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HLTV Developers 5 Unbiased_FireFox 1da day ago
CSGO not responding after update 27 Viquersvikers 2d2 days ago
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Mods come 56 Zedsamcat 6d6 days ago
DM Icon - Suggestion 50 H3NR 6d6 days ago
HLTV bug (or error idk) 9 guhzzz 8d8 days ago
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ISSAA 4 i_kinda_like_konfig 10d10 days ago
Concepts to develop the forum 64 LiterallyDeepState 10d10 days ago
HLTV Fantasy $10k Leaderboard 14 X1gma 11d11 days ago
"poll" feature 4 HardyTrison 12d12 days ago
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Live Scoreboard 4 ^Top1 14d14 days ago
Outbox feature on DMs 33 you_is_low_about 15d15 days ago
Sent PMs 0 B_Tannen 15d15 days ago
premium 21 otavio1cabral 16d16 days ago
Notifications not working 63 Bundestrainer 16d16 days ago
Notifications don't work 5 FieryBlood 16d16 days ago
fix layout 3 y0fl0w 17d17 days ago
Add follow HLTV feature 4 _snapdragon_ 21d21 days ago
Fantasy 11 TheSerb 22d22 days ago
Fantasy copy team link for your team 0 JooonsMO 22d22 days ago
Group stats 5 device_best_rifler_since_cphw 24d24 days ago