VODHLTV Confirmed S5E30 - moses

Talking NA scene, coaching Liquid, addition of FalleN, and EU bootcamp
Episode topics

Hot seat with moses
-Moving away from broadcast work
-Settling into Liquid
-2020 run & Twistzz departure
-FalleN addition, IGL situation
-2021 Europe bootcamp and recent results
-Goals for the year
Recent news
-oBo rounds out EG roster
-G2 bench kennyS, JaCkz return to roster
-Upset-heavy DreamHack Masters qualifier
-Changes in Triumph, Extra Salt
Looking forward
-NA scene this year
-What are the high-priority tournaments in 2021?
ESL Pro League
-Group A: Roster changes and upset potential?
-Group B: Proving time (Vitality, FaZe, NIP, G2)
-Group C: Easy mode?
-Group D: Liquid's tough predicament
-Viewer questions and leftover topics