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HLTV statistics bug 7 NO_FNX_NO_MAJOR 10h10 hours ago
Thoughts 10 trib 17h17 hours ago
fps problem 38 BlueHawaii 1da day ago
Black Screen 6 VeryProkdaGuy 2d2 days ago
HLTV iOS app 7 _el3menT 2d2 days ago
Broken flag 12 HappyMalala 2d2 days ago
Unban “Euro” Symbol 34 Deji 4d4 days ago
Bring back friend requests. 78 NewZealand 4d4 days ago
Is the scorebot broken right now? 3 Bumperer 5d5 days ago
Notifications not working. 24 HappyMalala 6d6 days ago
Notifications dont go away 12 bbq2213 6d6 days ago
Add a public mod log 48 Anime420 6d6 days ago
IP based flags 123 SK_IS_OVERRATED2 6d6 days ago
HLTV Have to Change! 19 PizzaCat 13d13 days ago
Can HLTV add an “Ignored Flags” list? 38 legbreaker 14d14 days ago
BAN 74CO 9 loseyourself 14d14 days ago
Corsican Flag 24 BlitzN 15d15 days ago
Letter limit 42 Deji 15d15 days ago
admins? 26 b3rg0n1k 15d15 days ago
Immortal russians 1 King_of_bets(Flywarlock) 17d17 days ago
@ADMINS can't see notifications helpp 7 YARRAKTARES 18d18 days ago
Can't post on hltv via Opera 125 0x0 19d19 days ago
Add Twitch emotes 96 ilnert 19d19 days ago
HLTV Problem 29 basim 19d19 days ago
what updates you want in csgo? 97 GODxRoger 21d21 days ago
hltv search option 10 McSkiletOG 21d21 days ago
Raw input off unplayble 52 kyocsgo 21d21 days ago
I want to use the flag from my country "BOLIVIA" plz 174 TUMBEROlp 22d22 days ago
Live Scorebot 0 eldrexe 25d25 days ago
For Admins 3 Krafko 25d25 days ago