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Other dancezila 
hey guys do you already have cashout there? how much money can u cashout once? and u only get paid a month later? can u please explain me how it works? Thank you
2016-01-11 22:57
2016-01-11 23:19
jsut use bitskins m8, a lot better.
2016-01-11 23:20
it is better for cashout?
2016-01-11 23:22
Yes, its instant cashout to bitcoin, paypal, etc
2016-01-11 23:22
it is easly to start to cashout? i mean in opskins i way to hard, first u need send them an ID picture and stuff like that and need to wait some days. how is it in bitskins? ty for the infos bro :)
2016-01-11 23:24
nope. no id, no credit card, nothing. Make an account, sell skins, cashout, done, ezpz
2016-01-11 23:24
alright, ty u bro :)
2016-01-11 23:28
another ask, and if u sell some skins there can u transfer it to your paypal acc?
2016-01-12 01:12
2016-01-12 02:54
They have daily cashouts, but not instant
2016-01-12 12:00
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