VODHLTV Confirmed S5E55 - friberg

Discussing the latest CS:GO update, being part of Dignitas project, BLAST, and more
Episode topics

Hot seat with friberg
- "NIP reunion", adding Lekr0 and HEAP
- Playing in T2-T3 scene
- Lack of premier events and LANs
- IEM Fall, BLAST Showdown expectations
- Swedish scene
- Who wants to be a skinionaire
Recent news
- Xizt retires from play, new role?
- k0nfig nears Astralis move - Report
- flamie free agent, VP -Sanji rumors
- Stockholm confirmed as Major location
BLAST Group A & B
- Astralis pull it off
- NIP, BIG advance to Finals, G2 out
CS:GO update
- Dust2, Ancient changes
- M4A1-S buff, Deagle nerf
- Utility drop mechanic
- Parimatch matchmaker game
- Viewer questions and leftover topics