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How do people comment really fast on htlv 12 Tricerariel 8h8 hours ago
HLTV is dying 56 DeadPal 1da day ago
ANY 2010 USERS ? 110 WORD_LIFE 2d2 days ago
HLTV HACKED AGAIN? 5 machiavelli2016 2d2 days ago
r.i.p blogs 4 hontestly 2d2 days ago
ADMINS 7 GERMANY_7_BRAZIL_1 3d3 days ago
Hltv admins where valde mvp metal at tho 12 StickyBomb 3d3 days ago
HLTV RANKING??????? 57 hiatus_g 3d3 days ago
Nomad/staff come here 51 KevinGatesYo 4d4 days ago
3 (4) day bans 25 NiKolinho[meister] 4d4 days ago
Admins please fix 1 Panga2Majors_BatteriesGODTOP1 5d5 days ago
Changed my nickname 12 ShroodXD 5d5 days ago
tarik joins MIBR, boltz benched 29 BRASILEROPRETO666 5d5 days ago
tarik joins Liquid 24 Baitzera_SK 5d5 days ago
ESL sign Snapchat deal for Katowice 2019 Major 1 decentyoungman 6d6 days ago
Hltv should add an upvote and downvote system 30 1926 6d6 days ago
Opskins done or what? 10 Wojti 6d6 days ago
no english flag daily reminder 3 decentyoungman 7d7 days ago
Faceit Major 2018 5 b1azed 8d8 days ago
ADMIN COME HERE 10 Starman_ 8d8 days ago
BIG #7 LMAO 43 hello_im_not_baiting 8d8 days ago
Light vs Dark 13 v0L0d9 8d8 days ago
Remove Topics not in the correct forum, PLEASE! 4 doopiedoo 8d8 days ago
HLTV Rankings 4 SammeMMII 9d9 days ago
WTF HLTV 18 Thijo_ 9d9 days ago
Cant subscribe to own thread?? 7 Chuluun 9d9 days ago
BIG COLDZERA 16 Baitzera_SK 9d9 days ago
HLTV Forums>The news 10 Panga2Majors_BatteriesGODTOP1 9d9 days ago
COLD TO FAZE CONFIRMED 7 f0cusWOW! 9d9 days ago
VeryNiceGuy prediction 14 Panga2Majors_BatteriesGODTOP1 9d9 days ago