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United Kingdom veiN_ 
Hey dudes, just want to give you guys a heads up about this website, they're going to be scamming people out of their skins which looks like once a day on so if you do use this website for the roulette or whatever watch yourselves or just simply go elsewhere, you can see the admin in the image below asking for assistance on scamming people out of their skins, have a nice day :)
2016-03-04 16:37
Can confirm,the guy added me and did the same.
2016-03-06 10:12
Watchout also for the user Gandi Same situation.
2016-04-15 16:57
India JuanMata 
+1, this happened to me too. This guy (grill?) tried to ask me the same thing, please report:
2016-04-21 20:20
Hi , a guy of csgoeasybet tried to scam me too , i have take a screen : this retard and his friens tried to scam people , this stupid kids are on they main account so you can report him :)
2016-04-22 19:48
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