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Fantasy round 2 2 TapioKuusela 4h4 hours ago
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Disrespect against brazilians 34 DELUSIONAL_MIBR_FAN 1da day ago
Titles on players' pages 6 Legitimate_State 1da day ago
POLITICAL SECTION OF HLTV 39 Asfmankey 1da day ago
Score log 12 MeineK 1da day ago
Hltv should add a threads about CS into the sports mode 63 qubeKs 1da day ago
Split T and CT side in stats 45 Fluke_Skywalker 2d2 days ago
steel != steelega 48 kyrpov 2d2 days ago
NEWS FILTER 7 Oberleutnant 3d3 days ago
Ethan Fantasy rating 7 Frotha 4d4 days ago
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Fantasy improvement 9 meistr0 4d4 days ago
No delete account option 12 Frotha 4d4 days ago
cant login android app 35 LoKee54 5d5 days ago
Ban on ip again 6 Digassmen 6d6 days ago
HLTV Broken? 0 lame^ 6d6 days ago
Cant download demo 6 kapsXD 6d6 days ago
Gun Typo 2 Amber! 7d7 days ago
16:16 hltv confirmed 27 NewDayNewFlag 7d7 days ago
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FORSAKEN VAC BANNED 14 buryy0_buriix 8d8 days ago
Notifications not working properly 23 UKCS_BESTCS 8d8 days ago
Hltv Update idea 28 qubeKs 10d10 days ago
Hltv true darkmode 28 WWF 10d10 days ago
"Sport" mode suggestion 1 _IS_OVERRATED 11d11 days ago
Country ranking system 11 opzy 12d12 days ago
Make POTM great again! 11 wassupgee 12d12 days ago
HLTV Admin please come here 143 joe761 13d13 days ago