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SPLYCE stickers
Portugal w4sted 
can anyone that understands of photoshop or so put the splyce logo on a sticker form? like the kato14 best looking stickers imo
2016-02-28 04:30
vai dormir fox
2016-02-28 04:31
I think they will look great :D
2016-02-28 04:31
Canada wizQ 
kato2014 stickers are just team logos.. nothing fancy just their logo with katowica 2014 under them...
2016-02-28 04:32
Aren't the Katowice 2014 stickers just the team logo?
2016-02-28 04:32
almost, as you can see here \/ its pretty much the team logo with katowice 2014 below them, i just wanted to know how would they look like on kato14
2016-02-28 04:34
It would resemble this
2016-02-28 04:41
Nice work man, this looks amazing. Good job!
2016-02-28 06:04
nice work man this looks amazing :D
2016-02-28 14:56
Canada wizQ 
i tried mate. lol
2016-02-28 04:46
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