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Reunion flag 20 xijmplr 4h ago4 hours ago
hltv-wide 21 skend 8h ago8 hours ago
Where is the demo section? 0 t1ltunreal 11h ago11 hours ago
INBOX BUG 5 xijmplr 12h ago12 hours ago
Can't send PM 6 Yossi_Kohen 15h ago15 hours ago
i love HLTV 0 adizelo 1d agoa day ago
Search Box for Forum 0 14mstar 1d agoa day ago
Nightmod 5 (o_o) 1d agoa day ago
Nomad 7 fnaticdennis 1d agoa day ago
Can´t turn on Nightmode 3 t0bii 1d agoa day ago
ADD FRIENDS 7 KRlMZ 1d agoa day ago
Nightmode not working properly. 3 R1SEN 1d agoa day ago
Follow thread 2 TYZ4 1d agoa day ago
layout better now, change background color 1 lloyd6077 1d agoa day ago
Post-Match Breakdown bug 3 Alser 1d agoa day ago
Toggle Starred Matches on Home Page 3 finger_puppet 1d agoa day ago
Night Mode Bug 2 f4rekt 1d agoa day ago
NA/USA 10 Jubei 2d ago2 days ago
HLTV Refresh Page 0 NightmareSennin 2d ago2 days ago
emotes 5 keshancs 2d ago2 days ago
Show predetermined Bo1 maps like before 6 t1ltunreal 2d ago2 days ago
Please return map names 6 lecsus 2d ago2 days ago
NOMAD 8 beliven^GOD 2d ago2 days ago
my feedback on update 0 FaZeNiKo 3d ago3 days ago
Stats for players and teams (Lan/Online) 4 Therealtydaa 3d ago3 days ago
Online OPTION 2 luffi 3d ago3 days ago
RSS feeds 4 FwRtje 3d ago3 days ago
Profile Error 500 7 immo2k 3d ago3 days ago
Bring back fan centre 0 swellis 3d ago3 days ago
Mobile forum blablabla 5 ("__'') 3d ago3 days ago