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France DemKin 
#1 country in the world ? Discuss.
2016-02-16 23:14
i prefer pakistan
2016-02-16 23:15
basically the same place now
2016-02-16 23:17
you mean somalia?
2016-02-17 13:22 Kinda more like Brazil tbh
2016-02-17 13:26
ton | 
Brazil FavelaJz 
what you tell me of the slums in the country mainly poverty in LA, NY..stfu go study tell me about this
2016-02-17 13:33
We can go tough statics and see what country is the worse if you want :) But i guess you dont want that right? :)
2016-02-17 13:34
Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries on planet Earth. It's also a pretty dangerous place to tour. The main trouble in Brazil is the epic crime rate, with a murder rate four times that of the United States [source: Department of State]. Murder is just the tip of the iceberg in Brazil. High numbers of rapes, robberies and "quicknappings" occur. These are a new kind of crime where a person is abducted for a short amount of time with a quick payoff, typically from a drive to an ATM machine. Economically depressed areas like Sao Paulo and Salvador are some of the most dangerous spots on Earth for gang violence. The crime doesn't just stick around the barrio though. Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil's premier tourist vacation destinations is also a hotbed of criminal activity. The growing chasm between the upper and lower classes in Brazil threaten to keep the violence going for the foreseeable future.
2016-02-17 13:36
There were a total of 50,108 murders in Brazil in 2012
2016-02-17 13:37 Just tell me when your done =)
2016-02-17 13:38
Might be, yes. Top 3 for sure.
2016-02-16 23:17
No, the best country is luminosity gaming
2016-02-16 23:17
#1 country for rapes yes
2016-02-16 23:18
#1 Ikea #1 in CSGO That's three #1 places.
2016-02-16 23:23
Do you know how to the rape statistic works for your country? Probably not, and if you do you should know there is a huge difference between other countries and Sweden about how the statistics is brought forward.
2016-02-16 23:30
triggered by random no flag? dont do that.
2016-02-16 23:32
I have to assume he's not a complete retard at first. Everyone get a chance. Time will tell :)
2016-02-16 23:34
ton | 
Brazil FavelaJz 
sweden top 1 rape, shame.
2016-02-17 13:30
nice bait nigger
2016-02-17 13:25
2016-02-16 23:58
I will be waiting for tubewoody to come to this thread and argue about sweden being #1 fucking shit country, rape capital lmao
2016-02-17 13:27
Lithuania FakeLithuania 
Ikea is best wooo boys
2016-02-17 13:39
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