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Why so many foreigners hate all the russians?
CIS eiL1337 
It's unfairly that in CS:GO almost everyone hate russians. I know that here are too many idiots but not every russian is moron like them.
2016-03-01 10:19
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Russia Tarasov 
2016-03-01 10:24
Australia 100T_TOP_100 
i love u rashins so sxc liek nadya dorofeeva id seks her
2016-03-01 12:15
cyka blyat
2016-03-01 10:29
Cuz no englando
2016-03-01 10:30
2016-03-01 10:31
Russians never speak English, like 99% of the time they don't.. they are usually toxic as fuck usually stupid as fuck (shouting in Russian and then telling you you don't listen to their tactics and info) force buying every single round there's really basically nothing good to say about Russians in matchmaking, sorry to you if you're the 1% but your people are annoying at in mm
2016-03-01 10:31
2016-03-01 10:58
So sad but it's true... I hate when in the team 2 or more russians. They will speak only with each other.
2016-03-01 11:03
2016-03-01 11:08
Because you are pretty much a unique race that doesn't get that they are annoying their team because they still dont use ts3/mumb for mixes
2016-03-01 10:31
What do you personally think is behind this hate? Can you in any way see that the Russians might have brought this on themselves or is it 100% unfair? Also why do you think everyone suddenly knows how to say cyka blyat?
2016-03-01 10:32
But not every russian is moron who can't speak english and who is raging every time
2016-03-01 11:07
Of course not. I am just asking if you could see where this stereotype is coming from.
2016-03-01 11:22
90% idiots playing at lower ranks and they meet other idiots, but because most of the russian-speaking idiots playing on european servers a chance to get the russian-speaking idiot (and not the english/polish/norwegian/swedish/etc speaking idiot) will be higher plus do not forget about the ukrainians, belarusians and other former ussr countries they are also russian-speaking
2016-03-02 11:58
I've had many bad experiences with Russians. For example if you don't drop them an AWP they will sometimes just shoot you in the head 10 seconds after the round starts and take it. A lot of the time they are very angry if you do something wrong. E.G. don't win a 4 vs 1 clutch. A lot of the time they don't speak English, which most other Europeans will.
2016-03-01 10:32
You really should win that clutch.
2016-03-02 13:36
I know...forever supreme.
2016-03-02 16:44
Estonia kikilips 
because rest of the world can speak english but only 1 country called Russia can't. Since everyone is so selfish in russia, always hoping best for itself it mirrors behaviour in-game the same way.
2016-03-01 10:33
I have only had one game whit 3 russians that where accualy funny and normal, the one russian was ebola from africa. The rest of the matches, let's say over atleast a 100 games, if they are 2 or more, they say, in russki, any russkies here? and they talk russki the rest of the match, whine & complain. But now when i hear one russki word i just mute fast as fuck.
2016-03-01 10:34
Friis | 
Denmark baitzera 
Russians have many problems in their society, that they are powerless to do anything about, so they get out that aggression in CSGO, leading to too many B rushes and wasted AWP buys. Unwillingness to speak English and because most foreigners Russian vocabulary are limited to, cyka blyat, idi nahui, da da, njet njet, davai davai, sosi moi hui and babushka means that teamwork is difficult.
2016-03-01 10:46
They arent willing to cooperate. Most of them speak in their monkey language. Just complete retards.
2016-03-01 10:50
Luxembourg alex24 
russians are the cancer of the modern world
2016-03-01 10:51
Japan zekrom 
+1 also destroying waters and pollution
2016-03-02 11:08
sometimes i prefer them over arrogant british players who get offended too easily . If the ruskis are in a good mood and you're not playing at a low rank ,you might as well find a nice laughing russian who works with the team at least 60-70% of the game :)
2016-03-01 10:51
Dude +1. Last game I played with one russian and one british guy, the russian didn't say nothing wrong and when I told to the british guy to watch somewhere he just said "shut the fuck up dude" and the others starting hating to the russian, so gg :)
2016-03-02 12:02
Sweden TutsiGOD 
just watch failus videos and you see how fucking stupid russians are
2016-03-01 10:57
I don't hate russians, I hate raging kids of any nationality.
2016-03-01 10:57
refering to everyone else as foreigners isn't really making it any better, like you'd be the centre of the pack or what? Way to show a perfect example :D
2016-03-01 10:59
I can only speak for the sweden and the media here always talk shit about Russia cuz the swedish left think that they are so much better people with better values basically. swedish leftists is the worst ppl, remember that.
2016-03-01 11:02
i can tell that swedish kids if fucking retared, :P
2016-03-01 11:31
annoying, dirty, toxic and mo eyes )))) ((((
2016-03-01 11:05
take a few examples from yesterday: 1.played with russian 4 party and all they did was rage and teamkilll. topfragged and won them the game. got kicked on the last round. didnt say anything the whole game 2. one russian was one the team and after the pistol round someone asked him in chat "wtf were you doing".then the russki tkd him and trolled the whole game. ended up with 4/5 just afking and jumping in spawn because of the russian
2016-03-01 11:19
ye same thing fucking happing too me! Got kick last round and then a fucking bann one week because too many kicks only by russians shitty crackheads, valve should do somethin about that
2016-03-01 11:34
France WAYNE! 
I move to Russia in September dude, Russia is the best country (after France ofc)
2016-03-01 11:23
Australia ZRBB 
It is because putin is a terrorist
2016-03-01 11:26
Europe bueR 
Worse stats than me by a lot and still has the nerve of flaming me? Fuck off ruskies.
2016-03-01 11:28
russians at MM is retared, i have sometimes played with nice russians who speaks english great and are very freindly, but all the others is shit, always when i solo and its 4 russians they always fucking kick last round,,, then u maybe get bann in one week. Even when u play good they kick you.
2016-03-01 11:29
2016-03-01 11:51
they still kick if u play good:P
2016-03-01 16:17
Any good Russian player in csgo talks in English, if you play another matter on a low rank, then be not surprised
2016-03-02 11:18
Itf unfair idiot?? russian is conqueror
2016-03-01 11:30
United Kingdom Alth 
A lot of russians in CS:GO that I've came across are extremely selfish and annoying. I won't instantly dislike someone who is Russian, but I'm definitely expecting them to have a specific personality as I'm getting in to the game.
2016-03-01 11:36
Poland tfg 
idk last few games i played with russians only and it wasnt that bad, even the communication wasnt bad i way more hate swedes than russians
2016-03-01 11:49
Media told me to hate Russians, so I hate Russians. I'm not capable of forming my own opinion.
2016-03-01 11:55
I played with a Russian(I think) streamer, Mishka or something, and he started flaming me after I didn't understand what he meant by"Go boost window" on Inferno t-side. I thought he wanted a boost somewhere so I followed him. Turned out that it meant "Jump onto balcony". He then raged and brought that round up every round untill I begged him to shut up and explained that it was a misunderstanding and that it wasn't my fault that his english was so shitty.
2016-03-01 12:02
last sunday me and my friend queued for mm, we got in a game with 1 ukrainian and 2 russians. after a 3-1 lead on mirage the ukrainan got mad at 1 russki for only camping / aiming for palace on mirage he said something like this in buy time "how can you get kills when you are so bad blue, you only camp". the russki then end up shot the ukrainan in head and then go full troll mode and afk every round and team kills
2016-03-01 12:04
Spain Donra 
When i meet rusian in mm i always sing katyusha song and things like that. We all laugh and they try to give me info with the litte english that they know. Most of russian are always insulted by europeans, it's normal what's happend now. If you really are a nice guy, you should not have problem. PD:Not work at 100%.
2016-03-01 12:09
Europe TriHard_8R 
go youtube google vladimir csgo that is actually what happens in matches for real they are not even trolling just braindead
2016-03-01 12:12
Yugoslavia anystrike 
Problem is too many ru are retarded, yeah sure u can find normal-great people too but on 500 normal goes 10.000 idiots
2016-03-01 12:14
1. Always speaking russian 2. If they by any chance knows any english they use it to insult the others. 3. They never shut up, not even during important clutch situations 4. Never playing for the team, just getting own exit frags or camping out. 5. Constantly buying out of sync with the team. I could go on for ever really, but these are just a few things that comes to mind directly. Russians are the only reason why I never queue with less than four friends.
2016-03-01 12:48
it's same with muslims
2016-03-01 12:51
Denmark slacking 
I went to Moscow for work and not a single fucking person replies when you ask them something in English. bitches are hot as fuck tho
2016-03-01 12:55
You only speak russian, the only words you know in english are insults therefor whenever you dont speak russian with your teammate(s), you re insulting someone for his mistake.
2016-03-01 12:56
because you never speak english, now i play in dubai servers and they actually ask us that should we talk in arabic or english not like russians who never co-operate
2016-03-01 12:57
blyat man is here, do not fear all your CYKA will disappear
2016-03-01 13:10
Europe calypsoTHE 
polish is most retarted teammates ever...
2016-03-01 13:15
2016-03-01 13:20
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
1 Lot of toxic Russians 2 When u're more than 1, u flood the voice chat in russian That's pretty much why i don't like Russians in CSGO, i've met a lot of Russians while traveling and no problem, had my share of fun with them but in videogames u guys are definitly super annoying.
2016-03-01 13:20
same goes for frenches and belgiums, i was forced to play a lot of times with 4 premades from France/Belgium and when i was trying to talk with them they were saying "puta, ta guelle", not saying only about your country, retards are everywhere swedes say jaavla fitta kaften finns say ei vittu ruskis say blyat cyka i can continue this list but it will be too long
2016-03-01 15:04
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
I never speak anything else than English in MM even if somebody tries to speak to me in french or nederlands. I systematically mute anyone who : - Says 1 word in an other langage than english. - Says one toxic sentence. - Speaks to much for nothing. So yeah i usually end up muting a lot of people.
2016-03-01 17:57
I hate russians when im playing on my main but I love them when im playing on my smurf and im just trolling to make them mad <3
2016-03-01 13:22
United States Doctor1597 
I've only encountered russians while 5 man deranking. Being salty about a free win always is a funny thought to me. Edit: I lied, I forgot about when I used to play Dota 2. The amount of xaxaxaxaxa Teembersaw so bed.
2016-03-01 13:24
ofc not m8 but 9 out of 10 times when i have russian in team he refuses to communicate, he say gg after loosing pistol and he is doing dumb shit for whole game. But yea i played a few games with good/normal russians.
2016-03-01 13:30
Russians is most stupidest fucks on earth! Hope that whole nation dies from cancer! They live like pigs, and they are srsly retarted from rest of the world.
2016-03-01 13:31
I dont hate russians in general but i hate the people that refuse to communicate in english or at all . and i dont know why or how but it seems its mainly russians acting this way. Btw. not everybody hates russians its just on HLTV and Esport community is very toxic in general ( also in LOL dota cs go, everywhere )
2016-03-01 13:34
I think problem is that in russia and baltic states computer games are played mostly by uneducated and unhappy with their lives people
2016-03-01 13:46
Ukraine tereza 
russians dont speak eng for 2 reasons: 1. they dont know this lang 2. disrespect or contempt (most valuable) Its better to be silent and dont hinder to others when english is very hard to you (its more efficient to team rather than screaming something like "cykebleat kak on menya ubil"). Always think about your team and how u can help your mates in the particular moment of the game because team consists not only of you and your ego. If you do not respect other people (no matter what nation they're represent) so why you ask this stupid question?!
2016-03-01 13:58
just as not every Brazilian is stupid and monkey
2016-03-01 15:06
Same reason they hate Americans, they are all insecure.
2016-03-02 10:28
Because Overdrive
2016-03-02 10:31
Denmark Sander 
I have seriously only met like 4-5 Russians who acted nice ingame. Most of them are 2-3 premades and they instant speak Russian ingame - it's so fucking annoying, like they never heard of skype?
2016-03-02 10:34
i like russians, vodka, russian women, watching russian road rage videos on dashcams, KGB russian spy movies, and putin memes always make me laugh russia not as bad as UK teeth and BR banana monkeys
2016-03-02 11:21
ur fine bro I hate when I play with muricas, they are all bad and backseat game pretty much the whole match (cause they usually dies picking mid) also I have to play with 100+ ping while hearing then talk about trump
2016-03-02 11:26
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