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Greatest Nation
FalleN | 
Which country is the greatest/best according to you? And why? You can name any country other than your own motherland. My choice is Japan because I think after WWII the Japanese have been the most pacific people in the world. They've remained the 2nd largest economic power for decades and still their military expenditure has been minimal, no nukes whatsoever. No hateful answers please. Thank You
2012-01-20 17:52
I think this topic will create nothing, but problems...
2012-01-20 18:00
2012-01-20 18:27
2012-01-23 17:03
USA because we have big dicks.
2012-10-03 16:15
no, israelis have bigger
2012-10-03 22:00
hungarians even bigger
2012-10-03 23:42
fnx | 
Bulgaria goatse 
usa knows very good the sizes of israelian d1cks. they feel them non stop
2012-10-04 12:54
2012-10-04 18:25
i have 45cm :D
2012-10-06 15:25 And IMO, the greatest nation is not in the present but in the past. People think that humans are becoming smarter as time goes on, but in reality we are just beginning to wake up. People will never understand because they have forgotten who they are. There is more to it than you can imagine. And if you think that the present are technologically advanced, you stop learning. But since people will not believe it until they see, I would say one of them were the Ancient Egyptians.
2012-10-04 20:05
2012-01-21 17:02
I prefer the Fire Nation.
2012-10-04 08:52
2012-01-21 23:31
2012-01-22 21:31
neeve | 
Portugal neeve 
2012-01-22 21:39
+ 1
2012-01-23 08:43
2012-01-23 14:30
2012-01-23 15:41
2012-01-23 16:16
2012-01-23 16:20
2012-01-24 10:11
2012-01-24 22:49
2012-04-03 17:37
2012-04-03 18:02
2012-04-03 18:36
You fuckin combo breaker!!!
2012-04-04 03:15
2012-04-04 14:21
2012-10-03 10:34
just killed me
2012-10-03 16:20
2012-04-03 19:05
2012-04-03 20:04
2012-04-04 19:07
2012-04-07 02:11
2012-04-07 14:07
2012-04-07 14:33
2012-04-07 14:36
2012-10-02 18:11
2012-10-02 19:32
2012-10-02 20:08
Ukraine tereza 
2012-10-02 20:13
2012-10-02 20:36
2012-10-02 21:28
2012-10-02 22:30
+1 isn't it enough that life is great? Or not.. ;)
2012-10-02 23:11
Spain qwt 
2012-10-03 04:35
2012-10-03 05:26
2012-10-03 10:35
2012-10-03 14:46
Tunisia KJou 
2012-10-03 17:27
2012-10-03 21:32
Friis | 
China sparkf1 
2012-10-03 22:11
I like turtles.
2012-10-03 22:13
\_/ <- guess what is this
2012-10-03 22:24
2012-10-05 21:34
dsn | 
India sRik 
2012-10-04 12:29
You just won 40 internets be proud of your comment.
2012-10-04 17:36
2012-10-04 18:30
After the WWI our country in a really bad situation.Then our citizens believe our victory against imperialism.While our country was occupationing our irregular army won indepence war. so today they gave us the modern Turkey. sorry my english 8)
2012-01-20 18:04
china is the best nation in the world!!
2012-01-24 12:19
true .. CHINA <3 :D
2012-01-24 12:23
why do you think China is the best nation? Would like to hear some perspective on this naive statement.
2012-01-26 19:09
because everything these days is 'made in china' :(
2012-10-02 20:15
CHEAP Mentality
2012-10-02 20:30
Denmark .. rich
2012-01-20 18:05
Must say, we're probably not as rich as many thinks...
2012-01-20 20:55
Italy uNd 
well, some people could think that cause denmark (at least copenhagen) is expensive as hell
2012-01-26 19:15
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
ye, i work here in estonia like 24/7 , have difficult, dirty job and get 800 eur/month, you must be happy that you was born in denmark:D
2012-04-03 20:15
in bulgaria 800 euros is very good if your not in sofia, and even there its alwright
2012-04-07 02:08
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
same here if you not in Tallinn
2012-04-07 14:50
As i hear, you got a lot of hookers and drugs. But I may be wrong.
2012-10-02 20:26
Well, prostitution is legal so can't see anything wrong with that, the drugs on the other hand are not.
2012-10-02 22:20
alcohol and cigarettes are legal so some of drugs are legal.
2012-10-04 17:39
what the fuck, i barly can buy food at school
2012-01-26 00:55
@h sweden > DK.. free school food
2012-01-26 19:09
if so, Argentina would be the best Country, Everything it's free -.-. free school food, free money from government, violations free, murders free... here i go...
2012-04-03 19:47
we get money from the goverment to nothing special?
2012-10-03 09:39
yes, exactly is not necesary do something like work or whatever, you must going to the Office of subsidy and ask for economic help, and two months later you'll have free money.
2012-10-18 04:54
2012-10-03 09:16
I get pizza at my school :P
2012-04-03 19:11
and i :>
2012-10-02 21:14
stupid thread
2012-01-20 18:07
2012-01-20 18:10
2012-01-21 23:31
2012-01-23 17:04
2012-04-03 17:38
2012-04-07 14:37
2012-10-02 19:58
2012-10-03 09:16
2012-10-03 22:40
2012-10-03 23:25
2012-10-04 18:31
For me,it is Israel. I was there one time(and maybe one's more at this summer)and i liked this country very much.Such mine opinion made that there is very friendly people,no rubbish(trash) etc.And Israel,also have very famous city,Jerusalem.
2012-01-20 18:07
FalleN | 
2012-01-20 19:16
but however i'm russian and my parents too,and i'm not hebrew)
2012-01-20 20:18
FalleN | 
Both Russia and Israel are our allies :)
2012-01-21 16:04
2012-01-21 16:10
2012-01-21 16:59
Greece flqq 
palestinian kids love israel too
2012-01-20 20:39
2012-01-20 21:46
yes what?
2012-01-21 00:01
2012-01-21 16:26
it's not funny retard
2012-01-23 11:51
i know, sheldon cooper
2012-01-23 18:02
and your laughing... 2persons in one cool
2012-01-24 13:24
you dont understand the 'sheldon cooper', isnt?
2012-01-24 15:50
you don't understand anything, do you?
2012-10-03 16:48
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
Haha :D
2012-01-25 20:03
Jerusalem isn't only jewish.
2012-01-22 21:33
what does it mean?
2012-01-23 09:15
there is 3 different part of jerusalem, jewish, christian and muslim one, according to me, this place doesn't belong to a country.
2012-01-23 12:24
Jerusalem Is under Israeli control. however Israel allowed the Islamic Waqf to retain its authority over the Temple Mount in order to prevent unpleasantness... the citizens are mostly belong to one of the above religions... Acording to wikipedia: "In December 2007, Jerusalem had a population of 747,600—64% were Jewish, 32% Muslim, and 2% Christian"
2012-04-03 19:08
That's sad, that people are leaving this place (non-jewish people) because of Israeli governement. I'm sure that jewish ppl are not bad, but I think that you live under an oppression which is your family who are always remembering you the holocaust which makes you feel more "nationalist" and somehow "hateful".
2012-04-04 13:27
no one leaving... just more jewish people arrives then naturally the precentage of other religions declining... btw we are not being oppressive.. 20% of the israeli population are arabs they free to choose thier religon and practice it, exactly like jews and muslim who lives in France (a Christian country) we are being very cautious to such issues and we have very little tolerance toward racism or inequality. Unfortunately the image streamed by most european media is very diffrent from the objective true... most of the people can notice it very easyly when they visit to israel.
2012-04-04 18:13
"no one leaving..." Oh really ?Where does Palestinian people go then ? France isn't a christian country you are misinformed, it's a lay country. "Unfortunately the image streamed by most european media is very diffrent from the objective true... most of the people can notice it very easyly when they visit to israel." oh man please don't, you know yourself that eu countries and USA are Israel's dogs, you can't say something like that, an example of Israeli's hospitality : "btw we are not being oppressive" I was talking of jewish ppl in general, not arabs. Also I want to know your opinion about the Safed's story, that you can't sell or rent something to a non-jewish guy.
2012-04-04 18:58
1) ?Where does Palestinian people go then ? my answer remains the same they just dont go anywhere they surely not leaving they are mostly residents of Israel! 2)about the all media thing and the youtube link you posted I dont tallking about countrys I'm tallking about media and private sectors... the video you just posted is great example for it. it's true israel have bad people like in every other place but the reason for the poor welcome of this person is probably result of things he did inorder to make them angry and this is excatly why I recommended you to visit Israel and see by your self about Safed's story - never heared about this but racism is exist It's true and as I saied in my previous comment: we are being very cautious to such issues and we have very little tolerance toward racism or inequality. again this is not diffrent then most western countrys this is why we have laws to slove this problem. when it happen in israel you know it from your local media when it happens in Slovakia you not usually hear about this from your local media in france.
2012-04-06 16:07
the video you just posted is great example for it Oh my god... No where in France you'll see antisemitism, no fucking where, just look at what gov did for 4 deaths of jewish ppl in France, fucking 1 minute of silence in every French highschool, WTF ?We never done that even for 9/11. this person is probably result of things he did inorder to make them angry seriously ?That's a joke ? my answer remains the same they just dont go anywhere they surely not leaving they are mostly residents of Israel! Please stop lying to yourself. about Safed's story - never heared about this Yeah certainly because it's kinda normal so Israeli's media don't care of it. when it happen in israel you know it from your local media when it happens in Slovakia you not usually hear about this from your local media in france Nope those kind of stories would have been a mediatic "bomb" in France, nobody would tolerate this, but yeah it's normal there.
2012-04-06 19:25
no antisemitism in France? are you sure? what about jews being murderd , Vandalisim towards synagogues and jewish centers?... now I'm not saing nothing bad about Franch people I'm just saing that bad people are everywhere the Important thing is what the country is doing to prevent it? and I think that both France and Israel doing wisly when they strongly condem racism..
2012-04-07 13:20
When a jew is being killed, it's antisemitism ?So when someone kills me, he's racist ? what about jews being murderd , Vandalisim towards synagogues and jewish centers? What about muslims in our country ?People treat them like dirt, they are much more insulted and killed than any people here, french have no respect for them, if I were a jewish in France, I would be treated like a king man, you don't know how much ppl are fearing jews here.
2012-04-07 14:04
Sorry i didn't read whole thread but when I see word "anisemitism" a magical word using for year to justification jewish crimes I'm simply getting angry. Yes, Jews are not impeccable and they are not only true semites. Palestinians are semites too. Israel is a small country but sometimes I think all conspiracy theories are true about Jews, but It's too much to talk about this topic of conspiracy theories.
2012-10-02 23:25
What about your lies? What about Palestine? People get killed everywhere, any kind of person, black, white, jew, arab. But when a jew dies its fucking anti-semitism. What is it when a white person dies or get killed?
2012-10-03 16:51
:facepalm: I used to respect russians and love russia, after seeing this ...
2012-04-03 18:47
hah no in Russia "jew" is almost an insult
2012-04-03 20:30
great, so that illskill is a fag?
2012-04-03 20:52
n0b0Dy h4t0r
2012-04-03 20:56
I'd say France. I'm totally objective. *waiting for the other french fags saying France is shit and they'd like to move in another country without realising how lucky they are to be born in France*
2012-01-20 18:09
FalleN | 
French culture is beautiful and their girls too :)
2012-01-21 16:07
Did you know that French girls don't shave? jk:)
2012-01-23 14:02
sad but true !
2012-01-23 16:38
seriously ? o.O
2012-01-23 17:20
not every girls, but most of them don't see any problem with that pilosity. and it's actually the same case with men; we're used to it :)
2012-01-23 17:28
2012-01-23 18:30
don't listen to him, he lives in the north of france, they're all cousins over there, it doesn't count.
2012-01-26 18:50
2012-04-03 18:01
I wouldnt consider France as the greatest, but definitely one of the top 10.
2012-10-02 20:29
haha :)
2012-10-06 14:56
That must be horrible to have fight through that jungle every time you want it ?
2012-10-04 17:42
when i was younger, i was like : uuh wtf.. Time has passed and i really don't mind :)
2012-10-06 14:56
not true at all sorry mate
2012-01-24 12:26
Notice the "jk".
2012-04-07 01:53
oh yeah my bad :-)
2012-04-07 12:35
Nothing wrong with a little vintage bush.
2012-04-07 01:53
to many african immigrants in france imo
2012-01-21 18:21
:/ gtfo
2012-01-21 21:15
that`s the disadvantage of having/used to have too many colonies in the world
2012-01-21 21:33
2012-01-21 23:11
Well Britania had more and I don't think they have that much immigrants as france does.
2012-10-04 17:44
it`s all about the immigration policy that a certain country applies to the foreigners
2012-10-04 18:27
haha why did we come in their country then ? now we are forced to live with them but why would it be a problem ?
2012-01-22 21:35
it is a problem because they committ crimes and don't get jobs
2012-01-23 06:43
2012-01-23 11:19
lol, do u even live in France ?My collegues at work are immigrants : portuguese, african, asian , yes, true they don't get jobs. Unemployement hits every single communities, not only african immigrants faggot.
2012-01-23 12:26
I'm not going to bother to continue to argue with you, you have no argument other than 'they are good'. Also, judging by your lack of objectivity it seems as though you may be of a migrant background, please know I'm not trying to offend you or your people, i'm just presenting my objective view of France... It's nothing personal :)
2012-01-23 13:12
"Also, judging by your lack of objectivity it seems as though you may be of a migrant background" Just because someone doesn't agree with you means that he has sthing to do with migrant ?Wow so much arguments there, if you don't even know them you can't judge just by media (because this is your only way to know sthing about them)
2012-01-23 17:06
so, africans are the main source of crime?
2012-04-03 18:49
"they committ crimes" LOL, do u rly think that ppl are moving to a country to commit crimes ?Is this logical to you ? Btw I'm living in those kind of place where there are many immigrants, and there isn't more crimes than another place, what u are saying is prejudices or u just heard that on TV or sthing.
2012-01-23 12:44
Do I think they purposely move to a country to committ crimes? The majority, no - just like migrants from a white background. However, I think the large refugee portion of the migrants would have a severe lack of understanding of the legal system and society and thus they break many laws. I'd really like this to end before this comes to a flame... just leave it at agreeing to disagree please :)
2012-01-23 13:14
disagree, u said "Do I think they purposely move to a country to committ crimes? The majority, no " then : "I think the large refugee portion of the migrants would have a severe lack of understanding of the legal system and society and thus they break many laws. " u just said the opposite.
2012-01-23 15:36
I dont think you understand Do I think they move to France with the intention of committing crimes? No. But do I think they do not understand the legal system and society which leads to them committing crimes? Yes. There is quite a clear distinction.
2012-01-23 16:13
WTF ! Migrants change country for better live conditions, do you really think they would go to another country in order to act freely and do whatever they want ? you're so closeminded and affected by the media... Stop judging ppl b4 getting to know to them coz your statics are shit.
2012-04-03 23:46
Right... I should disregard statistics for your subjective opinion. :)))
2012-04-04 00:12
ALL assaults and rapes in Oslo in last five has been committed by non-white immigrants. He has a point
2012-01-24 10:27
in Oslo, we are talking of France, and "just" five ?Even if we are talking of something horrible, this is really low, compared to all the crimes in Norway. (this is a supposition, i believe that even in norway there are quite a few crimes)
2012-01-24 17:14
Negative side of using colonisation on them, if your ancestors weren't greedy you wouldn't have to live with us.
2012-04-03 23:45
I know, that's why I'm blaming it, btw ppl are talking of "delinquance" in France, but I still prefer that style of crime, than Big crimes like Madoff who isn't an immigrant, the most dangerous people in France are not immigrants, but french themsleves.
2012-04-04 13:23
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
2012-04-03 20:18
that's right
2012-10-03 23:59
J'te rappel que t'es un Guesh .. Vive la France !
2012-01-23 16:38
ji vwa pa di kwah tou pawlouu
2012-01-26 19:03
look at the times of World War II cowards STFU!!
2012-04-03 20:59
Reunion is a part of France...
2012-04-03 21:04
France good country, and as I see u, french people, hate your country like we, russians, hate Russian Federation despite our history and culture.
2012-10-02 20:22
yeah wait other contries then your home contry thats the problem with france they cant english
2012-10-03 09:18
not best topic, but whatever. I think belize because belize looks like heaven :)
2012-01-20 18:09
Costa Rica, Puerto Rico... paradises on earth
2012-01-20 18:11
India kh4N 
America is the best. Why? Boobs.
2012-01-20 18:11
FalleN | 
afterall the land of opportunities ;)
2012-01-20 19:18
Sweden TLY 
ye fake boobs
2012-01-20 20:08
FalleN | 
2012-01-21 15:52
2012-01-21 21:42
still sexy, boi ;d
2012-01-22 21:04
America is a continent. Right?
2012-01-20 20:47
Great one Sherlock!
2012-01-20 20:54
Why is it great? Everyone knows that America is a continent like Europe, Asia, etc.
2012-01-20 21:24
Yeaa but a lot of people say America when they think about USA.
2012-01-20 21:34
Those who didn't go to the school. :)
2012-01-20 21:36
You`re 100% wrong. Never watch Californication? Never heard "American dream"? You dont mean Canada, Kuba or Newfoundland when you said that ;)
2012-01-20 21:45
By America I meant Canada, Mexico, etc. The whole continent is called America. America dream? I heard sometimes, they're immigrants. I don't like them. The rest I have no idea and I'm not interested. :)
2012-01-20 21:55
+1 for the sentence about imigrants
2012-01-20 22:52
There is North and South America
2012-04-03 21:29
There's a huge difference in being from America and someone/something being American.
2012-01-20 22:05
show some respect for the who's are from America but aren't from EEUU...
2012-01-21 18:15
i guess you don`t understand me at all
2012-01-21 18:22
2012-01-23 16:19
these are just expressions...
2012-01-22 21:36
2012-10-02 22:18
2012-01-21 21:08
2012-01-23 16:18
It should be like you want it to be, because as you said America is the continent (actually 2 continents). However, saying you are American means you are from the states. No matter how much you don't like it.
2012-04-07 01:57
America is not a continent. North/ South America is a continent. America is generally used for USA. Keep your uber knowledge to urself and reply to the post.
2012-01-23 11:30
sweden , norway , finland, denmark.for sure
2012-01-20 18:12
Not for long
2012-10-04 12:40
2012-01-20 18:13
India kh4N 
I'm curious, how much does 100 grams cost over there?
2012-01-20 18:20
i bet every dutch person have had that question asked to them atleast once in their lifetime XD
2012-01-20 20:30
ChrisJ brought some to atLantis at eswc, true story
2012-01-20 22:35
and why are you saying this here?
2012-01-21 21:17
it was a joke
2012-01-21 23:10
and its still a that one. :p
2012-01-22 22:28
2012-04-03 17:46
Europe _jUNGLE 
+1 pls answer this question :DD
2012-01-20 20:33
greatest nation ever - yugoslavs
2012-01-20 18:14
which is why it still exists? :D
2012-01-22 21:43
nothing will exist one day
2012-01-22 22:20
i dont think you can choose one greatest nation but you can choose several like France, Egipt , Greece , Portugal , Spain, Italy ...
2012-01-20 18:13
Switzerland or Norway
2012-01-20 18:13
Somebody close this thread please ...this is going to get ugly in a matter of minutes
2012-01-20 18:13
its not the thread which causes problems its the people. i mean he just asked a simple question, who is the best country, why abuse religions and countries for no reason? there are some dumbfuck troll kids who cause problems.
2012-04-03 17:44
I don't know why people create such stupid threads :| It'll just create problems :)) If you'r interested in knowing such things then go to and make a poll -_-
2012-01-20 18:17
It's because they wanna cause problems.
2012-01-20 19:40
not Poland for sure.
2012-01-20 18:25
rofl :D
2012-01-20 20:32
2012-01-20 23:20
+1 but some poles are really good , don't wanna generalise the country based on them :P
2012-04-03 18:01
yep.. your great-grandfather gave life away for us country and.. i can't say we're the greatest but i'm really sad when my brother don't respect history of my country
2012-01-23 16:35
fuck off, it is poland! cheap Big Mac burgers at MacD, not quite sure if its because its so cheap in denmark, but so cheap!
2012-01-26 00:56
italy or Norway for me :)
2012-01-20 18:34
italy sux mate :( btw i like one care about italy xD
2012-01-21 21:16
2012-01-20 18:37
Germany tummi 
+1 But Denmark is also one of my favourite countries. I visited it several times and had a lot of fun =)
2012-01-20 19:24
neeve | 
Portugal neeve 
How dare you?
2012-01-22 21:40
awesome and beautiful country yebac te kvrwy na zavsze!
2012-01-23 16:38
You'r translating is awesome ;pp
2012-01-23 18:09
polakiem jestem tylko szyfrem gadam zeby im translator nie przetlumaczyl a zebysmy my wiedzieli o co chodzi
2012-01-23 19:25
2012-10-04 18:29
I love culture of this country. But I don't want live there.
2012-10-02 20:25
Hitler said that too and then he killed himself ? So guess which part is waiting for you.
2012-10-04 17:47
Agreed Japan THE BEST
2012-01-20 18:39
Close that please, this will just end in another flame war.. ~.~
2012-01-20 18:39
Why? It's a legit question...
2012-01-20 19:03
Yes it is but many people here aren't enough qualified to discuss such a question without provoking or insulting other people (older threads have shown that quite clearly).
2012-01-20 19:07
2012-04-03 17:46
FalleN | 
thanks :)
2012-01-20 19:20
it's a childish question...
2012-01-21 21:18
2012-10-03 22:41
Holland, Sweden
2012-01-20 18:43
close topic bwy for me it's 1.USA 2.Japan 3.Russia 4.UK 5.Ger 6.France 7.Canada
2012-01-20 19:17
Russia on 3??? lol
2012-01-21 13:15
usa number 1 hmm, in obesity maybe
2012-10-02 23:16
Serbia posS 
Bitch please it's China now
2012-01-20 19:26
2012-01-20 19:26
germany is the most popular land in the world so stop talking.
2012-01-20 19:30
France Makaveli31 
We know all why ;)
2012-01-20 20:28
oh it's on!!! :D
2012-01-20 20:33
Yeaaa and France didn`t do anything to stop them. Let`s talk about history and start flame war!:D
2012-01-20 20:57
France Makaveli31 
HAHAHA nice i think you're really good on history... Mhh it's not a french who called to all nation in europe to stop german(Nazi) ? No seriously germany is a really good nation and i very like travel here...
2012-01-20 21:33
What do you mean saying "called to stop Nazi"? They conquered your country in one month. You heard about colaboration and Vichy goverment? France is last country, where people can say anything about SS, Nazists and Hitlers Germany. Bye
2012-01-20 21:48
France Makaveli31 
lool so i don't do to talk about poland ? They kill them in your country... I'm not proud about colaboration or Vichy governement, if we had people who collaborated, you should know that others who had resisted against the government in place ... And General de Gaulle was the man who called all the french and mobilized to fight the government. Sry for my english and man i'm not here to talk about this fucking war :)
2012-01-20 22:03
You heard about french resistance?
2012-01-21 16:40
Yea, it was de Gaulle in Londom and 40k people in France. So what are you talking about? Edit: I guess you were watching "Allo Allo" to much. ;)
2012-01-21 16:47
I'm talking about people who were captured, tortured and executed because they fought against the invader after the reddition of france. That is called resistance, isn't it ?
2012-01-21 20:52
yep, in this case, you`re right
2012-01-21 21:06
you have no clue sir
2012-01-24 22:36
Poland camarpl 
2012-01-22 22:20
But in Berlin peoples are telling tourists to gtfo :(
2012-10-02 20:34
-1 ur dumb
2012-10-03 09:18
Norway duffz00r 
India ~ the harmony Switzerland sweden Canada Germany
2012-01-20 19:34
FalleN | 
2012-01-20 20:00
I always thought that Norway is the best country...
2012-10-02 20:28
gotta love the nordic countries
2012-01-20 19:37
a bit cold :)
2012-01-21 21:20
yeah ur right
2012-01-23 13:20
I know that feel bro:)
2012-10-02 20:29
yep you are right..
2012-10-04 00:03
2012-01-20 19:42
2012-10-03 09:25
sweden For Most CS player :-))
2012-01-20 19:48
you have an interesting life priorities
2012-01-20 20:09
+++ :DDD
2012-01-20 20:44 reply man
2012-10-03 16:19
2012-10-04 00:05
definitely germany they got from WWI and WWII so damaged and still they`re No1 in europe and no.3or4 in the world such hardworkers, friendly ,I really admire them for their general commitment
2012-01-20 19:54
i'll drink a beer for german-albanian friendship! ;)
2012-01-21 21:32
hahahaha =D then I hope it`ll be tasteful
2012-01-21 21:40
it does :)
2012-01-21 21:43
indeed pretty impressive
2012-01-24 22:37
Portugal gastronomy algarve good football players (CR7, FIGO, NANI) and of corse the girls ;) and Sweden for example for the white, blonde and very hot girls :D and the best Counter-Strike palyers (F0rest, Get_right, SpawN)
2012-01-20 20:04
Sweden TLY 
You can name any country other than your own motherland. about football players really? Figo nani lol;) germany got tons of better players
2012-01-20 20:10
ahahah ok it's your opinion... but I talk of 21century football players not benkembauer and laudrup etc etc that is players of 20century not 21 century like Figo and Nani mate but I res^pect your opinion.
2012-01-20 20:18
Sweden TLY 
i know thay are good but those 2 are nothing special just look at england spain germany nederlands france have way more skilled players then that ;) But ye I agree Ronaldo best in europe together with Xavi
2012-01-20 20:25
figo was better than CR...
2012-01-21 13:21
say what lol
2012-01-21 21:43
Like you saw.
2012-01-21 22:03
he was not
2012-01-21 22:25
lol please dude. when cr achieve what figo won and not fail at big matches + international matches, he is better
2012-01-21 23:23
2012-01-21 01:50
portugal girls are low, true story
2012-01-21 16:06
hum, no
2012-01-21 23:24
yeah, and Argentina has Messi but Arg suck as a country..
2012-01-21 18:19
Eusébio da Silva Ferreira > all Portugal football kids (CR7, etc.)
2012-10-04 12:11
2012-01-20 20:10
2012-01-20 20:12
2012-10-03 09:27
Finland Denmark Norway Sweden Switzerland
2012-01-20 20:15
2012-01-20 20:17
germany, canada. multiculturalism works great
2012-01-20 20:25
I'd have to say Canada > Germany in that category, although when compared to a few other countries both of them are ahead. I wouldn't put Germany as second though.
2012-01-20 21:27
In terms of what? Working multiculturalism?
2012-01-20 21:31
of course..?? what else could he possibly talk about?
2012-10-02 22:08
That was more a rhetorical question. Don't see how the immigration policy in Germany is anywhere near the level of Canada. If we would handle it like the Canadians the world would call us Nazis again. ;) In reality immigration is working just as bad as in the rest of Europe here and we would have less problems if they would just put all the mongs in a line and shoot them. Sorry for the hard words but it is like that and I don't see a reason why I shouldn't speak the truth. I'm getting sick and tired of all the filth which is coming to my country.
2012-10-02 22:22
that's a bit radical for my taste, but I guess you didn't mean it literally? if things get considerably worse in the future, the best thing to do might be sending them back to where they came from, unless they're like 3rd or 4th generation law-abiding immigrants or if a war is occurring in their native land(specifics aren't necessary). whatever they've earned they'll take with them, plus an amount of money from our governments, which then again will benefit their countries' economies. naive thought, I know. immigration today serves a pretty important purpose though: population stability/growth. native europeans aren't making enough children to keep the societies financially sustainable.
2012-10-02 23:02
i have to say portugal not because it´s my country but because i am just used to live here the problem here are the politicians robbing the people besides that and the ruinned houses on porto's downtown it´s a very nice place to be living on, people are great, food is awseome and there are some hot girls :DD all u need dudes!
2012-01-20 20:27
2012-01-20 20:30
Seriously, you gotta me kidding, I'm brazilian and i know that there are at least 15-20 countries which are better than Brazil at quality of life, criminality, education, etc.
2012-01-20 20:37
and what's the problem of someone who live in europe, move to Brazil?
2012-01-20 21:51
Spending 1/2 weeks could be really good, but if they want to live here, they wouldnt like, you know what I mean, their country are way better than ours at many factors.
2012-01-20 22:06
yes but, we have many other things than you don't find in europe xD
2012-01-20 23:40
dude Brazil isn that bad, ok we have to be careful with violence, etc, but my parents are from Japan and they said here is way easier to live... China, Brazil and India are the future...
2012-01-21 16:12
2012-01-21 18:20
2012-01-22 22:05
i think it's rly cool place to live nothing more :)
2012-01-21 21:08
Life expectancy: 71 years (men), 77 years (women) (UN) GNI per capita: US $9,390 (World Bank, 2010) ROFL
2012-01-20 20:53
2012-01-20 21:52
Switzerland/Norway/Sweden I lived in Sweden for two years and it's great. Also been to norway an awesome country. And Switzerland it's the best place to live i think good salaries good quality life..
2012-01-20 20:42
In this summer i wanna go to Sweden or Norway. This two cool countries.
2012-10-02 20:34
Greece flqq 
Japan all the way.I have lots of respect for this nation
2012-01-20 20:49
Russia goodjob 
actually USA) obviously in future China and Russia in 1941 - 1945
2012-01-20 20:52
I'm not sure if it's sarcasm or not.. i hope it is.
2012-01-20 21:25
Russia goodjob 
what's sarcasm?
2012-01-20 21:47
2012-01-20 21:53
Russia goodjob 
2012-01-20 22:50
Romania zy- 
romania - you can find here bitches all around :D girls here do blowjob for just a sandwich or a mcdonald menu :d
2012-01-20 20:59
2012-01-20 21:20
Brazil too.
2012-01-20 21:52
really ? i'll go romania future
2012-01-20 21:56
wow asum some day i will visit :D
2012-01-20 23:58
United Kingdom wap 
so what are you doing here?
2012-01-21 02:31
2012-04-03 21:09
romania - wait for me!
2012-01-21 16:01
you made my day xD
2012-01-21 21:24
haha :D i <3 romania
2012-01-21 21:35
Brace yourselves romanians , visitors are coming ;D
2012-01-21 21:43
romania i love you :)
2012-01-22 21:02
I bet they got VIH
2012-01-22 21:39
I'll never went to Romania, I love romantic things :D
2012-01-23 13:24
You don't know what you are losing ;)
2012-10-02 21:37
Screw BRD, give us back good old Prussia! <3
2012-01-20 21:30
Poland camarpl 
2012-01-22 22:14
dude why was a german state called Prussia it associates so much to russia :O
2012-04-03 20:07
Well, that's only in English language. In German it's "Preußen" ;)
2012-04-03 20:10
yes but if i`m not wrong even today there`s a territory called prussia in south lithuania it as a part of russia
2012-04-03 20:18
Really? Don't know about that but it has nothing to do with the German state i guess.
2012-04-03 20:27
there is no prussia in lithuania and lithuania is not part of russia
2012-10-03 01:03
I know lithuania is not a part of russia , it seems u got it wrong or I wrote it wrong anyway , but I thought Kaliningrad was still called Prussia , Failed here :D
2012-10-04 15:11
you mean Königsberg (it's called Kaliningrad now) not in Lithuania, but Lithuania is between Russia bigest part, and Kaliningrad :)
2012-10-04 12:17
And i want old Russian Empire ofc
2012-10-02 20:38
2012-01-20 21:34
USA cause in USA are the best cities on the world like New york, Los angeles, Miami, Dallas and so many more, In Usa is the best sport I think.. for example NBA, NHL, NFL... and there is many options for live
2012-01-20 21:40
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
depends on how smart and how well educated you are :) I disagree on the sport argument because if we need to talk about sport I would say Germany leads far before any other country!
2012-01-20 23:00
Why Germany ? Germany has just football But germany has the greatest fans thats true
2012-01-21 10:09
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
I'm not talking about right at the moment, but as a sum of what has happened in last 10 years....great football team, handball, basketball, greatest winter sport nation etc...USA have shitty football team, no handball team, not that impressive hockey team for a country that has NHL
2012-01-21 11:31
hockey team not that impressive? So 2nd place at the last Olympics isn't good anymore? Where did Germany finish? You're right about football (soccer) and handball. We don't really even consider handball when we think of sports here.
2012-10-03 05:30
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
"for a country that has NHL" Overall Germany is better in sports that the US! I'm not German, I just live in the time when I posted the reply I had a Macedonian flag which is why I didn't get flamed like I am being flamed now !
2012-10-03 14:49
I'm gonna have to disagree. USA is better at Am.Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball... All you need to do is look at the Olympic medal counts. 2012 - USA = 104, Germany = 44 2010 - USA = 37, Germany = 30 2008 - USA = 110, Germany = 41
2012-10-03 16:30
ofc ur better at, who els plays it? and ofc u got more medals, u are like 10 times more people
2012-10-03 16:38
By that logic, shouldn't India be the 2nd best nation in the world at most sports?
2012-10-03 16:41
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
Who else plays AM Football and Baseball? 95% of those medals are on an individual level anyways...almost in the same disciplines nvm I'm not willing to continue a pointless argue
2012-10-03 17:15
Japan and Germany Amazing countries
2012-01-20 21:56
+1 And the UK of course!
2012-01-23 13:33
2 oout of 3 nerds seem to dig Japan. Such a shame it's the most racist country on earth.
2012-01-20 22:11
Switzerland Sweden Germany Canada USA no order Norway is actually ranked 1st in the UN development index, but that ranking is obviously done by people sitting behind a desk somewhere far away from here.
2012-01-20 22:22
fuck cold countries :D
2012-01-21 21:28
The colder the climate is, the more beautiful is the women!
2012-01-23 13:30
Ugh, I'd say Latinas are better
2012-01-23 14:31
You're entitled to your own opinion I guess. Can't agree at all though. :)
2012-01-23 14:43
Why would sweden be better than norway ?
2012-04-03 18:11
Define "best nation to live in". Is it growing up in a socialist "light" society where you're paradoxically taught to be better than the rest of the world, just because you were lucky enough to find oil in your ocean? Norway has no innovation and never had any. Its wealth in entirely based on oil, and many people are full of themselves without reason. I wouldn't be shocked if I caught a person wanking off to the Norwegian flag while humming the anthem. Sweden has better infrastructure, more cleverly built private sector, richer history and way more innovation. I highly doubt Norwegians are happier in life, even though we're worth this and that per capita.
2012-04-03 21:29
"I wouldn't be shocked if I caught a person wanking off to the Norwegian flag while humming the anthem" It fucking made my day :D Thanks for info
2012-04-03 23:39
Have you ever heard about Russia? In Russia very cold winters(colder than in nordic countries) and very hot summers.
2012-10-02 20:41
Egypt > Hurghada love it~!
2012-01-20 22:55
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
I like Germany the most Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland are very decent too On the other continents USA and Canada ofc
2012-01-20 22:58
GERMANY DOOODS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
2012-01-20 23:06
2012-01-21 01:47
2012-01-21 16:02
England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic
2012-01-20 23:08
Burkina Fasso ! Stupid thread
2012-01-20 23:09
Serbia! A lot of wars and it is still alive!
2012-01-20 23:43
Norway and don't think i need to elaborate my case ;) thoooough sweden got waaay cheaper godis, snus, cigarettes, alcohol, soda, dietary supplements and so on. i like canada too for some reason...
2012-01-20 23:46
Thailand and Vietnam :) watch the beaches
2012-01-20 23:51
you mean bitches?
2012-01-21 16:03
beaches & bitches ;)
2012-01-21 18:24
u mean traps?
2012-01-23 13:29
Norway it is, the police can even walk there without guns! (only exception was last summer sadly enough)
2012-01-20 23:52
i think Zimbabwe or (zim-babuie)
2012-01-21 01:52
2012-01-21 02:06
certainly not portugal
2012-01-22 21:40
lol, go google: Algarve
2012-01-23 11:48
WOW, you got a beautiful beach, it obviously make your country the greatest nation in the entire world !!
2012-01-23 12:24
Yeah, lets go to France then because france people are very kind ...
2012-01-23 15:27
who said france ?Did I ?
2012-01-23 15:32
And i said Portugal?
2012-01-23 15:36
Your friend may have.
2012-01-23 15:37
Not my friend, and he just replied you "certainly not portugal"..
2012-01-23 15:39
I said that...
2012-01-23 15:40
you tried to start a flame war, but you fail, thats all..
2012-01-23 15:44
LOL u mad ?When you got 0 argument, just say that the opponent failed, nice tactic bro, bye I don't even want to talk to dumb ppl.
2012-01-23 15:46
why im mad? argument? did you argument anything? Jeezus im the one who dont wanna talk with a no lifer guy.
2012-01-23 15:50
2012-01-23 17:02
why you hating portugal ? did we do anything to you ? he did not even said a word about frace LOL god please look for this childish kids that spent their days in front of a computer pressing F5 just to start a virtual fight ...
2012-10-02 19:31
I love portugal <3
2012-10-02 20:23
Was I hating on portugal ?His joke was really bad, and if he was from that country we would never have said that, these kids need to show some respect.
2012-10-02 23:09
United Kingdom wap 
just somewhere in Scandinavia
2012-01-21 02:32
Czech Republic dreamARTz 
2012-01-21 10:18
madagascar because of the monkeys ofc
2012-01-21 10:32
Australia <3
2012-01-21 11:37
Newsweek: Finland World’s Best Country skabadabadop
2012-01-21 11:42
fucked up thread
2012-01-21 11:48
Taiwan ih8 
taiwan is, and will allways remain 1. all other countries are pretty much useless.
2012-01-21 11:57
Made in Taiwan
2012-01-21 18:17
ok, adolf II...
2012-01-21 22:52
ehm uhm... at least people from ur country can make sneakers
2012-01-23 13:33
England and u,s,a,
2012-01-21 12:00
2012-01-21 12:10
:D Retards are everywhere
2012-04-04 00:48
=DDDD... RUSSIA STRONG!.. SU-37 Best ^^
2012-04-04 18:46
1)Germany 2)Canada 3)Norway
2012-01-21 13:15
greatest nation I think Japanese people, best place to live are Canada and Scadinavian countries, land of oportunities for qualified workers China/USA/Brazil.
2012-01-21 16:18
Poland camarpl 
if by greatest you mean a country with such system i'd like to see in my own country then Singapore or USA about 50 years ago
2012-01-21 16:23
yea economy crisis in 1968, i bet it was awesome to live in the usa then. ???
2012-01-21 19:58
Netherlands or any scandinavian country.
2012-01-21 16:36
France, the first republic !
2012-01-21 16:40
When I was in Sweden I really enjoyed although it was only 3 weeks. I was in the city called Boras, it's amazing! The city looks so clean and quiet.. It's fabulous. I really recommend to go there, as I said. IT'S AMAZING!
2012-01-21 17:08
Hahaha I live in Borås. Its not as great as you think imo :D
2012-01-21 18:16
skillz of boras? is it that boras you are living in? :D
2012-01-21 18:25
Yes that is correct. Ive played with these guys sometimes :)
2012-01-21 18:35
nice :)
2012-01-21 18:46
haha, why were you visiting Borås? Shitty town btw :p
2012-01-22 21:40
2012-01-21 17:09
Best place to live? Norway, Sweden, Denmark. God I love scandinavia.
2012-01-21 17:11
Italy </3 
Portugal, the greatest history.
2012-01-21 17:15
Bolivia ofc
2012-01-21 18:25
2012-01-23 20:29
every nation is great
2012-01-21 18:26
FalleN | 
2012-01-21 19:55
I disagree
2012-01-21 21:09
for example?
2012-01-22 13:45
Hungary If I have choice I would leave this country forever. quality of life, low payment, politics and so on, but some cities are beautiful and the girls are nice
2012-04-03 17:56
it's all the fucking politicians you know...
2012-04-03 19:25
2012-04-03 19:43
Every islamic country where Quran is the law
2012-04-04 15:52
and because of the religion the nation isn't great?
2012-04-04 19:11
2012-01-21 18:26
4sure no Poland nowadays :(
2012-01-21 19:58
Has Poland ever been the best country, or even among the best countries? No offence indended, just curious.
2012-01-21 21:08
yes, maybe 1000 years ago :) but I dont mean Poland was one of the best but it not the best ! Stagnation and idiots in government are killing this country ;/ I dont see prospects here...
2012-01-21 21:17
when the romans ruled 2000 years ago, todays poland was the country they couldnt take over because the people living hold off every attack and legion the romans sent!
2012-01-21 21:39
wtf :)) The lands that the romans could not control where those of current day Germany . The romans always struggled for control over the territories east of the Rhine but were finally defeated by Germanicus. From what i know they never came close to modern day Poland. For a german you should have known that :d
2012-01-23 11:33
Poland camarpl 
lol ofc it was, XVI century is polish 'golden age', early XVII was not bad either
2012-01-22 22:11
in africa they dont know history so whit who you talking? And they eating our priest
2012-04-04 01:40
only IRAN
2012-01-21 21:01
Ahmadinejad is my führer
2012-01-22 21:41
Really your kidding me haha :D
2012-01-22 21:44
2012-01-21 21:08
russia, of course
2012-01-21 21:20
r u mad?
2012-01-23 13:36
2012-01-23 13:41
there is nothing good in Russia for me stupid aggresive people mess on the streets shitty goverment poor education and health care systems low salaries corruption is everywhere and as you can see I have some russian roots
2012-01-23 14:07
some points are right, but i guess history is the measure of the greatness of a country but if you say that there are only "stupid aggressive people" in russia, you never been here, in russia
2012-01-23 14:24
history is history History wouldnt help u in the reality
2012-10-04 18:49
"stupid aggresive people" and you havent got this people in Estonia? lol, stupid agressive people are all around the world)))))
2012-10-04 12:21
germany <3
2012-01-21 21:22
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerlooooooooooooooooovvveeee :)
2012-01-21 21:39
well of course i love germany <3 japan inspires me rly much! their mentality and culture is just great :) yeah and i like POLAND, since a good friend of mine has polish roots
2012-01-21 21:43
Germany - The heart of Europe <3
2012-01-21 21:56
Czech Republic dreamARTz 
Czech Republic is actually :D
2012-10-02 18:52
sorry but i think country under the high tatras is known as heart of europe. oh , yes i mean Slovakia
2012-10-03 16:27
2012-01-21 23:13
Switzerland , Norway , Canada
2012-01-21 23:16
Switzerland CHEDEL 
2012-01-21 23:34
There aren't any great nations, only GREAT people :)
2012-01-22 21:06
Sweden, by default.
2012-01-22 21:16
Every country born,live and die. Is there anyone who chosed his own nation?
2012-01-22 21:22
true but it's not making it the best country for some people.
2012-01-22 21:42
2012-01-22 22:01
Greatest? Can be so many countries. Depends how you get the question. USA have the greatest power together with Russia. But for me they are not the greatest. I'll vote for China, even i dont like them. Almost everything you have in your room is from China, think about it.
2012-01-22 22:22
No, even my clothes are not from China :)
2012-01-23 11:27
China best economic country .. :D
2012-01-23 12:58
No, they aren't.
2012-01-23 13:22
yes they are .
2012-01-23 14:43
In which manner? Economic development? No GDP ? No GDP per capita? no GNI ? no ...
2012-01-23 15:32
no, it's usa
2012-01-23 13:42
what i meant was employment rate .. U.S unemployment rate 8.5 where as china constant at 4 ..
2012-01-23 14:41
i think it is rather stupid to measure economic development by only unemployment's factor
2012-01-23 14:49
yea you are right .. but i won't give a damn if some-one says US is the best economic country . why ? industries in US are also being closed because of that unemployment and drop of economy but on the other hand if you look at china there unemployment rate is consistent i don't giva a damn if they generate revenue less than US which is true but CHINA is the main hub .. i would go to china if i get a chance :D
2012-01-23 14:55
Gross domestic product per capita is too low to say that China is the best country by economy
2012-01-23 15:00
that's what i said .
2012-01-23 15:02
ah ok, just bad english )
2012-01-23 15:03
np :D more info --> China was recognized as the world's second-largest economy after the United States. Japan released its 2010 economic figures, announcing that its full-year GDP was $5.47 trillion – about 7 percent smaller than China's.The International Monetary Fund has projected China's gross domestic product could hit $28.1 trillion by 2020, well ahead of the US's projected $22.6 trillion economy. :D
2012-01-23 15:09
china will be super power in 10-20 years max :D
2012-01-23 15:10
will see )
2012-01-23 15:18
Yeah and the unemployment rate in Monaco is 0% All hail Monaco, the greatest economic power of the world!
2012-01-24 22:33
German. They have lost 2 World Wars and they're top1 economy in EU. Also Canada and Australia.
2012-01-22 22:41
Sweden,Finland and Russia!
2012-01-23 07:13
and denmark?
2012-01-23 14:31
Ukraine & Luxembourg
2012-01-23 07:18
Russia Vab 
Cuba Island of freedom!
2012-01-23 09:40
Ukraine & Russia, cause they have vodka, pelmeni and bears are playing balalajka on the streets.
2012-01-23 10:12
and babuska dolls :)
2012-01-23 11:30
O_O Matreshka maybe ?
2012-01-25 11:53
Same thing to me :)
2012-01-26 17:07
lololol, noooo !!! Ukraine has gorilka, not vodka. Vareniki or galushki, not pelmeni. And we have no bears or balalajkas, but we have salo and... zimbali ! :D Get your stereotypes right ffs =)
2012-01-25 11:57
2012-01-23 11:24
2012-01-23 11:49
best for living - Scandinavian countries
2012-01-23 11:28
true .
2012-01-23 12:56
Muslims agree,haha.
2012-01-25 19:40
Russia, North Korea, Iran, just try to mess with them :)
2012-01-23 11:30
+1 all are allies against one and only country LOL :D
2012-01-23 12:55
exactly :)
2012-01-23 15:46
All supported by China too LOOOL
2012-01-23 16:05
Main reason 'cause I've selected them, is that they all have a grudge against US, as well as I..
2012-01-23 20:14
who doesn't ? except Israel and other ball-lifters ? :D
2012-01-23 20:25
That's true, but not so many countries have balls to say in public that :) I mean, couple years ago, US representative said to Iranian President mr. Ahmedinedzad that they have to stop producing nuclear material. And he replied to his people that US wants they to stop producing, and that they have only one option. To start a even greater production :)
2012-01-23 21:10
seriously hats off to IRAN .. cuz he's the only country with guts right now . you can also see what they did with there drone and when obama ORDERED them to give back there drone they said we will send you a toy clone .. HAHAHAH !!
2012-01-23 21:15
Hahah :) They are not the only one. US claimed that they are worried about Tibet, and China instantly replied to them to mind there own business :)
2012-01-23 22:00
haha true :D never exclude china :D true friend :D
2012-01-23 22:11
Damn right :) Daaamn, I've become your fan xD
2012-01-23 22:44
haha :D i didn't knew i'm that good to have fans :p
2012-01-24 07:24
Well, neither do I :)
2012-01-24 09:55
2012-01-24 09:59
Chinies girls <3 :p ... and well China is the next big thing, USA was the biggest but is not now. it has its economy dying out. he owns china billions of dollors. China might not be great when we talk about controling countries or anything because they just dont want to fight for no reason and fuck their financial system by throwing all their money to the army expenses.
2012-04-03 18:08
:D and we support china to by other means :D
2012-01-23 20:24
2012-01-23 12:27
My own. 2nd for me is UK.
2012-01-23 12:45
1.MY BEAUTIFUL country then RUSSIA SWEDEN and swiz :D
2012-01-23 12:55
Kosovo Why? Kosovo je Serbia North Korea Why? They had/have strong leader as every country needs Germany? Why? Coz it's like Turkey, but they have different letters in the name of their land Iran Why? Tactical nuke is incoming Russia Why? Coz Putin is better then any god from most religions, he's great leader; Putin, the creator (see North Korea) USA Why? Their goverment likes oil so much, sweet sweet oil Pakistan Why? They are making so good heroin, everyone loves heroin you know Israel/Palestine Why? Best frends forever Most of African countries Why? Almost free prostitues, everyone has own AK74, shitty drugs, AIDS, malaria etc... Most of Islamic countries Why? Allahu akbar, they need to conquer whole Europe and USA, jihad is amazing Most of Caucasian republics Why? Such a friendly people... (see Islamic countries) China Why? Their people is so industrious; they could work 90 hours a week for $100 per month, but they think their country are great and economy is good, such a ingenuous tards
2012-01-23 13:59
+ For Kosovo.
2012-01-23 14:10
Own goverment, own president, own language, own culture. I can write to my hands bleeds, but i wont. A serbian bitch will never accept this, but its lost, finito, done. Comprende?
2012-01-23 15:58
Your government? Fake! A prime minister of your country is a fucking international terrorist ! All of you albanians have soooo big balls when Us stands behind you, it doesn't matter that without them, you would be crushed a long time ago..
2012-01-23 20:17
and no own balls. gtfo
2012-01-24 13:11
I dont really have to answer you, and i really wont either. I just wanna say that you and ur fellow monkeys should realize that Kosovo is and always will be ALBANIAN territories. I know its hard to accept that, since every country in balkan and eastern europe wanted to split from your kind of people.
2012-01-24 18:38
they can't do that, coz its like 90% of Russians. allready said : gtfo.
2012-01-24 22:06
go cry:p I'm happy, i'm free, albanians x2 COUNTIRES BITCH
2012-01-26 00:53
2012-01-26 12:54
if u want to say that Balcanic states including Kosovo&Albania are 90% russians you gotta be kidding me lol, and im tellin you now that u are wrong. Sebia,Russia nd other balcanic states are slavs, while Albania&Kosovo's origin are illyrians totally different people from slavs. Serbian should stop assumin that Kosovo is theirs while we do whatever we want on our state without asking them and we are doing it for over 11Years. :)
2012-10-03 14:21
PAKISTAN best heroin ? LOL not at all
2012-01-23 14:45
Estonia Why? They are too fast for the other part of the world
2012-01-23 14:50
actually it's lame joke it came when estonian man is trying to speak russian and of course they will speak not so fast, because it's not their native language and russian is also kinda hard
2012-01-23 15:38
it is just stereotype, you used them too
2012-01-23 15:41
Estonia H=D 
You must be a real asshole, if you stereotype nations.
2012-01-24 17:19
i just wrote like cold1k who used stereotypes
2012-01-24 17:24
You may be the most hateful guy in the world. Even if that was "humor" that was lame.
2012-01-23 15:50
I'm a misanthrope so it's ok :)
2012-01-23 20:53
i guess you have never been to germany :)
2012-01-24 17:16
i like holland 'cause of drugs i like australia i like brazil for girls big arse i like uk
2012-01-23 14:39
dude, you can get drugs everywhere, same for girls..
2012-04-04 19:08
I don't give a Funk about this thread! DIE YOU PORK EATER INFIDELS !!! ALALALLALALALALA (Grenade-ring *click*)
2012-01-23 14:40
a Funk ?
2012-01-23 15:48
Funk instead of Fuck! Doh! Ex: youtube search -> No rules - Funk you all!
2012-01-23 20:30
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
2012-04-04 01:24
UK cause they defined western culture and used to rules 1/3 or world they also hav not been invaded for nearly 1000 years wich is record for any country also every mens is speck theyre language
2012-01-23 14:51
nice english bro
2012-01-23 15:47
Russia, England, China, Japan, Spain
2012-01-23 15:20
I heard about one guy, who had some thoughts about best nation till 1945.
2012-01-23 15:43
+1 ;]
2012-01-23 18:13
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
and he was right... :)
2012-04-04 01:23
The best country for party is here :)
2012-01-23 15:50
yeah I think Spain is great. Sea, rocks to climb and a lot of polish women :)
2012-01-23 16:04
Romania DGD! 
Greece, Japan, Germany
2012-01-23 16:27
Honduras, Guatemala, and southern Mexico. Epoch of mayas ;)
2012-01-23 16:46
2012-01-23 18:03
FalleN | 
2012-01-26 10:46
Anneliese Michel
2012-04-03 21:03
The world has more than 200 countries. Less than 30 are good enough to be proud of and most of them are in Northern/Western Europe, which means that the best continent in the world is...? If the question was "Greatest Continent in the world" it'd be much easier to answer. The rest of the world only has problems, poverty, blah-blah-blah.
2012-01-23 18:14
No question about it. RUSSIA :D Or Sweden if you think CS wise
2012-01-23 18:23
2012-01-23 19:01
Romania tr$ 
I didn't even read the thread, hell, i stopped reading when you said Japan are the most pacific people. Look up shit on whale and dolphin killing ( )
2012-01-23 18:27
Argentina-wachiturros = the best country
2012-01-23 20:31
japan is not the second economic power anymore..., china has overtaken it... for me it is south korea... they are the next japan... although if i had to live in a country other than my own(i have two:P australia and pakistan) then i would choose sweden hands down....
2012-01-23 22:11
2012-01-24 07:25
yeah.. i love the food... i love cheese nans in defense:P or going to the old city for ultimate "khabas"
2012-01-24 09:02
ah :D yummy yummy tikkay :D no place like PAKISTAN <3 :D
2012-01-24 09:24
Belgium KB. 
Nederland, Belgium :)
2012-01-24 07:35
World VN 
2012-01-24 10:06
2012-01-24 10:07
SERBIA! We survived 2 WW's we survived, 400 years fighting with Turks and we are still here.
2012-01-24 11:47
Still kicking. :D
2012-01-24 22:56
yeah nice history you got , pretty similar in most points with our history :)
2012-01-25 09:57
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
Germany survived 2 WW's too and economically is stronger than Serbia
2012-04-04 01:17
cuz maybe the grab everythink from our country?!
2012-04-04 01:35
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
Well, I don't know nothing about this :D I'll ask to my teacher if it's true !
2012-04-04 01:42
colony ?
2012-04-04 19:07
2012-01-24 12:17
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
awesome people, very smart, skilled but there is many social inequalities and mistreatment of animals
2012-04-04 01:20
2012-01-24 18:05
2012-04-03 21:05
second Link just awesome ))) WELL DONE SLOVJANE DA KINGS!
2012-04-04 19:34
+all in
2012-10-03 16:25
2012-01-24 17:26
2012-01-24 18:38
I know that every country is special but I reaaaally like Portugal. Awesome food, friendly people, good weater but yeah, i know... the current economic situation sucks! Anyway check this links (only if you want) (;
2012-01-24 22:25
Sweden. *braces for incoming hate* Nah but I really like Japan as a country, and I also like travelling in the US France is nice aswell
2012-01-24 22:28
Norway/Sweden/Finland/Scotland - their nature Netherlands/Belgium/Czech republic - their beers Germany/Sweden - their cars England - because...
2012-01-24 22:44
If I'd have to choose, I'd pick Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Bora bora or Belize. I'd like to visit St.Tropez, Ibiza, some Greece islands, Oslo and Tokyo once, but not to live there. I have nothing to complain about my current country (Slovenia), but I'm not going to stay here forever, probably going to move to one of countries above after I'm done with school.
2012-01-24 22:48
Hate USA you all should! Russia <3 Cuba <3 China <3 Iran <3 and all who will stand up in front of west eavil...PEACE AND FREEDOM !!!
2012-01-26 01:16
2012-01-26 08:17
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
Think again.
2012-04-03 17:33
Go back to school
2012-04-03 20:41
Country with 200 years of history , and you tell me to go back in school?? pfff
2012-10-02 17:49
Don't forget 99' boy!
2012-10-02 18:08
You guys must be such badasses now, attacking world's small and weak countries in order to get assured over oil, ore, strategic positions. But hey, let me tell you this, nothing lasts forever. Even though this word is strange to Americans like yourself, I'll end my line with it. Peace
2012-10-02 19:52
I'm happy that my people are ruling the world, kktnxbye.
2012-10-05 02:35
Don't you see that everyone think bad of you(USA) and these who don't are afraid to say that.USA=WORLD EAVIL...And yes i will never forget 99 , and it will always remaind me USA took our holly land Kosovo...And what are you doing now there?Building military base? Fuck off!
2012-10-05 01:05
I love hearing people's perspective, there is always a reason to why they think and feel some way. My personal goal is to understand as many perspectives as possible, both to get a better understanding of who I am and in perspective of communicating. TM should have pointed this out.
2012-01-26 19:16
Italy uNd 
i love italy and mainly sicily (where i live). For me italy is unique, food, history, art, people "acceptance".. But our country is fucked up. I have been in nordic countries and i have to say that denmark, norge imho are really good countries for living.
2012-01-26 19:24
germany. they're fucked 2 times in world wars, and still the most stable and strong economy in europe.
2012-04-03 17:36
germany. strong enough to fight the whole world twice, best economy atm. puland sux.
2012-04-03 17:40
fuck no indian threads
2012-04-03 18:01
I'm proud to be a Mongolian. Such a great nation. If you didn't hear about us. Then go drink your milk.
2012-04-03 18:10
I don't know if you know, but the word "mongol" is an insult in the west :D
2012-04-03 18:31
yeah because most of Western country used to pay tax to them during middle age
2012-04-03 20:16
Okay mongol
2012-04-03 20:58
haha man, well every nation is great.
2012-04-04 00:18
Poland camarpl 
really? haven't heard about that
2012-04-06 16:32
Mongolia -> offroad expeditions :)
2012-04-03 18:59
Genghis Khan Honest People Best Archers, Horses and Wrestlers
2012-04-03 20:30
Ehm, not trying to insult you or anything, but in french mongol is a guy who has a handicap, and i'm not trying to make fun of you.
2012-04-03 23:50
thats okay. lately mongolia becoming minegolia. if u understand what i mean. lot of coal, copper, gold found in last 5 years
2012-04-07 08:17
Azerbaijan Talley 
2012-04-03 18:25
Soviet Russia was the best, but only for their epic national anthem!
2012-04-03 19:38
True, communistic anthems rock but that's all what was good about those countries. :)
2012-04-03 20:15
the same about your country
2012-04-03 21:14
2012-04-04 00:58
The USA is the best country no doubt there :D
2012-04-03 20:03
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
2012-04-04 01:08
2012-04-03 20:17
hahaha :)
2012-10-03 23:33
Swiss, shitloads of money there!
2012-04-03 20:19
Do I really have to say it?
2012-04-03 20:56
Russia. Because Russia is just awesome nuff'f*cking said
2012-04-03 20:56
Japan has always been pacific.
2012-04-03 20:58
Tell it to chinese people.
2012-04-04 19:05
Impossible to name one country.. For me: Scotland, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
2012-04-03 21:11
I want to live in France so i guess for me it's France :)
2012-04-03 23:48
UK and Brazil
2012-04-04 00:56
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
why did u chage ur flag ?
2012-04-04 01:08
I don't know, maybe because i don't like brazilian flag? Meh, just kidding. I was editing my profile and then i changed my flag, not because i wanted, it was unintentionally, and i said to myself "Fuck this shit". [True story, believe on me]
2012-04-04 01:17
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
I never will understand you :/ crazy guy haha
2012-04-04 01:27
hahahaahha xD
2012-04-04 01:33
There is no greatest nation in the world! Hitler thought he created the greatest nation in the world.....and what then? He got owned.... Stupid topic
2012-04-04 01:03
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
USA, because is a very powerful nation, in any aspects. The world's number #1 in Military, economic, developing aspect and many other things
2012-04-04 01:07
USA is fucked up. Not very powerful anymore, ecenomics are on the brink of disaster, not so many opportunities anymore.
2012-04-04 01:24
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
economics are on the brink of disaster ? Lol! They have the biggest PIB on the world, $14.66 trillions... Greece's economy that's on the brink of disaster. Ok, USA isn't more the 'land of opportunities' but it's beacause of global crisis, and EU was afected too.
2012-04-04 01:38
Just wondering what you mean by "not very powerful anymore".
2012-10-03 05:25
USA - Country of opportunities.. Russia - Cheap cigarettes and vodka India - Peace and harmony
2012-04-04 01:13
no more opportunities in USA. This is the only thing you know about Russia ?
2012-04-04 19:05
No more opportunities? You seem to know what you're talking about.
2012-04-06 16:44
I do. USA isn't the country they used to be anymore.
2012-04-06 19:16
India is best country. Best whores for best price.
2012-04-04 01:22
Kazakhstan is NICE !Sexy time for free !
2012-04-04 19:04
Norway. Why? ez Worlds richest country. Best healtinsurrance. Ranked nr. 1 best country to live in. Multicultural. Loads of money. Chicks are hot! Goddamn beautiful landscape.
2012-04-04 01:23
norway dosent have hot chicks
2012-10-03 10:22
2012-10-03 14:12
True :D was in oslo.
2012-10-03 21:54
2012-04-04 01:26
i want to live in CR7 ass can I?
2012-04-04 01:42
ask him.
2012-04-04 01:55
Of all time Nation - Rome xD Greatest Nations nowadays - Japan,Germany,USA (they value education /have good economy).
2012-04-04 02:02
USA have good economy ?ROFL
2012-04-04 19:03
sorry that i didn't include france ~_~
2012-04-07 15:04
LOL, I ain't mad I don't give a damn about getting France in that list, but USA don't got nice economy atm.
2012-04-07 15:56
Good Economy = Many wars...
2012-10-03 14:13
No, wars brings you money, but it depends on a lot of things, btw a good economy isn't based on wars, some have a nice economy without even have participated in the recent wars.
2012-10-03 17:24
I said it about USA.
2012-10-03 21:25
Ah, sorry then.
2012-10-03 22:41
I think germany is a great country, stable economics, they make good cars. Only they have to stop change the voices in movies :D
2012-04-04 05:44
The Spanish are far worse at that. They even dub porn!
2012-04-04 18:29
India for sure, the best to live
2012-04-04 14:15
If you like to get raped, sure..
2012-04-04 15:48
2012-04-04 19:03
2012-04-07 14:40
Norway style "i dont give a fuck"
2012-04-04 19:00
2012-04-04 19:05
CHINA STRONG Germany Lose 2 Worlds and Still STRONG - WTF PRO
2012-04-06 19:57
European Union ftw...
2012-04-07 15:57
2012-04-07 01:46
ffs stupid topic, everyone for his own nation. imo topic starter should be banned
2012-04-07 12:46
Really everyone?
2012-10-03 15:35
Sachin=f0rest=Messi=GOD GOD IS ONE == ALL COUNTRIES ROCK!!!!
2012-04-07 14:12
There is no God but Sachin and Sehwag is his messenger!
2012-10-03 16:13
There is an Internet connection in India?
2012-04-07 14:24
sure there is
2012-04-07 14:47
lol...india is way more ahead of what u think...... hahhahahha how Immature u r? :O xD bawahahahhahah
2012-04-07 14:57
Man .. we have aboud 10012=-3-0219387056899562158219584210578426y&*@$ UIASGHF78DTY219JD STUpid topics made by indians .. and you ask if they have inet connection?
2012-10-02 21:31
Holland is one of the best environments you can live in :)..
2012-04-07 14:31
muslims confirm
2012-04-07 14:39
hehe ^^
2012-04-07 14:41
<3 Amsterdam ^^
2012-04-07 15:03
If u see past 100 yrs i think its japan. If u see past 1000 yrs or more its India.
2012-04-07 14:46
Almost every western european country I guess. Everyone is welcome in germany where I live. The sad thing is, a lot of people who come here don't respect germans or behave normal. Many foreigners are making trouble, don't want to learn the language and don't want to integrate. I don't like it. Again, NOT EVERYONE. oh and Australia :)
2012-10-02 17:58
firstly i'd like to call you stupid, next an attention whore. Harsh words yes but this is how i justify it. You want attention and are willing to open up the second dumbest topic possible so that you can get lots of comments on a thread on a website. Society sucks because of people like you and I wish there were much less of you. You are a bad person and while I'm equally as bad for pointing that out... it still had to be done.
2012-10-02 18:02
Norway wna 
best korea.
2012-10-02 18:03
india, best thread makers.
2012-10-02 18:07
As soon as the Antarctic has lost all its snow and ice I'm going to create the new best Nation down there. Who wants to join me?! (No muslims allowed btw..) - joke, everyone is welcome :D
2012-10-02 18:14
Spain easy, we are rich, we are proud, we have everything we want
2012-10-02 18:54
yet you still need money from the EU ;)
2012-10-02 18:55
India is the greatest nation 60% of the ppl live in slums.
2012-10-02 18:57
Lithuania joking:) USA imo
2012-10-02 19:00
India and Israel :)
2012-10-02 19:06
France Kairos1g 
2012-10-02 19:53
Guys, we have a winner!
2012-10-02 21:03
old good Japan, not freaks of today
2012-10-02 19:39
Sweden 1. rich as hell :D 2. same 3. same :D
2012-10-02 19:40
People think too much about CS even when it comes to your real life on this site :) I see people mentioning Sweden & Denmark A LOT, but only a few guys mention Norway, who is, by statistics better then both Sweden & Denmark. We are richer, because we got shit ton of oil (:P), low crime rate, and there aren't many that doesn't have a job here either ;) And btw, Norway has been ranked "World's Best Country" every year since 2008-2009 and before that we were every second year or so ;) I hate bragging about stuff like this, but there are too many ignorant people that don't see past Counter-Strike... :)
2012-10-02 21:02
well, honestly i like Norway more than Sweden or Denmark, but i mentioned Sweden cuz 60% metnioned Sweden/Denmark :)
2012-10-02 21:07
Exactly... :) That's what everyone does, and most of them do it because all they hear here on this site is "Sweden stronk, Denmark stronk" and they have little-to-non geographical intelligence, so they think Sweden & Denmark are the best ;)
2012-10-02 21:26
It sounds like Sweden and Denmark is like hell and shit. lol
2012-10-02 22:00
Believe me, they are not, they are both great countries ;) But i'm just sick of people thinking Sweden & Denmark are the best countries to live in just because they're good in CS, lol... That's just plain stupidity ;)
2012-10-02 22:05
I know that these countries aren't hell, obviously. I'm german and I can't complain as well. Though you sound a bit bigheaded but yeah a lot of people on here do that because of CS and its past. (:
2012-10-02 22:08
After I said "I hate bragging about stuff like this, but there are too many ignorant people that don't see past Counter-Strike... :)" aswell :(? That's what i was trying to avoid :/
2012-10-02 22:11
Poles! Some nations have tried to destroy us but we are still in bussiness!
2012-10-02 20:00
Yes! Germany, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, Israel and many others... You can't do it ;)
2012-10-02 20:11
2012-10-02 21:13
Everyone thinks that Russia wanted to be the biggest world-wide force, tu dominate the whole globe, but the truth is that Israel was the country who wanted to do this.
2012-10-02 21:35
and russia and germany and others :D
2012-10-02 22:01
Someone didn't get my troll point :d
2012-10-02 22:49
Well actually Israel is pretty scary indeed with a lot of atomic stuff.
2012-10-02 22:50
Sweden PPH 
2012-10-02 20:11
probably Canada, Sweden up in the north though, and due to that its my home country. Switzerland, maybe Norway if I get rich one day. There is many countries.
2012-10-02 20:40
isn't getting rich(or at least earn a decent amount of money) the sole purpose of going to norway, to thereafter go back to sweden?
2012-10-02 22:06
And ten points go to Braliukas :) Latvia :p
2012-10-02 20:46
2012-10-02 20:47
I don't think we should care about boundaries anymore, the best country is the one where you make money & enjoy living.
2012-10-02 21:19
my own
2012-10-02 21:54
Norway, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Holland, Canadá, Sweden and Germany.
2012-10-02 22:02
Poland weg 
POLAND... why ... i dont know ... maybe that its so fkng country with so fkng ppl in government hyhy up. i know why ... neo :D
2012-10-02 22:02
Norway duffz00r 
hehe poland, kurwa.... :D
2012-10-02 22:12
You want a peacefull land and with friendly peoples? Choose Antarctica! Now in white version!
2012-10-02 22:12
Norway duffz00r 
2012-10-02 22:13
2012-10-02 22:35 animated history of Poland one of the best cavalry in history Please, send some yt videos about you country - history, specific for country units or others notable things
2012-10-02 22:52
To be honest, Great Britain got to be the greatest.
2012-10-02 23:30
Australia just because all other nations are ugly.
2012-10-03 01:28
Yeah beautiful criminals xD
2012-10-03 01:33
Spain qwt 
2012-10-03 04:35
japan, singapore, china, south korea
2012-10-03 04:52
Brazil hugoooo 
Probably Japan... and I would put China on the bottom of my list
2012-10-03 05:04
China on the bottom of your list? if you're a westerner there you're basically a rockstar. plus, google pictures of hunan, please. you'll change your mind.
2012-10-03 07:30
so you'd rather be a "rockstar" in a dictatorship?
2012-10-03 23:02
it's actually ended up being more open towards westerners and chinese people right now so i wouldn't complain no.
2012-10-04 07:36
ofcourse its being more open but still theres no freedom of speech and so on, no democracy. China is still a communist country, you probably refer to the richer zones on the eastern coast of China, the Special Economic Zones, which are a lot more liberal.
2012-10-04 08:23
Japan or Singapure
2012-10-03 10:14
the good countries for me: japan, UK, russia and germany.
2012-10-03 10:45
portugal , the most proudfull country despite the economics crysis and etc , in portugal even homeless are proudfull of being portuguese
2012-10-03 11:01
not cuz of foxj?
2012-10-03 11:36
wow, you're really special!!
2012-10-03 13:47
nah , cuz we discovered half world and we are a small country , in the era of glory portugal was the best!!! and we still proudfull , there is no race or any county more proudfull than portugueses
2012-10-03 15:14
Useless Topic. If you want to make it interesting, kindly put down the 'Base' over which the countries should be compared otherwise it's all a crap.
2012-10-03 11:33
Serbia for sure. Why? Cuz only here u can spend more than u earn. :D
2012-10-03 13:07
"other than your motherland"
2012-10-03 13:37
messi >> c.ronaldo f0rest >> neo me >> you
2012-10-03 14:20
sooo wrong
2012-10-03 21:57
Former yugoslav countries, because we were the only ones in eu (besides UK who were a major force and the soviets) to withstand the nazi occupation!
2012-10-03 14:32
2012-10-03 14:39
Until you been to australia you wont know what a remarkable country australia is.
2012-10-03 14:44
in my opinion its Russia in 1890 was the best country :) at that moment China..
2012-10-03 15:08
Serbs and Russians - the greatest nations!
2012-10-03 15:12
the greatest nation - afghans, because no one has ever been able to conquer this nation
2012-10-03 15:39
colonialism? This country isnt even independent for 100 years...
2012-10-03 23:00
England Germany Canada
2012-10-03 16:26
Everyone with at least a slight amount of history knowledge should know that it's Russia..
2012-10-03 16:43
2012-10-03 16:46
Japan. Why? Because who else have a motherf*cking huge badass robot? and South Korea. Basically because it the true opposite of North Korea, which pretty much means it has to be really great.
2012-10-03 16:57
north korea! because of the best golf players!
2012-10-03 17:02
My top 6 in no particular order: South Korea Japan Germany USA Sweden Canada
2012-10-03 17:02
I'd love to live in Norway or Sweden!! Maybe someday, who knows... But, responding to topic: maybe USA, Germany, Russia, China, South Korea and Japan.
2012-10-03 17:31
its damn cold there :D
2012-10-03 22:57
True! But the quality of life is really GOOOOD!! And women... ::drool:: Eheh
2012-10-04 12:12
Get urself a engineer education. Move to Norway --> Profit. Really, Norwegians are hiring a lot of portoguese engineers.
2012-10-04 11:16
I didn't know that! :D I'm thinking to go to university to get a engineer course... :p
2012-10-04 12:10 and I would study Maritime engineering. Subsea, offshore etc. Theres a lot of opportunities. Good luck :-)
2012-10-04 12:25
Thanks! ;)
2012-10-04 12:45
Portugal. I love my country no matter what. I'd kill and die for Portugal <3
2012-10-03 22:44
Macedonia EXTOL[t] 
Norway, Germany, Sweeden, Danmark.
2012-10-03 22:47
probably, but I guess France and the United Kingdom are enjoyable too :)
2012-10-03 22:57
namek planet from dbz
2012-10-03 22:50
Seems like most of you don't know Romania....
2012-10-03 23:03
you are joking right? :)
2012-10-03 23:13
2012-10-03 23:22
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and probably the USA or Japan. Nobody said Argentina and its enjoyable too :)
2012-10-03 23:36
2012-10-03 23:52
1.Netherlands 2.Denmark 3.Norway 4.Austria 5.Switzerland At least these, that I realy want to visit once in my life.
2012-10-03 23:58
Austria+Switzerland but no Germany? :'(
2012-10-04 08:24
Germany is also a nice country + Belgium,Czech Republic too. Eeverywhere is better than Hungary xD
2012-10-04 09:51
Is it really that bad? I thought Hungary is a quite decent country?
2012-10-04 09:53
Its fucked up realy. Politics u know... And If I compare Hungary to Germany in prices or payments, than we need to pay more taxes, payment is very low example Im a light machine operator and get around 286,07 EUR / months dayly 8 hours but sometimes 10-11h (and they dont pay overtimes) German payment in 1 month is 6-7x if not more and example a 1kg bread is 2x expensive here than there, somewhere I read or saw a post about the differences of european countries.Ofc I could be wrong because I never been there. In this point Germany must be an epic country and if I could get a chance work there, I would go out 100%. Like most of the hungarians leave this country and try to get a job in the UK (most of them goes there) In tourism wise I would visit Hannover,Frankfurt,Dresden,Berlin :)
2012-10-04 10:23
Germany is always looking for qualified people from other countries, so you might have the chance one day :) I agree that your income is really low, you'd get way more here but I doubt that hungary is twice as expensive as Germany^^ Why doesnt Hungary have the Euro btw?
2012-10-04 10:37
I mean the taxes and foods comparing to the actual payment here, we at least I usualy need to save. Example I want to buy a new pc than I need to save money for 1-2 months to buy one, but example there u can easily buy a new one from a 6-7x more payment or more offen go out party with your friends, and stuff, I guess.. For sure Germany would be a great chance to rack up some huge money^^ cuz the forint (ft) is way weaker than the euro. Honestly I dont know why we didnt changed yet, maybe because of the actual position/economy, we need to grow/improve cuz there's a huge difference between us.Some peoples already paying with euros, but most of them are tourists, I think we need still some years to change valuta.
2012-10-04 11:49
Taxes in Hungary arent much higher than in Germany ;) Its not like everybody here is rich. The best thing you could do is work in Germany, take the money and go to Hungary :) I know people from countries like Romania etc. who did that
2012-10-04 12:50
That would be the best choice^^ My brother live in the UK, he said he never wanna to come back before going out, but now.. :) maybe I follow him, cuz it seems german language is pretty hard for me I know only numbers 1 to 10 and some rough words.. xD Most of the peoples do that, cuz we are "cheaper".In the summers german peoples usualy visit Hajdúszoboszló (where I live now) and have some friends who born in Germany, but lives here, german girls are hot, at least the girl that I know it is. =D
2012-10-04 13:27
Yeah, English might be the better language to learn :D anyway good luck! :)
2012-10-04 13:29
danke :D for u too in the near future! :D
2012-10-04 13:31
I've only been to USA and Canada, so its hard for me to say. If the question is where would I enjoy living, I think I would have a great time in Sweden and Denmark, as long as I could speak the language.
2012-10-04 00:52
The US is pretty similiar to Europe, you'd enjoy living in the UK, France and Germany aswell I suppose :)
2012-10-04 09:54
probably, except i hear americans arent treated too nicely in France :P my family is german so i'd love to go there as well, I've never been.
2012-10-04 16:35
nobody is treat well in France, except French.
2012-10-04 18:19
Australia and Italy <3
2012-10-04 08:05
Iceland and Norway probably.
2012-10-04 08:50
2012-10-04 12:01
KAZAHSTAN bc of Borat ;d 1 Norway 2 Finland 3 Alaska
2012-10-04 12:21
1. USA 2. China 3-7. Sweden/Norway/Japan/Germany/Croatia 8. France 9. England 10. Italy 11. Russia
2012-10-04 12:25
russia maybe 30
2012-10-04 12:25
maybe for you, but not for me, it's just stereotips) you can see some peopls says same opinion (not Russians like me :))
2012-10-04 12:31
face the fact, Maybe only Moscow as a city is rich etc, but 90% of russia is just dirty and mess
2012-10-04 12:33
2012-10-04 12:51
fact, government of russia is maybe rich but people who living there, just poor or just decent life
2012-10-04 12:52
Russia has an HDI of over 0,8. Of course there are lots of poor people, more than in other countries. And the difference between rich and poor people is way to big aswell. Still its not as poor as many people think :)
2012-10-04 12:58
its not africa for sure, but still people have dirty clothes, buyin vodka instead of wash the clothes and themselfs
2012-10-04 13:00
2012-10-04 13:12
lol, you don't know what are you talking about dude. only alchoholicks buy vodka instead of food/clouthes/washing...
2012-10-04 13:21
dsn | 
India sRik 
other than India, I like scotland, australia, and thai
2012-10-04 12:32
love my country, but id like to live in one of those: netherlands, france, spain, south korea, usa, canada, australia, denmark, sweden, norway, or russia:D
2012-10-04 13:02
fnx | 
Bulgaria goatse 
omg ppl dont u know the greatest nation in the world ? the very first land created by god ? homeland of god, adam and eve, alexander the macedonian and shakira ? -macedonia
2012-10-04 13:03
Shakira? LOL
2012-10-04 13:05
Not really. What is god?
2012-10-18 05:21
fnx | 
Bulgaria goatse 
God is the man who is watching you from the skies at the moment and saying i should have given him more brain
2012-10-18 10:26
Thats cool. I dont believe in flying unicorns though, sorry. But maybe I should make a book about it and make you believe it.
2012-10-19 22:07
fnx | 
Bulgaria goatse 
Go drink some blood man
2012-10-19 22:17
Was that a bad joke because of my name or some top secret way of letting god into my heart?
2012-10-19 22:19
fnx | 
Bulgaria goatse 
the choice is yours :D
2012-10-20 12:14
3:09 time
2012-10-04 13:43
2012-10-04 14:10
holland ofcourse because everywhere in amsterdam where you are,you can see and enter a coffee shop
2012-10-04 14:59
The first country which gonna build a town in Mars. That would be the greatest nation, far away from anything...human.
2012-10-04 15:25
most likely China :P
2012-10-04 16:36
I know some good Chinese classes i could take :) Wanna join ? :P
2012-10-04 16:42
I would love to! :D
2012-10-04 22:23
Maybe Australia only because they have the coolest accents.
2012-10-04 19:19
i think Zambia.
2012-10-04 20:13
OMAGAD GUYS Greece is the biggest nation "was" now its fucked up,they was the first nation in the world they invented democracy,philosophy,mathematics all thing that we learn in school came from Greece,the NASA found Greek pyramids in the triangle of Bermudas,and in the Egypt pyramids they found Greek letters too so stop all that!Colombus was a greek too!Now greece is fucked up but they have the greatest history ever! I am not from greece i am from canada/US !
2012-10-05 04:43
Columbus greek ? go learn some History fag !
2012-10-19 22:21
The Imagi-Nation
2012-10-19 22:13
Somalia cause they are funneh On a serious note, Japan is one I agree on. They've come so far in such little time and their tech is just inzein.
2012-10-19 22:32
2012-10-19 22:42
Christopher is a greek name fag!and you go learn history because Colombus came from a greek family he just raised in portugal so stfu!and when Greece was a nation portugal was a piece of desert idiot!
2012-11-04 01:10
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