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s1mple | 
Germany N0vaa 
Hey guys! I am a new youtuber and would like to know what you guys think of my first project! Please do not post hateful messages I just want to know what I should fix to make it better! Thank you!
2016-01-26 04:57
I think it's pretty solid for your first project. Just keep practising. Also I got hypnotized by the music and it made me watch the whole clip, which normally I would have not done. So +1 for the music
2016-01-26 05:06
get trolled
2016-01-26 05:09
>Expected Navi Zeus >Got disappointed
2016-01-26 05:37
Czech Republic RNGendr1 
xdd same
2016-01-26 05:48
Finland KolenaW 
Bad edit mate, sry
2016-01-26 06:20
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