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Last comment Just tuned into this guys stream. Look at the crosshair and viewmodel. ayy lmao.
2016-01-13 10:00
that guy is better than olof
2016-01-13 10:02
yeah true man, and they always seem to play on crazy sens levels
2016-01-13 10:03
yeah someone using 10 sens
2016-01-13 10:30
Maybe it's the secret to be like olof?
2016-01-13 10:18
thats weird
2016-01-13 10:26
haha imagine though if a pro honestly was like real good with those settings. You would have idiots playing the same way just to be like him
2016-01-13 10:26
kek. So true..
2016-01-13 10:40
Finland Vlad2k 
2016-01-13 10:42
Seriously, that crosshair is insanly good.
2016-01-13 10:48
CN CS MingLee
2016-01-13 10:51
Finland Vlad2k 
And he's still top fragging even with that crosshair
2016-01-13 10:53
hes just using what is comfortable to him instead of being a beta fag like you guys who go on twitch or facebook to beg for pros configs and settings
2016-01-13 11:10
Hong Kong herry0277 
2016-01-13 11:56
2016-01-13 12:10
Crosshair makes your game better, exactly like gaming chair and headset
2016-01-13 12:06
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