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HLTV Ideas 102 Delirious206 1da day ago
HLTV Vote System 43 MlNE 1da day ago
"bug" in the HLTV overlay 19 Lagge15 2d2 days ago
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Block people from dm'ing you 22 Masshole 5d5 days ago
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Problem with bans 25 GER_4_MAJOR_BR_FLAIR_CANCLLED 9d9 days ago
Threads not working 6 SomeFuwkingCunt 10d10 days ago
way to see how many games/days played with a teammate 2 Deadfox_Top_1_2020 12d12 days ago
B1t headshots 6 daly92 14d14 days ago
Trying to download demo 9 device_best_rifler_since_cphw 15d15 days ago
A tip for HLTV 23 skick4d 15d15 days ago
read notifications 17 schopenh4uer 16d16 days ago
Sign up problem. 6 InLoveWithSliding 16d16 days ago
Thread deletions? 16 slartibartfast 17d17 days ago
EPG Family/EPG 1 H3NR 18d18 days ago
ajax on profile page 40 schopenh4uer 19d19 days ago
Stats issue: not playing at all affects rating in certain cases 3 xztzonn 19d19 days ago
Ban expiration time 7 eIe 19d19 days ago
new ranking??? 10 deepayy 20d20 days ago
Kyojin webpage bug 6 Recruitn1 20d20 days ago
Score not displaying properly 6 clannad_2002 20d20 days ago
Original CIS roster? 22 daly92 21d21 days ago
HLTV stats idea [EPIC IDEA] 42 Delirious206 21d21 days ago
Fantasy calculation system - Suggestion 25 Lemondogs_puetzt1 22d22 days ago
Fantasy fix 4 DDoubleE 22d22 days ago
3 Fantasy improvement ideas 9 JooonsMO 23d23 days ago
200IQ suggestion 35 GermanyFirstMoonLanding 25d25 days ago
Sending private message to yourself? 21 SparklMastr 1ma month ago