VODHLTV Confirmed S5E44 - valde

Talking about OG's bootcamp, IEM Summer run, and previewing BLAST
Episode topics

Hot seat with valde
- Reasons behind the roster shuffle
- NBK-, ISSAA departing, niko, flameZ join
- FP3 last place after good signs
- Second bootcamp focus
- Seven series winstreak and IEM
Recent news
- FaZe bring back olof (again)
- ESIC and Akuma betting fraud
- GuardiaN standing in for Trident
- StarLadder RMR anti-cheat details
- BLAST announce arena event
IEM Summer
- Gambit grind out another title
- How did G2 fool us again?
- Intel Grand Slam race heating up
BLAST Spring
- Gambit vs. NAVI for #1
- Who will be NIP's fifth?
- Another week of practice for G2?
- Parimatch matchmaker game
- Viewer questions and leftover topics