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Today's Matches 4 finger_puppet 31m ago31 minutes ago
WHAT IS THIS 3 g0dKendrick 1h agoan hour ago
R.I.P HLTV 8 CNyT 1h agoan hour ago
HOW TO AIM BETTER 1 dylaNNerd 1h agoan hour ago
rip HLTV outlook 0 Raphe 1h agoan hour ago
Feedback 1 ntfakeflagger 2h ago2 hours ago
Little BUG 8 anokasta 2h ago2 hours ago
RSS feeds 3 FwRtje 4h ago4 hours ago
HLTV Suggestions 27 Laureano 4h ago4 hours ago
Hltv bug on opera web browser on android 5 tampon_too_stronkh 4h ago4 hours ago
Any way to get back old layout 0 FolkIGevar 4h ago4 hours ago
where the fuck is PROFILE HITS 4 beliven^GOD 5h ago5 hours ago
Hltv fucked up on ipad 2 6 Sh0WN 5h ago5 hours ago
Desktop view option on mobile 0 Sample2448 5h ago5 hours ago
Link to news archive broken 0 slimmy 6h ago6 hours ago
Black background ? 9 lsildur 6h ago6 hours ago
Cant set timezone to automatic 2 bkt` 6h ago6 hours ago
Scoreboard Bug 10 Sh0WN 6h ago6 hours ago
HLTV WIDE 47 BasicallyADoctor 7h ago7 hours ago
ADD PICTURES 14 xexeca 7h ago7 hours ago
Misspelling 0 MonoclePig2 7h ago7 hours ago
ffs fix my flag 22 badb8 8h ago8 hours ago
Good suggestion 9 AudiRS6 8h ago8 hours ago
Newsfeed not showing 0 TheEpic_Typhoon 8h ago8 hours ago
Feeback on new design 7 astrovisionary 8h ago8 hours ago
GIVE IT BACK HLTV 11 ThetaSigma11 8h ago8 hours ago
20 reply limit 5 alex24 10h ago10 hours ago
LITHUANIA COME HERE 4 duedue 10h ago10 hours ago
Can't see my own profile 1 ThatTomTouch 10h ago10 hours ago
Option to "follow Teams" on HLTV 0 HOFF1 10h ago10 hours ago