VODHLTV Confirmed S5E11 - gla1ve

gla1ve talks Astralis roster
Episode topics

Hot seat with gla1ve (35 min)
-Returning to the team
-IGL situation with Magisk
-EPL win, Astralis vs. Heroic
-Working with the extended roster
-Bringing back Xyp9x

Recent news (25 min)
-Complexity to sign jks - report
-SKADE dq'd from MDL for coach bug
-Flashpoint 2 to feature "3 top20 invites"
-FaZe/OG surprise runs in ESL NY
-Nivera to join Vitality
-100T to leave CS (again)

DH Open Fall (15 min)
-How important is an RMR event now?
-What is the toughest group
-Team to watch out for

2020/2021 (30 min)
-Intercontinental matches for end of the year?
-CSPPA safety protocols and LAN
-ESL&DH schedule for 2021

Playtime (15 min)
-Viewer questions
-Leftover topics