VODHLTV Confirmed S5E3 - zews

zews on rankings & coaching
Episode topics

Hot seat with zews (30 min)
-Coaching limbo
-Transitioning from MIBR to EG
-Life during COVID, coaching from a distance
-EG's path in 2020
-Coaching: where it was and where it is now

Recent news (30 min)
-Astralis watch: ESL One Cologne lineup
-buster back in Virtus.pro
-Kjaerbye joins FaZe
-mouz create six-man roster with Bymas
-Liquid: adreN out, moses in
-xseveN moves to HAVU, ENCE back to five
-CSPPA's ranking

DH Summer check-in (20 min)
-CIS teams, MAD Lions eliminated early
-Cloud9's TeamOne struggles
-Semi-final matchups

ESL One Cologne preview (30 min)
-NA: EG faces new teams in Group B
-EU: Who will start the new season on the right foot?
-Asia & Oceania

Playtime (10 min)
-Viewer questions and leftover topics