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Like/dislike HLTV users' comments 12 WESG_quarterfinalist 23m 23 minutes ago
BLAST fantasy R8 AND HELP 29 Homem_REDPILLado 14h14 hours ago
Suggestion: New feature for HLTV 6 botv1ce 1da day ago
HLTV Major idea 8 Discodiplan 2d2 days ago
R8 fantasy 7 Vitality_Fan 2d2 days ago
Fantasy Glitch with Boosters 9 Multiplism 2d2 days ago
HLTV is a joke 28 MateoKovacic 3d3 days ago
Free Agents section 17 Cuki_ 4d4 days ago
HLTV react emojis? 22 DanielLevysShampoo 5d5 days ago
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Wtf... 29 _Top1 7d7 days ago
Bubzkji iem global challange trophy 12 Balta69 7d7 days ago
Admins come 37 USA_2_WW_GERMANY_0 7d7 days ago
CSGO manager game 10 Ghaspar 7d7 days ago
Restore this thread please 7 GermanyFirstMoonLanding 7d7 days ago
hltv best light mode 3 Ez4Olof 8d8 days ago
Oldest Thread 28 8Inchestoosmall 8d8 days ago
Search and forums 8 Delirious206 8d8 days ago
Only one thread per day allowed? 9 USA_2_WW_GERMANY_0 8d8 days ago
HLTV removed comments from pictures 18 GermanHLTVAmbassador 9d9 days ago
features we've been waiting for too long 52 blameF_biggest_fan 9d9 days ago
HLTV Premium 49 tatsumii 9d9 days ago
ex chaos IEM bejing NA trophy 7 Balta69 10d10 days ago
Godsent Taco 89 Inhabitant 11d11 days ago
Cant search for topics? 8 buzeG2 14d14 days ago
Betting on top 1 player 8 DrunkRussianBettor 14d14 days ago
Please let me change my name 58 o_w_o 14d14 days ago
HLTV's Top 10 teams of 2020 makes no sense 93 MIBR_IS_funny 14d14 days ago
top20 filter 14 4NTEP 14d14 days ago
HLTV Added MVP's and Trophies for 2020 133 simple_0_major 15d15 days ago