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Canada TwistZzZz 
Get_Right(Lurker) Device(Awper) NiKo(Entry) Coldzera(Support) Happy(IGL) Pronax(Coach) disregarding language barriers
2016-03-05 23:42
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Canada TwistZzZz 
-Device +s1mple??
2016-03-05 23:45
Canada TwistZzZz 
not necessarily a "dreamteam" but a team that can beat fnatic, so i excluded everyone on fnatic from this list. otherwise this list would be completely different.
2016-03-06 00:02
Stopped reading at "device awper"
2016-03-05 23:45
Canada TwistZzZz 
2016-03-05 23:47
True xD
2016-03-05 23:48
flusha instead of get_right Guardian or HEN1 for awp. karrigan for IGL (happy is not strating anything - nor is fnatic, the best topteam we have actually strating is Astralis) The rest I got no problem with.
2016-03-05 23:47
fallen for igl? lg has the best strats/executes by far, mostly because of fallen insane in game leading.
2016-03-05 23:53
was considering that too - wouldnt mind, maybe as coach or maybe switch to 2.
2016-03-05 23:54
best team without language barriers for me is: Guardian: AWP Fallen: IGL, and if you want you could also call him a secondary awper because LG right now run so many double awp setups Apex/Niko: Entry Olof: Second entry/support Flusha: Lurker
2016-03-05 23:58
but olof never runs support and apex is shit for entry, jsut saying... I agree with niko but as support even NBK is better.
2016-03-06 00:00
i think apex when hes on fire could be the best entry in the world, but just an opinion. and i was think olof doesnt really support but you cant make a dream team without having the best player in the world on it so i just tried to fit him in as secondary entry
2016-03-06 00:02
stat-wise he is not the best-player in the world anymore, but he is on the best team. I think ppl like HEN1 (this LAN at least) where better. olof had his moments but HEN1 opened up every round and finished most of them too.
2016-03-06 00:17
Fnatic xd but mine is: FALLEN SNAX FLAMIE NIKO OLOF
2016-03-05 23:49
Portugal SidneiGama4 
what is IGL ?
2016-03-05 23:50
India Gospel League
2016-03-05 23:56
2016-03-06 00:10
2016-03-05 23:52
kennyS | 
Slovakia m1soS 
2016-03-05 23:54
Happy GeT_RiGhT olofmeister JW flusha
2016-03-05 23:55
Canada TwistZzZz 
2016-03-06 00:02
Estonia Qlity 
no olofm? lol
2016-03-06 00:03
excluding fnatic players: guardian - awp get right - lurk fallen -igl/secondary awp niko/apex - entry flamie - support, secondary entry, clutcher, can do everything ez new #1
2016-03-06 00:05
-device +guardian -cold +nbk and then it could probably beat fn
2016-03-06 00:05
aizy | 
World icyprinc3 
karrigan/fallen - igl guardian/hen1/devve/fallen/kenny - awp any 3 riflers here or 4 if u choose fallen as awp+igl cold dupreeh s1mple niko shroud shox apex gtr flamie
2016-03-06 00:09
Russia Reph 
HUNDEN - AWP Hunden - LURK HundeN - igl hUnden - entry nednuH - support HuNdEn - coach
2016-03-06 10:57
GuardiaN - AWP Flusha - Entry NBK - Support Olofmeister - Sec. AWP Happy - Lurker/IGL
2016-03-06 11:01
United States snack- 
I wouldn't igl happy and coach pronax they are exact opposites
2016-03-06 11:02
you cant put 5 people together and expect them to beat fnatic. there is more to it than that. i mean look at mousesports on paper that team should be way better
2016-03-06 11:09
fallen s1mple scream niko f0rest 16x0 fnatic
2016-03-06 11:10
2016-03-06 11:13
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