VODHLTV Confirmed S5E29 - karrigan

Talking karrigan's comeback to FaZe, why he left mouz, and IEM Katowice results
Episode topics

Hot seat with karrigan
-The decision to leave mouz
-Why return to FaZe?
-Roles and team chemistry
-IEM Katowice debut
-FaZe 2021 roster vs. 2018 roster
-Goals for 2021, coach, psychologist status
Recent news
-Ethan leaves EG for VALORANT
-OG bench NBK-, in talks with niko
-Heroic: -b0RUP, niko; +sjuush, refrezh
-MAD Lions to go international
-suNny to stand in for FPX
IEM Katowice
-Gambit's unlikely victory
-Virtus.pro choked the final?
-Astralis and NAVI fall short
-How will the CIS teams rank in 3-6 months?
-Liquid's streaky form
-Viewer questions and leftover topics