VODHLTV Confirmed S5E4 - kRYSTAL

woxic benched & FaZe roster
Episode topics

Hot seat with kRYSTAL (30 min)
-Early influences, becoming an IGL
-PENTA 2014 success and "AK-47 | Traitors"
-Second PENTA team (zehN, suNny), left behind again
-Struggle years (Sprout, Imperial), why did NoChance work?
-Potential of the current GODSENT squad

Recent News (25 min)
-North sign Lekr0
-mouz bench woxic
-Envy aim to add Thomas
-ALEX considering FPX and Valorant
-c0ntact to Trial Smooya and Spinx
-Assesing the ranking update

ESL One Cologne (30 min)
-GODSENT overlooked for MIBR
-BIG tanks, Sprout shows promise
-First impressions: MAD Lions, FaZe, Astralis
-Nothing new in NA?

Top 3 (20 min)
-Gameplay changes to improve CS:GO

Playtime (15 min)
-Viewer questions and leftover topics