losing the 2019 momentum
-Working through the rut
-Explaining woxic's departure
-Deciding and adjusting roles, IGL style
-What's next?
Recent news (40 min)
-NA teams in talks over trip to Europe
-floppy to join EU C9
-Chet retires, s0m, daps to leave CS - implications
-HUNDEN, Twista, starix stay on despite bans
EPL EU (30 min)
-mouz's run to 4th place
-Astralis - Heroic rivalry building
-Thriller grand final
Playtime (20 min)
-Viewer questions
-Leftover topics