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Zowie mices.
World Schopenhaeur 
I'm going to buy one,so can u tell me the differences between ec-a series and lets say fk and za I'm kinda afraid to make the wrong choice. Mostly look up to ec1-a tho.
2016-01-15 13:50
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fk1 > all
2016-01-15 13:51
ec2-a > fk1 > all
2016-01-16 17:28
2016-01-17 08:11
Norway just_sAvage 
2016-01-17 08:20
im not saying that zowie fk1 sucks but the sensor likes to jump from time to time i dont recommend it
2016-01-17 08:00
"can u tell me the differences between ec-a series and lets say fk and za" Shape, everything else is the same. You may want to wait for the Zowie/BenQ models to come out before buying
2016-01-15 13:52
what this "society" will bring us?! a 144hz mouse?! joke!!! haha
2016-01-15 13:56
RIP Englando oh I get it now, lmao
2016-01-15 13:57
2016-01-15 13:58
NVM, "society" just confused me for a moment. I get the joke now :p
2016-01-15 13:58
+1 yeah, wait for the new versions. they all have the same omron swithces.
2016-01-15 14:23
fnx | 
Denmark lucas0b 
I've tried all the new benq zowie mice, and they dont feel different really. It's mostly the shell of the mouse, that make them so hard to click. The new omron switches sounds a bit different, but that's about it. The new benq zowies mousewheel are terrible LOL. The wheels only have 16 knocks and are really buggy, compared to the old ones having 24. I would say go get an old one while u still can.
2016-01-16 17:26
You can already buy the new versions.
2016-01-16 17:33
Dunno, I use fk1 and like it, haven't tried others.
2016-01-15 13:52
pink panther camo :D
2016-01-15 13:53
cyx | 
Bangladesh Stoffi 
I vent from fk1 to Ec1-A. Only because fk1 was too small for my hand. Both are good.
2016-01-15 13:57
Yea wait a bit for Zowie/BENQ models.
2016-01-15 13:59
2016-01-15 14:01
I have the ec1-a and I love it. It's close to the shape and size of a DA. It is a right handed mouse and feels very nice for Palm or hybrid grip. If you are claw I would suggest ec2-a as its smaller. FK is an ambidextrous mouse. The fk1 I believe had the same sensor as the ec1-a. It is just a straightforward mouse with no real shape for either specific hand. That is why I like the ec1-a more. It's for the right hand and really feels nice to me. Can't speak for the za.
2016-01-15 14:04
Bought the Fk2 last week. Been using Steelseries mices for a few years now - Rival & Sensei. The FK2 is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend buying it.
2016-01-15 14:07
2016-01-15 14:20
Somewhat in between a claw and a fingertip grip.
2016-01-15 15:15
ye my current mouse is sensei,so its shape is the same from the both sides should i go for fk? btw claw grip
2016-01-15 14:33
Za is pretty much like the fk series with "more booty". Got a za11but I switched to a g402 recently though...
2016-01-15 14:09
Got the EC1-A after the terrible kinzu V3. Definitely satisfied, great mouse and my spraying is much easier than before.
2016-01-15 14:34
the new BenQ versions are pointless :
2016-01-15 14:34
Yes, because the actual problem with zowie mice is the shell. That's what make the clicks sooo hard. But Omron switches should help a bit when you're click spamming. It feels slightly lighter and faster, but the difference isn't huge.
2016-01-15 18:30
It's mice, not mices.
2016-01-15 14:35
ye my bad
2016-01-15 18:24
ive got ec1-a and it's such a great mouse, eventho i think ec2-a would fit a little bit better for me.
2016-01-15 14:38
Morocco razoR2k 
I think absolutely the same ,i was afraid that ec2-a would feel small so i went for the ec1-a ,but yeah i've adapted to it and its so good
2016-01-15 14:50
haha that's what i was thinking about when i was buying either ec1-a or ec2-a :P
2016-01-16 17:03
ec1 - more like DA - better for palm grip id say - right handed fk1 - more like sensei xai but bitt smaller , and the back of the mouse doesnt really fill your hand ZA - like sensei xai , but the back of the mouse 'fills' the hand I used to use razer da / sensei , and since I use claw grip I preferred the sensei raw , few months ago I saw the ZA11 / 12 / 13 come out and its exactly what I wanted , perfect mouse sensor (superior to the sensei) and with the right shape, I chose ZA12 because I have smaller hand
2016-01-15 14:44
forsaken | 
Sweden !drop 
I have EC2-A, FK1 and ZA12. EC - good for palm grip FK - good for claw, works with certain type of palms too (mine for example, with slightly bent fingers) ZA - good if you're a person that often find yourself palming "claw-mice" and want some more support for your palm. For me it's a dead race, I love them all. Currently using the ZA though since I just got it. The only reason to wait for the BenQ models would be if you're thinking about buying a FK, the switches are much harder on the FK than on the EC and ZA (even though they're all the same Huano switches). The BenQ models use the more mainstream Omron switches, and I can't notice any bad things about the scrollwheels on my mice so the switches is the only upgrade I see. The Huanos feel great on the EC and especially on the ZA, so if the "old" models are cheaper than the new like they are here in Swe-, *cough* I mean Evil Japan, I would go for one of them.
2016-01-15 18:32
ye ty preordered zowie benq fk2
2016-01-17 07:56
Have fk1 and ec2-a. I can make much more accurate small movements with my fingers with ec2-a than with fk1. fk1 mouse wheel is complete shit (deathadder mousewheel shittest though) Both have a tendency to make you jump when you initially click mouse1. I don't know about anyone else but it happens with both of my zowie mice
2016-01-16 17:12
walle | 
World zhandri 
can confirm the mousewheel problem. had it with my ec2 and i always thought it was me scrolling by accident but when i switched to g303 i've never had it happen again
2016-01-16 17:30
dont buy zowie evo ec2, shit sensor it broke after 6 months, when i was flicking fast laser coudnt trace movement. now i have EC2-A and works very good.
2016-01-16 17:30
i had ec2-a for 4days and scroll click died :/ but honestly, zowie scrolls are horrible, it has a little bit "delay", im happy with my razer da
2016-01-16 17:32
Zowie > Razer
2016-01-16 17:34
mouse overall is great, not saying razer da is best or smth like that, just a preference, but it really has bad scroll
2016-01-16 17:35
I haven't had any problems with my scroll.
2016-01-16 19:04
I have zowie ec2-a best mice ever I also tried out my bro's razer da chroma and zowie is much better
2016-01-16 17:34
couldn't disagree more. i had the zowie ec thought it was trash da 2013 still going strong
2016-01-17 08:00
fk2 is absolutely great, but da is the best mouse ever.. :) i've tried them both and da > fk2 .
2016-01-17 08:03
you wont be unsatisfied with a fk2 or ec2a or the bigger version of those (fk1 and ec1a). Solid mouses with good sensors. But there are more good mouses than just zowie. DA for example or g303.
2016-01-16 17:39
Wait until the BenQ Zowies are readily available.
2016-01-17 08:11
afaik they all have the same interiors in terms of sensor and all that, so you're really just choosing which shape you want. I've used the EC2 models for years, if you think you want a bigger mouse the EC1 would be a good choice for you. Either way you won't be disappointed :)
2016-01-17 08:16
What is the difference between zowie ec2 evo and zowie ec2-a?
2016-04-24 22:49
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