VODHLTV Confirmed S5E54 - Devilwalk

Talking NAVI's Intel Grand Slam, BLAST Fall, and FPX
Episode topics

Hot seat with Devilwalk
- Three months without officials for FPX
- Sitting on the sidelines for Cologne and EPL
- Losses to MAD Lions, Dignitas, SKADE
- Expectations for new season
- Approach to coaching current roster
- Who wants to be a skinionaire?
Recent news
- coldzera joins complexity
- Singularity sign seized - GuardiaN team
- IEM Fall CQ starting
ESL Pro League
- Liquid's shocking elimination
- Heroic brush off criticism
- OG still hit and miss?
- Are NIP going to live up to expectations?
- Gambit falter gain
- Vitality regaining form
- NAVI win again, sights on the Major?
- Major vs. Grand Slam discussion
- Group A: Xyp9x returns for Astralis
- Group A: Liquid and Vitality should go through?
- Group B: Big test for G2 & NIP
- Group C: Unpredictable
- Fantasy team draft
- Showdown team list shaping up
- Parimatch matchmaker game
- Viewer questions and leftover topics