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"The Life of Pablo" is still not on Spotify O.o
Russia Yad_FvckPutler 
2016-02-21 13:50
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And it wont be (at least for now), since kanye has a contract with a streaming platform (tidal) and that is the only official place where you can ONLY STREAM it, not even buy it. But of course, it´s in every fucking torrent site out there. Now, about the album. I. FUCKING. LOVED. IT. I downloaded it a couple of days ago and haven´t stopped listening it since, from start to finish. The beats, the lyrics, all of it, LOVED IT. And i wasn´t even a kanye west fan :D
2016-02-21 14:02
did this too. The second he releases it elsewhere I'll buy it and get rid of my pirated copy. Not using tidal for 9.99$/month just to listen to TLOP
2016-02-21 14:04
WAT, 10$ A MONTH? FUCK THEM I´m only paying like around 3,50$ a month for spotify premium and it works really well, although it would be nice to have the option to have new albums of artists you "follow" on spotify be automatically put into "your music", but at least it does notify you when an artist you "follow" on spotify launches a new album.
2016-02-21 14:11
+1, a great album
2016-02-21 14:09
surprisingly enough, i liked it too. clean and smooth beats, heard some bits that reminded me of 808's and graduation kanye. all in all, pretty good album(better than yeezus for sure), only flaw for me would be the fucked up lyrics on some of the tracks and facts. 8/10 also fuck fantano
2016-02-21 14:13
2016-02-21 14:14
just listened to the whole thing...DOPE
2016-02-21 15:10
lol at you guys liking new kanye music i'll stick with the carrollton heist and listen to real hip hop.
2016-02-21 15:12
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