VODHLTV Confirmed S5E18 - messioso

Dissecting North's problems with their Head of Esports messioso
Episode topics

Hotseat with messioso
-Who is messioso?
-Becoming North's Head of Esports
-Making plans for 2020
-Parting with Kjaerbye, snatching Lekr0
-Aizy and MSL out
-Missing out on players (blameF, TeSeS, Farlig)
-What is the direction of North?
-Viewer questions
Recent news
-KRIMZ (wrongfully?) VAC’d
-Sprout pull out of DHM
-Endpoint qualify for Pro League
-Global Challenge team list finalized
BLAST Showdown
-Redemption for NA with Liquid & FURIA
-Cloud9 show promise
Upcoming events
-Flashpoint 2 key storyline
-DreamHack group stage favorites
-Leftover topics