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Denmark a joke, Blast paying players 17 shadyyourmaker 1ma minute ago
PGL KRAKOW vs BLAST 15 sedi 1ma minute ago
blast retards 6 Farmand 1ma minute ago
PGL AGAIN 5 papa_better_than_kennySuck just nowa few seconds ago
1V4 USP sick clutch 30 qaLa 2m 2 minutes ago
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Long csgo day tmrw, who benefits? 2 TDK Em1L 4m 4 minutes ago
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One Day Event 6 BrOoKs 5m 5 minutes ago
Top20 ATM 105 VoxLibertatis 6m 6 minutes ago
csgo scene hypocrite? 12 sanos 7m 7 minutes ago
Blast was just unfortunate 55 cscrmn1 9m 9 minutes ago
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SIXER 35 fazetrashoverrateam 9m 9 minutes ago
best cs go frag movies?: 3 Kohama 12m 12 minutes ago
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Sixer is doing good in WESG 4 pengf02 13m 13 minutes ago
NICE LAN DANES 52 kathatos 13m 13 minutes ago
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PORTUGAL LAN 27 kick_fox_ffs 15m 15 minutes ago