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s1mple on Na'vi
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
why never?? seriously .. We saw so many threads about GOD s1mple top player in the world.. why the fak he never had a chance at Na'vi?? (with a top team) (just in a bad teams) Ukranie ppl.. WHYYY??
2016-02-22 20:38
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Sri Lanka 1v1meRust 
probably because he's known as toxic
2016-02-22 20:39
Because Na'Vi doing well, why would they switch.
2016-02-22 20:41
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
never beating fnatic in 10 years
2016-02-22 20:42
They feel satisfied with being within top 3.
2016-02-22 20:45
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
but it's like LG.. was not always like this.. they improved in the recent past. Anyway, Zeus is a BOT worst than TACO
2016-02-22 20:46
zeus is much better than taco, and hes still doing mid round calls stfu please biased monkey
2016-02-22 21:05
Europe ROMAG 
Lmao like jump in a molotov, zeus is among the worst players in cs go, he was good at 1.6
2016-02-22 21:08
Finland hzu 
woah dude slow down, comparing NaVi to LG? Are you actually serious?
2016-02-22 21:09
Get away with your fanboism.
2016-02-22 22:00
Sunde | 
Denmark Houlden 
10 years? Na`Vi beat fnatic (2009-2012)
2016-02-22 22:29
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
europeans being europeans..
2016-02-22 23:04
Sunde | 
Denmark Houlden 
2016-02-22 23:23
At the time they were doing shit. Especially before Flamie.
2016-02-22 20:49
because he is a toxic player (more so than zeus) that would destroy the team from the inside
2016-02-22 20:43
favelo are you really that stupid?
2016-02-22 20:44
He's toxic.
2016-02-22 20:46
Europe Dan Zero 
He had an esl ban. Now NaVi is achieving something and don`t need to change right now and S1mple is under contract. Give him like 6months and he could be in NaVi.
2016-02-22 20:52
2016-02-22 22:24
cause Na'vi has best awp player in world already ?
2016-02-22 20:57
Europe ROMAG 
But s1mple is not a awper
2016-02-22 21:05
am i missing something ?
2016-02-22 21:06
well,he is a full time rifler on Liquid.zeboleia has a point.He is godlike with rifles.
2016-02-22 21:08
Europe ROMAG 
S1mple is a hybrid player just like olof, he play better at this role that's why liquid contracted koosta
2016-02-22 21:09
Spain Ayrr 
s1mple was never considered a full time awper until he joined Hellraisers back then, he was known mostly because of his riffle skills. But the guy is skilled even with the awp, so teams rely on him to take the big green. s1mple already said he doesn't want to play full time awp in Liquid, that's why they took koosta.
2016-02-22 21:17
S1mple with NIP would actually be very interesting.
2016-02-22 20:58
friberg | 
Taiwan günT 
Yes, interesting as in them not being able to communicate with each other
2016-02-22 21:04
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
iuahiAHIUAHiAHIAHiAHUIAI.. NIP can talk in english.. no?
2016-02-22 21:06
no, thats why allu got kicked they feel its better to call everything in swedish
2016-02-22 21:13
friberg | 
Taiwan günT 
And allu even spoke some Swedish or at least understood big parts of it, and he speaks fluent English as well, s1mple does not understand any Swedish and speaks really bad English
2016-02-22 21:19
Estonia swag420weed 
Go kill s1mple. How hard is that? And s1mple muted
2016-02-22 22:40
I'm sure if everyone took the effort, communication would be no issue. If the 4 swedes are not comfortable with talking English, yeah, that's another story.
2016-02-22 21:11
Spain Ayrr 
Their english is pretty decent to communicate with. Maybe if they don't feel comfortable with talking english that's another story. + s1mple would never rage or behave like a kid in NiP, he respects a lot players like Get_right, f0rest, Neo, taz, etc. f0rest for example is his idol, admitted by s1mple already. It's not a bad idea s1mple in NiP if they have no problem in communicatting in english.
2016-02-22 21:15
friberg | 
Taiwan günT 
Didn't s1mple leave Flipsid3 because he was astonished by how "bad" some players were on the team even tho they had played for CS for such a ling time, I believe he's referring to markeloff and he is one of the biggest CS legends of all time. And NiP's English is fine, but they still don't speak it as their mother tounge and that makes a difference, and then we have to consider how bad s1mple's English is
2016-02-22 21:18
Spain Ayrr 
s1mple left F3 because he had conflicts with bondik, they even deleted themselves from steam friends while playing for the team. I don't remember where I read about that, but it's true. + the thing about how ''bad'' some players were in the team, was mostly about blad3. Here is where stuff went public Never heard s1mple complaining about markeloff tho, it's otherwise, I've even seen him talking good about marik. Yet, how is that relevant to what I said about NiP?
2016-02-22 21:24
In the f3 documentary after s1me was released is where you remember that from
2016-02-22 21:56
its probably going to happen eventually zeus is a liability in-game and would be better as a coach
2016-02-22 20:58
It would negatively affect edwards perfomance, because he is still playing kinda "star" role on navi, as he used to play in 2015,14,etc. Zeus and seized are more of support players. So imo it would be better, if they replace edward with s1mple rather than zeus. And then they should cut zeus for somebody else.
2016-02-22 21:07
Spain Ayrr 
The main reason was because of his ESL ban, not being able to play majors hosted by ESL and big tournaments like ESL pro league. He is now unbaned and competing with a team who has potential to attend so much tournaments. In my opinion, about time to see s1mple replacing zeus or edward on Na'Vi. Na'Vi with s1mple, flamie and guardian would be as good as Fnatic or LG.
2016-02-22 21:12
"Na'Vi with s1mple, flamie and guardian would be as good as Fnatic or LG." what? your point is that LG is better than navi?
2016-02-22 21:40
Spain Ayrr 
Obviously, not achievement wise. But man for man, LG and Fnatic (the examples I put) are better than Na'Vi. The reason why Na'Vi is still upthere is mostly because GuardiaN is dropping +30 bombs each game, each map and flamie is consistently putting numbers.
2016-02-22 21:43
World Spaisi 
LG is not better than NaVi man for man. TACO is worse than anyone on NaVi. Cold and Fallen are comparable to Flamie and Guardian but I'd still give the edge there to NaVi. Fnx is good, comparable to Edward/seized but fer has fallen a lot, I'd consider him under those 2 atm. So I don't really agree with LG being better man to man. A lot of their rounds also come down to Fallen and Cold doing great and great IGLing and tactics, same as with NaVi. Edit: Agreed with fnatic though.
2016-02-22 21:51
Spain Ayrr 
Fer fallen a lot? Numbers ain't saying that. + TACO is pretty much like zeus.
2016-02-22 22:18
Your point of view is kinda broken, since I can say the opposite that LG is top 5 here only cause Fallen is a great player. If they were so good in terms of raw skill as you imagine they would win something
2016-02-22 21:52
Spain Ayrr 
What? Only because of FalleN?, u trippin dawg
2016-02-22 21:53
sounds stupid right? just like your statement about guardian being one man army in navi
2016-02-22 21:57
Spain Ayrr 
Because it's true. GuardiaN and flamie are the ones putting numbers for Na'Vi since for ever, I rarely see seized or edward taking the lead and we can't say the same about Fer and FNX because they step up in their team more often besides cold and Fallen. Fallen and cold are ~= to GuardiaN and Flamie, but Fer and FNX are ahead of seized and edward. That's why I said man for man LG is above Na'Vi.
2016-02-22 22:01
If they were better they would win vs Navi more than 3 maps out of 13
2016-02-22 22:03
Spain Ayrr 
Well, some loses are when steel and boltz were still on the team + the teamwork Na'Vi has (they had been playing together for ages), that's why Na'Vi had been better than LG lately and that's why achievement wise Na'Vi is better. Because CS involves teamwork as well. And I'm pretty sure that we will see a different LG in the upcoming tournaments. A better one hopefully.
2016-02-22 22:06
My point is that rating of each player doesn't mean that much when you meet face to face. Coldzera might have better aim or rating than Edward but could lose 10 clutches out of 10 to him cause of luck of his experience or could win 10\10 we can't say that by leaning on statistic only
2016-02-22 22:13
Spain Ayrr 
Well, it's nothing relevant comparing teams man for man honestly, that's true. But it's an option available there to consider when a super skilled team has the chance to improve as a team and be succesful. Sure Na'Vi achieved more all this time mostly because of their teamwork + guardian hard carrying since for ever but it's matter of time to see LG passing them.
2016-02-22 22:17
Might be.But Edward and Zeus can retire soon and I expect s1mple to come back and replace 1 of them to hold them at top2-3 spot
2016-02-22 22:20
Spain Ayrr 
Exactly, that's the point in adding s1mple instead of zeus or edward. To make them hold in upthere as much as posible.
2016-02-22 22:22
but Liquid probably give a higher salary than Navi
2016-02-22 21:44
That's bullshit
2016-02-22 22:01
Romania rockNoob 
guardian>simple as awp flamie>simple as rifle
2016-02-22 21:18
2016-02-22 22:01
He won't replace anyone from navi bcs they are already maybe GOOD. And hes making good money in usa thats sad bat treu :<<
2016-02-22 21:22
oh dear shut up
2016-02-22 21:46
Na'Vi is too mature for him /close
2016-02-22 21:52
S1mple is shit person sooo he is not in NAVI
2016-02-22 22:07
United States LiquiddZ 
Player stats: Zeus NT Favela
2016-02-22 22:10
navi has guardian and s1mple is not better than guardian. s1mple is toxic and so zeus, also seized short-tempered too. zeus shouldn't be a frag leader he is igl and still make calls together with starix. zeus can stop any trashtalking in team - no other man can do it in navi, so he is very important. no reasons for navi take s1mple at all. maybe when s1mple will comeback to ukraine years later... I mean Edward would leave NaVi after they will win major - it's his only aim now, he is tired with cs. When edward quit, maybe zeus would go too, then Navi could try with young talents like s1mple and bondik, but it would be another navi...
2016-02-22 22:12
zeus - reason of trashtolkinga
2016-02-22 22:24
yes, he rages a lot, but also he can stop trashtalking from seized, flamie, edward - starix cannot do this, he is not strong person as zeus. if navi can find a man who can control rage of any navi player and who will be such respected as zeus - then ok, -zeus +anyone but until then zeus is not the biggest navi problem.
2016-02-22 22:30
lol he's only 18 you think he'll always play with NA scrubs?
2016-02-22 22:13
he never won and never will achieve anything, because facing high level teams is different than playing t2 teams and simple don't have the mentallity to play great against t1 players.
2016-02-22 22:25
how someone playing in t2 team could win over t1 team? he won over nip(eswc2015) when only one of his shitty teammates was replaced by hiko. if he could play with t1 players in one team he could win over t1 players it's obvious.
2016-02-22 22:39
NIP hashhahahahhahahahhahahaha this guy only plays qualify, wont compare him with cold, sorry.
2016-02-22 22:40
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