VODHLTV Confirmed S5E2 - BlameF

BlameF's IGLing & work ethics
Episode topics

Hot seat with blameF (30 min)
-Less known details of his career
-Becoming IGL and leadership style
-Decision to join Complexity
-2020 and BLAST Success

Recent news (20 min)
-bubzkji in Astralis
-innocent to MAD Lions?
-nitr0 officially out of Liquid
-AdreN out of Virtus.pro
-Other teams that could or should make a change

Talking practice (30 min)
-Balancing individual and team practice
-How is team practice approached today
-Practice and demo tools
-Tips for new teams and players

Prediction time (20 min)
-What do we expect happening or changing in the second part of 2020?
-Predficting teams that will drop or rise the most

Playtime (20 min)
-Viewer questions and leftover topics