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KURDISTAN FLAG 162 ropzGOD 1han hour ago 24 OFFICIAL_OIL_BARREL_NEGOTIATOR 8h8 hours ago
Bring back friend requests. 42 NewZealand 20h20 hours ago
Add Twitch emotes 57 ilnert 1da day ago
HLTV BUG? 10 HEN1_ 3d3 days ago
Hltv Improvement 9 Ezeucs69 4d4 days ago
SAVE HLTV FFS 0 BRINGbackDIGNITASstickersFFS 5d5 days ago
NOMAD COME HERE 7 UhhRusskiAgain 5d5 days ago
Why Am I Not Global Yet? 20 ItsImpact 5d5 days ago
Alderney flag 1 aj_pro 6d6 days ago
PROPOSAL 2.0: New Rules and ToW. 27 gayvela 7d7 days ago
admins asleep 24/7? 5 cleaning_house 7d7 days ago
Suggestion: Bring back Blogs! 39 Foxaika 7d7 days ago
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scoreboard bomb icon 9 xuan 9d9 days ago
CS:GO World ranking Suggestion 0 spezz 9d9 days ago
Bets.Net Challanger Series 3 ogait57 13d13 days ago
Defuse kits 1 NewPhoneWhozDis 13d13 days ago
Why aren’t apostrophes allowed in hltv, but emojis are? 23 ItsImpact 13d13 days ago
Hltv special characters bug 1 ItsImpact 13d13 days ago
Hltv phone app 8 ItsImpact 13d13 days ago mobile became very slow 24 apEEl 13d13 days ago
Blogs 10 fQu 14d14 days ago
EMOJIS on HLTV 17 skend 14d14 days ago
Can not add apostrophes in comments 26 pSilent 15d15 days ago
SUBZERO=CACHE 4 shternzFactory 15d15 days ago
MONITOR BENQ XL2411 ERROR 40 viirus 17d17 days ago
Game log android bug 10 niggerniggernigger 18d18 days ago
Very minor bug 15 Batteries 18d18 days ago
Threads like "RATE ASS/TITS" 4 xtkjdtr01 19d19 days ago