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Thoughts about Stewie2k
United States floyd_et 
I remember when SKDC picked up stewie2k for their team and when he was a nobody. Now seeing him go from an amateur team to a major team like Cloud 9 really makes me think if he can handle all the pressure. From his past 2 LANs he's been to, he performed quite well but not what we expected. I really hope he has a great time with Cloud 9, but now since C9 is mainly fraggers makes me worried. C9 doesn't really have a dedicated IGL and I don't think n0thing wants to be a dedicated IGL. That's why I was hoping they could pick up somebody similar to seangares, but it doesn't seem to be that. I'm also concerned to as how stewie will feel when at major events and how we will cope with pressure. Whatever, these are my thoughts on stewie2k and how he'll be on c9.
2016-01-12 00:23
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Canada acoR^ 
Im really excited how this goes with stewie2k. I mean he isn't a bad player, but he needs to learn a lot and also put his ego away a little bit.
2016-01-12 11:29
Russia Jeimi 
C9 is mainly fraggers makes me worried. Kek only fragger on c9 is ska rest are shitters
2016-01-12 11:32
Russia Jeimi 
Or maybe shroud online
2016-01-12 11:36
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
bring in Sean as a coach which will be IGL and they are fine
2016-01-12 11:38
Russia Jeimi 
They lack firepower. Ska is only consistent player on the team.
2016-01-12 11:54
Seang ( IGL ) leaves and a random fragger with no potision at all comes in ? what was the logic behind this ?
2016-01-12 12:02
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