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New HLTV is better 3 GeorgeWashington 7h ago7 hours ago
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New HLTV - Good or bad? 135 Jonty04l32 1d agoa day ago
Congratulations HLTV! 41 Origin503 1d agoa day ago
Request ban 31 TYZ4 1d agoa day ago
iOS App? 5 H0rn 1d agoa day ago
wtf is that **** 1 Diemachine 2d ago2 days ago
Admin come here 0 WillWorkForSkins 2d ago2 days ago
HLTV GIVE US OPTIONS 1 SirFoxy 2d ago2 days ago
MYY BLOOGS :( 7 ("_') STR!KER ('_") <3 GamerGate 2d ago2 days ago
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stich 1 HLTVfeminist 4d ago4 days ago
ban reason nice gg 9 chlorine 5d ago5 days ago
yeah guys i wanna cry 2 chlorine 6d ago6 days ago
Admin - Serious Attention! 13 Shrikky 8d ago8 days ago
Blog 6 vladimirtrump 8d ago8 days ago
seeking answer 2 vladimirtrump 9d ago9 days ago CHAT 21 xijmplr 9d ago9 days ago
WHY JONATHAN 9 sryInospeaklondon 9d ago9 days ago
HLTV? HELP ME 1 B0binch0 9d ago9 days ago Chat - Important 3 zthoui 9d ago9 days ago
User to be banned... 28 Jonty04l32 9d ago9 days ago
Deleting threads by Admins who are related to other communities... 0 DanielSen 9d ago9 days ago
Behind HLTV's name! 16 KarpaloMato 10d ago10 days ago
dear admins 9 ladyboi 12d ago12 days ago
Italic hacker 31 xijmplr 12d ago12 days ago
SK LOSE AGAIN 12 NA_Scene_Gave_Me_Cancer 12d ago12 days ago
SK LOST AGAINST NRG 22 NA_Scene_Gave_Me_Cancer 12d ago12 days ago
SK TIER 2 TEAM 19 NA_Scene_Gave_Me_Cancer 12d ago12 days ago
hooch&water disrespectful 20 xijmplr 12d ago12 days ago