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ALL the threads of HLTV. 18 hrp_somenumbers 12h12 hours ago
HLTV suggestion (admin pls read) 11 i_like_roblox_tiddies 1da day ago
Updated unicode support for more languages 31 @0x0 1da day ago
Add Myanmar flag 68 NewZealand 3d3 days ago Improvement 28 Batteries 3d3 days ago
R8 this pig 13 MATAKONDO 3d3 days ago
Missing images 25 ProfessionalFailure 4d4 days ago
See flags 11 Trump2020KAG 4d4 days ago
Country flags not showing 2 davidS_ 4d4 days ago
Annoying 19 3_bans_for_1_post 5d5 days ago
HLTV Post Replies 23 Farrukh_M 6d6 days ago
Comments from match threads are bugged 15 Old_Guy 6d6 days ago
Mobile version 0 Bananagl 7d7 days ago
HLTV Admins, why the new pictures of the players not added 12 DEFINEG 7d7 days ago
wrong draken 8 gla1ve_2_majors_s1mple_0 7d7 days ago
NOTIFICATIONS !!! 3 StipeMiocic 8d8 days ago
how can i block a hltv user? 25 Sp3lt0r 8d8 days ago
Match filters. 10 Vladrurik 8d8 days ago
Suggestion 2 flairs 1 Motori 9d9 days ago
idk is this a bug but 0 dushmanSP 11d11 days ago
Isle of man flag ? 13 Skookey 13d13 days ago
Hltv notifications are dead? 10 Nanananana 13d13 days ago
Suggestion 21 archlon 15d15 days ago
Important BUG 37 coldzao3 15d15 days ago
block users 27 Dowa) 16d16 days ago
[ADMINS READ] 23 Snake2k 16d16 days ago
Notifications broken 9 0x0! 16d16 days ago
No notifications 12 Vladrurik 16d16 days ago
Suggestion for new match filter 5 t3r4byt3 17d17 days ago
HALO ADMINS 1 wojteq__ 19d19 days ago