VODHLTV Confirmed S5E22 - Starting 2021

Talking winter break transfers rumors and what the next season of CS will bring
Episode topics

Recent news
-Catching up with Top20 list
-ESEA revamped for 2021
Roster news
-Liquid FalleN, FURIA junior - which move was better?
-MIBR lose team, future of kNgV- and co.
-Cloud9 lose kassad and woxic
-BnTeT to finalize EXTREMUM (report)
-fnatic sign Jackinho
-Envy transfer list team
-suNny, flusha, autimatic teaming up
-karrigan and mouz future
BLAST Global Finals
-Fight for #1 is on again
-Complexity playing with JUGi
-What should we look out for
2021 calendar
-What is the year going to look like?
-Will LANs return and when?
-Viewer questions and leftover topics