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worst majors in CS GO 210 Kohama 1han hour ago
Major Ranking IMO 5 WinthOil 1da day ago
niko too good 0 RandomPortugueseFucker 5d5 days ago CS:GO Tournament 70$ Prize 0 Porcellian 6d6 days ago
esl one NY twitch chat 7 Jardeet 6d6 days ago
ESL MIC 0 Blyat123 7d7 days ago
Finished Romanian Trip 9 Frostieeh 7d7 days ago
mouz g1i1gn caught at Acer Predator Masters 2 6 SimontheSourcer 8d8 days ago
Major graphiti 3 pogotowieblant 8d8 days ago
DROP IT 0 sajlent 11d11 days ago
MVP Awards 0 Jardeet 11d11 days ago
ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 9 DeReRed 11d11 days ago
how someone should respond to a post they don't like to how KNG responds 0 TPM_ 12d12 days ago
Harry & other fag 8 SzyKu 12d12 days ago
C'mon ESG 0 Rullerek 13d13 days ago
Just won PUBG AMA 67 lulzz 14d14 days ago
5-14 --> 19-15 haha 0 DooterGames 15d15 days ago
Woxic WH? 12 NoPeaceJustHates 15d15 days ago
180 s timeout for typing SCAM on esgtour chat 0 ez_for_my_team 15d15 days ago
This lan 2 bardarbunga 15d15 days ago
Gaming Paradise 2.0? 0 ImPeko 15d15 days ago
rate this joke 4 vp_learn_how_to_map_veto_ffs 15d15 days ago
2nd ESG Tour 2 CSin2k17_LUL 17d17 days ago
Electronic kicked 5 Bfpredator2000 19d19 days ago
MALMO CROWD 1 Alkapon3131 19d19 days ago
LoL event in France 18 tuturs 19d19 days ago
Hurricane Harvery 36 Hour Stream 0 Cruz^ 21d21 days ago
Golden disgusting 13 NoPeaceJustHates 21d21 days ago
hobbit feelsbadman 3 DeReRed 21d21 days ago