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I'm wondering, how much f0rest can earn for streaming? He has got over 2k viewers... What do you think?
2012-02-28 19:04
Of course, its good for him and us, because he is great player with good sense of humor, so i want to watch him, and its no problem for me to watch adverts.
2012-02-28 19:11
Austria pend1 
depends on the ads he brings in!!! the more ads, the more money :) it's that easy! :P
2012-02-28 19:16
30$ or even more for 1 night, playing gathers.. for my standarts is pretty good :D edit: pend1 said its not much money before the edit thats why i replied ;D
2012-02-28 19:20
Austria pend1 
yeah sounds not that bad :) depends on the streamed ads + viewers! but since he has more than 1000 viewers in average .... money's rolling ;) EDIT: haha yeah i assumed it's not that much ... but then i started calculating ... BOING!
2012-02-28 19:25
ye ofc :) but dont forget that many ppl got adds blocker :D
2012-02-28 19:21
Austria pend1 
true that!
2012-02-28 19:25
I tink he meant the ads inside the stream, like sensei and Kingston hyperX
2012-02-29 12:17
nope :)
2012-02-29 14:09
Norway dufFstAr 
that's not much, hes doing it for the community'' - D
2012-02-28 19:21
30$ x 20nights (1 month) = 600$ for playing gathers :) this is more than many ppl's job salary hear in bg. so its much imo :) and yea i dont think he's doing it all for the community :)
2012-02-28 19:26
Yyy, I think $3 not $30 per day.
2012-02-28 19:28
bad maths u have then :P if it was $3 per night nobody would stream haha
2012-02-28 19:29 You need more than 1,000 average live viewers and they need to see your ads. For 1000 Ad Impressions you will get $3. I understand it right?
2012-02-28 19:32
you're right!!! you will get 3$/h per 1000 average ... and the 1000 ads (over 1 month distributed)! (the streamer can adjust the rate of ads per hour .. the more ads .... $$$ :) ) ads / hour + alot of viewers = jackpot :)
2012-02-28 19:38
I don't think that all viewers click on the ads or even watch them, most of them have adblocker etc. ;)
2012-02-28 19:40
Exactly!! Also think that most of the viewers have adblock ON!!
2012-02-28 19:42
It's per 1000 viewers that see an advert. Although he probably gets more than 3$ if SK are partners with own3d.
2012-02-28 22:21
Norway dufFstAr 
that's a little bonus yes :) yeah big difference between our countries, here where everything are expensive++, that has to be a lot of money for a standard Bulgarian human person with standard living true;))
2012-02-28 19:32
That isn't soooo much in Sweden though. $600 is like a weeks pay for a normal job here I'd say.
2012-02-28 20:30
im moving to sweden then :>
2012-02-28 21:22
Yea, but then everyting is really expensive also =/
2012-02-29 01:46
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
In Romania the minimum salary is like 160 euros end we got high price on evreything :))...end the medium salary on hospitality sector, with hotel and restaurant employees earning on average 193 euros. -->moving to sweden(2)
2012-03-04 04:49
Serbia gemi 
150€/200$ minimum wage in Serbia.[salary per month]. $600 is like a weeks pay for a normal job here I'd say. wOw~
2012-02-29 00:21
Everything costs more also!
2012-02-29 01:46
Serbia gemi 
But still,u can buy everything u want with normal salary in ur country.
2012-02-29 13:21
yea. no need to explain, they will never understand us haha :DD
2012-02-29 14:10
Wait, so like a waiter earns 600$ weekly?
2012-02-29 20:21
I don't know the exact amount, but my guess would be somewhere around $600 a week before taxes. But then again, taxes here are very high and also groceries etc, costs more here, than in most other countries as far as I know.
2012-02-29 22:36
We also have extremly high taxes and food/grocerie prices, but our standard wage is around 350/400$ a mont and less :/
2012-03-04 02:25
well for a normal (mid/low paid job in norway) you get about 20k NOK before taxes. thats about 2 700€ a month. thats 675€ a week. +-
2012-03-04 03:50
Im moving to sweden,then i'll find a normal job,i'll earn some money and then i'll go back in Serbia and i'll live like a boss... .....Fake story. :D
2012-03-04 03:17
Peru dbie 
almost 3k watchin, guys!
2012-02-28 19:28
2k viewers is kinda decent... Stephano, DRG, MarineKingPrime, Genius, MVP, MMA from SC2 have like almost 10k viewers each.
2012-02-28 19:28 :) every night 10-15k viewers :)
2012-02-28 19:32
that's lol... all kids playing it
2012-02-28 20:02
2012-02-29 11:34
sorry but u lying, stephano and marine at least has between 2k and 5k max...
2012-02-28 19:47
sorry but I've seen it with my eyes many times
2012-02-28 20:01
Portugal odr@ 
white ra has a more consistent 4k-6k when streaming
2012-02-28 20:20
He has 3k average viewers, I'm always watching him too, though he isn't that good. Stephano is my favorite, DRG is my 2nd favorite. :)
2012-02-28 20:25
United States mah9 
when IdrA comes on he gets over 10k easy
2012-02-28 23:20
Haha what the hell are you talking about? I haven't seen any of these players having close to 10k any single time. And I watch SC2-streams almost every night. It is possible that someone has had 10k at some point, and that I've missed it. But not on a regular basis, that's for sure.
2012-02-28 20:49
I was saying an average number, and they have almost 10k every time. I'm watching them whenever they stream.
2012-02-28 20:59
White-ra used to have at least 10k people watching him, when he streamed 10 hours a day.
2012-02-29 22:37
f0rest might be a good person and stuff, but I don't think he's doing this for the community.
2012-02-28 19:31
Lithuania tmw 
forest in my language mean MEDIS tree :D
2012-02-28 19:33
India kh4N 
As long as he's entertaining everyone, who cares if he's doing it for the community or the money. Besides, it's his life, so we shouldn't ponder over such matters.
2012-02-28 19:40
ofc! nobody is blaming him for streaming and earning money with it )
2012-02-28 19:48
he's doing it for his fans and for money
2012-02-28 20:04
cs is dead and he is squeezing the last moneys he can from it haha cant blame him.
2012-02-28 20:17
lol is dying also hon and dota2? all known games got pro players streams stfu noob
2012-02-28 20:37
2012-02-28 20:43
I mean "All profesional games as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and Defense of the Ancients version 2 have got players that make their own streams. So why not Counter Strike couldnt have players who stream too??" Conclusion if COunter Strike 1.6 is dying also all the mentioned games are also in the same situation. got it beatch??
2012-02-28 20:58
"Conclusion if COunter Strike 1.6 is dying also all the mentioned games are also in the same situation" ....wat
2012-02-28 21:46
u replied me twice and uve used 3 words, close enough.
2012-02-28 21:58
again you manage to surprise me :P
2012-02-28 22:07
He is a Delpan fan.. what did you expect?.
2012-02-29 00:39
2012-02-29 10:37
Good job, stupid freak.
2012-02-28 21:15
dota and sc will die earlier than cs
2012-02-29 14:23
Nice conclusion
2012-02-28 20:29
This is alot :D I wonder what will he do, if he quits cs ;(
2012-02-28 20:53
Let him stream in peace, does it affect us? I think it's good for CS with money or not.
2012-02-28 21:15
who is REASTEN ?
2012-02-28 21:16
good player from norway ;p
2012-02-28 21:23
yeah sick player
2012-02-28 21:42
Is Reasten hes real nick ? Hes shooting amazing :D
2012-02-28 21:24
Norway dufFstAr 
yeah, hes real nick
2012-02-28 23:03
Brazil th3W 
we can earn money by streaming???
2012-02-28 21:26
u can't!
2012-02-28 22:00
Brazil th3W 
why bro?
2012-02-28 22:03
Because no one will watch your stream.
2012-02-28 23:08
Brazil th3W 
ohhh, thats low dude, it hurts ;(
2012-02-28 23:12
Not trying to be rude, but if you don't have any viewers you won't make money :))
2012-02-28 23:14
guys figure he makes 6 dollars every time you see an ad the payout partner page says 3 dollars per 1000 views rounding out viewers, he averages 2000 every time he changes screens and an ad runs, he gets that payout so he makes roughly 12 dollars a gather, assuming he has 2000 viewers and the ad runs when he opens cs and closes cs, which seems to be the case
2012-02-28 23:00
You get $0.02 for each viewer when you show a commercial. If he has 2000 viewers, he gets 40 cents for each commercial. If he plays 5-6 gathers a day and shows commercial, let's say, between each half, that's $4 - $4.80 per day. depends on how many commercials he will show between each half. Lets say 3 different commercials per each half. That is $1.20 for each commercial and $12 - $14.4 per day. But... with the amount of people who use "Adblock" these days and that's about 98% of people, he will be getting $1.2 - $1.44 per day. TRUE STORY Sry, what I wrote was for people who stream on a different stream. on own3d you get $3 per 1000 viewers when you show one commercial apparently. But again, with amount of people who use "Adblock", its still going to be like $2-$3 maybe $4 a day.
2012-02-29 11:56
not that many ppl use Add blocker...... :) some ppl here doesnt know that he is earning money by streaming some ppl here know that he is earning money but they think its SK that paying him some ppl here know that he earns money by the ADDS, but dont even know or have add blocker and the rest of us got it.. which is like 20% max imo:) so yea, im still sure that he got around $30 every night:P
2012-02-29 14:16
Even it's $300 per night I still watch his stream. He earns money, I'm entertained, both win lol.
2012-02-29 14:18
did i say "dont watch his stream cuz he earns money by it?" many times i said there is nothing bad or wrong in that. im just saying facts. ofc u are entartained, i could entartain ppl if im earning money for that too haha.
2012-02-29 14:22
Not playing CS, because you're not f0rest :D
2012-03-04 02:30
maybe, but people do use adblocker. I just know it cause SC2 streamers always bitch about not earning enough money with 10k-15k viewers every nigh. Thats why in almost every big tournament now, they make anti adblocker streams, so you could watch the stream only if you have adblocker off.
2012-02-29 14:37
do you have any idea what you actually wrote? You say 0.02$(which is way too much) per ad and than you say 2000*0.02 = 0.4 o.O you skipped second grade? own3d pays like 0.003$ per viewer! Assuming he streams like 3hrs per day, he probably has like 6-7 ads during that time. Averaging 2000 viewers, let's say 50% of them have adblocker (unlikely) he'd earn like 20$! above I assume the worst! FACT: He streams atleast 4h per day! FACT: not more than 0.3M people use adblocker every WEEK, of which most of the people are using them for Justin.TV! FACT: He probably swirls like 12-15 adds per day! So I'd say he's earning 30$ per night for sure!
2012-03-04 03:11
Norway billson 
I`m only one who dont see anything bad here? He entertains us and makes money. Great. Keep doing it.
2012-02-28 23:01
Nobody is saying its bad :)
2012-02-28 23:04
If f0rest has a job though then the 600$ a month he's earning off streaming is just bonus for playing a video game on top of his monthly earnings from his job :) that being said we should all just start streaming and watch us eachothers streams and have ad's running :P free money for alll
2012-02-28 23:14
hahaha +1 :D
2012-02-28 23:36
World MJS 
Count me in :P
2012-02-28 23:50
this is a man with an idea. Lets do this and get rich
2012-02-29 00:25
Got mine set up, where is yours????
2012-03-04 03:32
troll science <3
2012-02-29 00:44
top comment
2012-02-29 13:40
he streaming from sk account, from which get_right streams also, so when they two streaming with 2-1k viewers thats a good money for sk :)
2012-02-29 00:00
They may stream from SK's joint account, but it's nothing new that independent streamers or streamers in the same clan have channels gathered on one account. That doesn't mean that the original account owner gets all the money.
2012-02-29 11:12
2012-02-29 14:17
I dont get it. I dont see any ads outside of the video box even with AdBlocker turned off. You get $3 per 1000 DIFFERENT viewers or what, does it count me 2 if I watch his stream 2 times a day?
2012-02-29 14:10
Ask him.
2012-02-29 14:13
7 dollars per hour :D 2k viewers
2012-02-29 17:26
dunno how much money he is earning, but he plays gathers anyway, so i think he is satisfied with any amount cashed in. even if i dislike sk-gaming and him especially for leaving fnatic, i must admit that he is doing a very good job with his stream. he is kind of shy, but he is interacting with his viewers. he is not a media clown, but he says hello, tells lineups and stuff. pretty cool.
2012-02-29 17:54
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