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Top 5 SWE players 39 Giffel_till_frulle now agoa few seconds ago
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NA CS dilutes talent 6 Symbi now agoa few seconds ago
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Top5 pros from your country? 506 G2kennyS 13m ago13 minutes ago
C9 or Faze ? 31 B0barian 13m ago13 minutes ago
dazed: allu might best in the world on overpass 15 terquie 16m ago16 minutes ago
GOD ALLU 35 Codex1 20m ago20 minutes ago
Allu 4 bcool4 22m ago22 minutes ago
New mix team 14 HeroSebby 28m ago28 minutes ago
[+16]R8 GRILL 9 RideTheMajestic 29m ago29 minutes ago
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HYENAS IN THE PUBLIC? 0 pachi3o 34m ago34 minutes ago
Lurpis 9 VP_fan_AIDS_is_OK 39m ago39 minutes ago
FaZe KennyS? 34 znon 40m ago40 minutes ago
If C9 get 1 map off of FaZe... 7 Aquafier 41m ago41 minutes ago
If FaZe lose to C9 56 C9top1 42m ago42 minutes ago
shroud or faze 1 dupics 1h agoan hour ago
valde future? 45 Never get tired 1h agoan hour ago
Swag 8 Zaytsev98 1h agoan hour ago
New 2.0 ratings accurate? 12 blueslurpee478 1h agoan hour ago