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Kana SS
Georgia Meskhy 
Guys, any of you have that mouse? Is it worth to buy? I've got 9HD pad and at the moment I'm playing with mx518 ( i just sold sensei ) It was nice but I had to sell it so mx518 is quite nice but since kana is new I'm curious about it so is it worth buying?
2012-01-24 17:48
its horrible i was sending it back to the store... skates suck they dont glide well, the buttons seems to be cheap work and the sensor has a pixel jump bug and is only tracking good on low sens
2012-01-24 18:06
I totally agree with you, the SS mouses are crap.
2012-01-24 19:00
He didn't said that SS mouses are crap, e says that KANA is crap, #9
2012-01-24 19:13
Kinzu is one of the best mouse ever..
2012-01-25 08:31
Zowie EC-Series are better.
2012-01-25 08:32
same here, the plastic seems like the cheaper plastic on the market, going to EC2
2012-01-24 20:13
pixel jump bug can fix with latest firmware. and i replace the default skates with steelseries kinzu skates and its awesome
2012-01-24 18:11
well true but i dont like mousedrivers, after installing them, the feeling is totally strange imo. i always play without mousedriver
2012-01-24 18:33
i like it, never had problems also has a nice design
2012-01-24 18:15
2012-01-24 20:15
steelseries sucks
2012-01-24 18:21
So far it's good for me..
2012-01-24 18:26
India kh4N 
To be fair, that's how MOST SteelSeries products really are. At the start you're like "Wow, this is some good shit!" but after a few months, you get a few hardware problems. Then SteelSeries announces a new product and we're all like "OMG! I CAN'T WAIT!" and the cycle continues.
2012-01-24 18:34
Russia Zhan 
+ So microsoft rules the world
2012-01-24 18:51
Brazil hono 
Razer employee? :D Just kidding. That's exactly how it is. Just wait around 3-4 months and there will be a lot of threads about kana and kinzu v2 problems.
2012-01-24 19:02
India kh4N 
I don't want to appear as a SteelSeries-hater, but I've had very bad experiences with some of their products. However, it should also be said that SteelSeries produces mousepads of top quality and I've read quite a lot of good reviews on their keyboards, particularly the 6Gv2. The Siberia v2 is also a splendid headset and I guess that's as far as I can go. The only thing I'd say is "lacking" in SteelSeries products, especially when speaking about headphones(5Hv2 anyone?) or mice, it's durability. I hope they can work on the durability of their products and less on marketing, and I'm sure they'll win many more buyers as well as positive reviews.
2012-01-24 19:07
Brazil hono 
Judging by the price SS products should last 20 years :)
2012-01-24 20:04
You're 100% right. I bought SS Siberia v2 before half year. The sound quality was awesome, they were very comfortable, but I started having problems with them (the left headphone [or whatever you call] doesn't provide sound anymore...). I bought a Xai some weeks ago. It's awesome so far. I hope it wont have problems.
2012-01-24 20:30
I agree with u, but so far I don't have any problem with my mouse so yeah.. :P
2012-01-25 02:54
For more 10 bucks buy zowie ec1/2 if u dont care about aceleration, if u dont want it buy Am, both are the same price and are awsome :D
2012-01-24 19:41
2012-01-24 20:01
2012-01-24 21:23
o god i can't stop laughing
2012-01-24 20:08
haha :DD omfg xD
2012-01-24 20:34
win 3/11 , cs 1.2 WTF?? deserved. this bug just happen with low sens, right?
2012-01-24 21:19
It happened more frequently with high sense, now it has been fixed.
2012-01-24 23:03
but you have to install a shitty 150mb driver. i never want to play with driver, destroys the mousefeeling imo. but its all a matter of taste
2012-01-24 23:24
Maybe not in driver but in newer revision.
2012-01-25 00:15
Croatia veve 
Do u know maybe where i can find new fw for kana? Or i need to install drivers first and then with them download new fw? Because i cant find it on ss web, thx :)
2012-01-25 01:54
Croatia veve 
ok, thx
2012-01-25 10:45
that bug is fixed in the latest firmware as far as I understood
2012-01-24 22:57
I didn't have any problem with ss kana so far and i'm enjoying playin with this mouse.
2012-01-24 20:22
Full black mouspad?
2012-01-24 22:16
SS QcK Na'Vi edition
2012-01-24 23:08
Windows and cs sensitivvity?
2012-01-25 00:14
windows: 5 sens. cs: 1.5 (with rinput) and 800 dpis
2012-01-25 01:35
Hmm, so when you do a fast move your crosshair doesn't go to the sky?
2012-01-25 08:35
never did
2012-01-25 16:47
stick with whatever you got, or buy something other than steelseries, im sorry to say but their products sucks.
2012-01-25 01:12
honestly, I tried MANY mouses, the Ikari Optical was the only properly working SS mouse for me. Both Kinzu and Xai had some problems and acceleration issues. Kana is very nicely shaped but I really don't trust in it's performance anymore. 3.0 is still the best mouse on the market. I don't really like RaZeR but their mice are actually good in therms of performance. I never had any issue with my Deathadder. Oh and steelseries products are fucking expensive imo.
2012-01-25 02:13
This mouse doesn't seem worth it with the issue of the sensor. Also I don't like to mess with drivers. Also having the switch the mousefeet which costs additional money just puts this mouse in a bad light for me especially when there are so many better options out there.
2012-01-25 02:45
Just so I know as well, what switches do the side buttons use? Still TTc?
2012-01-25 08:01
TTC buttons , horrible feet , bad sensor...decide for yourself
2012-01-25 08:45
I have been using Kana for 1-2 weeks now and here is a list of bugs I personally have experienced: - Sensor gets fucked up with coloured pads but ONLY if I fling rly fast. (This is now reduced a bit but not totally fixed) - Mousewheel bug, when scrolling down it scrolls the page up sometimes. (This is now totally fixed) I used to be a SteelSeries mice hater but now that I have been using kana for some time, I feel FOR THE FIRST TIME really comfourtable and if all goes well I might be using this for a very long time :)
2012-01-25 08:56
i haven't expirienced any of those listed by you, maybe just your mouse has them ... not all products are 100% bug free you know...but overall +10 4 kana
2012-01-25 11:48
SteelSeries mice SUCK balls. Always have, always will.
2012-01-25 11:56
Its horrible if you are low/mid sensitivy player. The mousefeet are pure crap and the switches are horrible, your decision, but i hope that you aren't a victim of SS's pure hypeshit.
2012-01-25 12:03
quit gaming, no problem.
2012-01-25 12:04
kana best mouse ever imo
2012-01-26 17:01
lol, u can buy skatez for kinzu or whatever...
2012-01-26 17:09
All these people whining about the bad snesor, shit happens. Firmware fixed it. It works like an absolute beast now. As for the skatez, skatez depend on personal preference anyways. Some people like skatez with less glide, others like teflon skatez that slide all over the place. Its an inexpensive issue to fix if you do.
2012-01-26 23:29
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