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Russian blyat
Denmark astr_0 
2016-01-30 04:18
2016-01-30 04:22
2016-01-30 04:25
Dude that is recording : Don't go you fucking retard Guy in background : She will eat you, what the fuck are you... Hero Guy : Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
2016-01-30 04:32
best translation
2016-01-30 05:11
-Do not go there,fuckin stupid moron.You didnt understand me,fuckin moron?Go up stairs again,faggot blyat -She is gonna eat you! behind the scene..ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -BLYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!CYKA! -blet -hit her nahuy -da how can I hit her moron you fuckin cyka ..aaaaaaarghhhuaaaaaaaargh -Gimme that shit,gimme this stick!!!GIMME THIS STICK BLYATT!Fuckin fucktard blyat!Cyka retarded faggot
2016-01-30 04:32
listen this BLET sound xaxaxa not just BLYAT but BLET :DDD
2016-01-30 04:32
2016-01-30 04:42
2016-01-30 04:48
Estonia IMG- 
average day in Russia
2016-01-30 04:47
2016-01-30 04:54
I hope this guy learned his lesson and didn't lose his arm.
2016-01-30 04:55
mama bear had a nice meal out of that shit
2016-01-30 05:13
first not retarded american? stop the planet ama go out <3
2016-01-30 05:24
2016-01-30 16:55
he lost the arm.
2016-01-30 21:12
Andorra ronesje 
i think this dont need translation :D
2016-01-30 05:19
in soviet russia bear eats you
2016-01-30 05:24
I think you got this wrong. In soviet Russia you eat bear
2016-01-30 20:49
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