VODHLTV Confirmed S5E38 - Anders

Discussing Ancient addition, casting in the pandemic, Anders' projects, team changes, and more
Episode topics

Hot seat with Anders
- Catching up
- Casting during pandemic
- Projects, interests, and annoyances
Recent news
- moses out, adreN returns to Liquid
- HUNDEN returns to coach Heroic
- O PLANO go independent
- NBK- to play for DBL PONEY
Ancient talk
- Initial reactions to map pool change
- Was Train the right map to remove?
- Is Ancient good enough for competitive play
- What will Ancient be like tactically?
- DHM: Natus B1tcere & Vitojin
- DHM: Astralis impressions
- FP3, IEM Qualifier: who impressed?
- Time to get worried for FaZe?
- Parimatch Matchmaker
- Viewer questions and leftover topics