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QBF on major 83 Carry Potter 5h5 hours ago
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Major not this same 32 STEEN_ 19h19 hours ago
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navi lol 17 Bill_Bait 1da day ago
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SK vs SS 37 orox2 1da day ago
Na'Vi don't deserve to play on major 14 mibaRo 1da day ago
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Misfits - Liquid? 0 Ruble 1da day ago
Major 5 MARK0N1 1da day ago
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WORST MAJOR ??? 54 CSGOat[DepressedMuslim] 1da day ago
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Eleague you dun messed up your schedule 1 MarkerTassel 1da day ago
Major time 70 JaWiIL 1da day ago
Dreamhack Summer 2018 accounced as mid-2018 Major. 1 atom2k 1da day ago