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explain fanobet
Norway coolguy123 
i don't get fanobet with the livescore shit. its great but won't everyone just wait until the end and bet on the team with 15 rounds? i dont understand how anyone wins more than a few cents on this site :o can someone explain how it works?
2016-02-23 23:19
i don't get it d00d
2016-02-23 23:22
i need help boys, don't make me go to reddit
2016-02-23 23:30
2016-02-23 23:33
If its anything like normal sports betting, as the game gets closer to the end the odds get reduced. So if its 15-1 i would expect you to make 0.001c for your $1 bet
2016-02-23 23:33
It's not great cuz I livebet on Astralis when they're up 14-11 and then they lose 14-16 and I cry ;'(
2016-02-23 23:33
no cry men pls
2016-02-23 23:35
ok men i won't thanks for support
2016-02-23 23:36
no problem my friend I come back any time you cry and make you feel better (no blowjob)
2016-02-23 23:37
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