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Favourite Drink
Andorra |Borowcy 
Mine: Mountain Dew Earl Grey (slightly zitron) Coffee Chocolate Milk A good ice tea
2016-01-27 00:55
Water a good strong coffee Trappistes Rochefort 10 Westvleteren XII
2016-01-27 00:56
Japan jia 
NA tears
2016-01-27 00:58
Yea, Nepal has a sick scene.
2016-01-27 01:06
still better than NA
2016-01-27 01:09
2016-01-27 01:10
Poland trancemeister 
Vodka + cola.
2016-01-27 00:58
Sweden günT 
I mean beer is the best when you're in the mood for it, if soda didn't contain so much sugar I would probably drink like 1 liter per day of it tho
2016-01-27 01:03
u know theres diet soda oh wait why am i even talking to you
2016-01-27 01:07
Because they totally taste the same...
2016-01-27 02:00
CIS OREL_1337 
brandy + cola
2016-01-27 01:08
thanks for input
2016-01-27 01:14
Pussy juice and kappachino
2016-01-27 01:10
2016-01-27 02:02
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