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Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
Still casting? I hope she wont cast in majors.
2016-03-02 17:59
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2016-03-02 18:00
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
Nope, she can cast some lower tier tournaments, but why let someone medicore cast majors?
2016-03-02 18:01
because she is good at her job. get out of here with your ignorance
2016-03-02 18:03
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
lol, expected from a SweedStain.
2016-03-02 18:03
"SweedStain" low intelligence.
2016-03-02 18:05
pansy=g33ks3x .. stfu
2016-03-02 18:11
She a qt
2016-03-02 18:01
She's a good caster pleb, and better at csgo than you
2016-03-02 18:01
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
lol, I doubt that.
2016-03-02 18:04
Bosnia and Herzegovina arche 
shes better then those casters on the second stream
2016-03-02 18:03
World ph4 
she's decent as a caster but should avoid the analysis desk. She lacks deeper knowledge and doesn't really provide anything relevant.
2016-03-02 18:06
my love <3
2016-03-02 18:08
Argentina ECSBOX 
she is so ugly
2016-03-02 18:21
Czech Republic baylife 
pansy is cute grill, stfu!
2016-03-02 18:21
she is gorgeous <3
2016-03-02 18:23
I was really enjoying her NiP banter with Henry. That was actually pretty damn funny throughout the last few matches.
2016-03-02 18:10
I don't have a problem with Pansy as a caster, she's actually quite good. The kids just hate her because her voice is more manly than theirs.
2016-03-02 18:10
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
Again some stupid ass assumptions. Expected from Sweden. More like Femden.
2016-03-02 18:18
Nope, she is hired by ESL she wont cast MLG Major.
2016-03-02 18:10
bet she will in esl majors, so see her in cologne m8
2016-03-02 18:12
but then again she's a grill but then again she's fat but then again she has a pussy but then again everyone hates her but then again and a pair of tits but then again ugly face - 2/10 idk
2016-03-02 18:14
she is alright^^
2016-03-02 18:15
she's better than she was a year ago, but i still seriously dislike her as a caster, not to mention analysts desk. Not good at all, so many better casters out there. You guys know that the only reason she still has a job at esl after that whole fiasco last year where every single person was saying she was doing a horrible job is that she has good ties with some higher standing people in esl, right?
2016-03-02 18:24
12:30Winstrike vs Wisla Krakow
Wisla Krakow
15:55Heretics vs LDLC
17:00HAVU vs Espada
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