VODHLTV Confirmed S5E17 - YNk

Life after FaZe w/ YNk
Episode topics

Hotseat with YNk
-Catching up with Janko
-Why leave FaZe?
-FaZe's biggest problem
-Inability to get IGL
-Best and worst memory with the team
Recent news
-HEN1 leaving, FURIA going international?
-emi to play with GODSENT
-Chaos, Whalers to split with teams
-Heroic replace EG in BLAST Showdown
-Vitality 6v5 victory over NAVI
-Time to change for NAVI?
-G2 make top4 with JaCkz
-Are FaZe looking better without NiKo?
Talent transitions
-What has been done so far?
-Are analysts a good fit for coaches and GMs?
-Leftover topics and viewer questions