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f0rest please
Brazil whEZ 
why in mirage that corner on b call f0rest, video of highlight?
2016-03-06 23:19
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Cuz f0rest is In jail
2016-03-06 23:22
Brazil whEZ
2016-03-06 23:22
no srlys?noooo
2016-03-06 23:31
Sweden lagcats
yes HAVEN't you heard? f0rest is in jail now. Got taken for a driveby
2016-03-07 01:48
old but gold
2016-03-07 01:49
Cuz f0rest leaves
2016-03-06 23:23
Because he always used to play that spot in 1.6, and made quite some highlights from there.
2016-03-06 23:27
I made quite some highlights with your mom as well
2016-03-06 23:29
It was a great threesome
2016-03-06 23:30
With your 0.5 inch, I aren't think that.
2016-03-06 23:30
Actually 7 inch I checked like a month ago It's like 17,4cm I want that 8inch
2016-03-06 23:34
United Kingdom Wessywes
Fake france and 7inch doesnt go together. I havent hit that 7 yet, hope i do :((( 6.95"
2016-03-07 00:09
I can prove it I swear! Wanna dick pic? no homo
2016-03-07 00:11
u said "wanna dick pic", then u said "no homo". rly ?
2016-03-07 00:18
everything is ok if you say nohomo, buttfuck included
2016-03-07 00:21
Well if I say no homo then it isn't homo
2016-03-07 00:21
do u wanna fuck me, baby ? nohomo
2016-03-07 00:22
I'd suck your dick but in a no homo way
2016-03-07 00:24
if i'll say it in my country, people just burn me up
2016-03-07 00:32
3 world confirmed. no homo.
2016-03-07 01:16
United Kingdom Wessywes
nah i believe you. Ive actually got a reddit account for nsfw posts an shit lmao find the name and ill give you 3k
2016-03-07 00:20
Is it ALXWessywes Kappa
2016-03-07 00:22
United Kingdom Wessywes
no KappaPride
2016-03-07 00:30
stop lying, everyone know that u have only 0.5"
2016-03-07 00:13
2016-03-07 00:16
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
fun fact: some people call that jail
2016-03-06 23:32
it was originally called jail because of the horizontal bars and only one entrance when the map got first released as cpl_strike. f0rest played that spot when he was arguably the best player in the world and the spot eventually got his name. other 'fun fact', the spot on the other side of the bombsite that had bars in cpl_strike is often referred to as get_right now. pics: f0rest: get_right:
2016-03-07 00:09
Is that the origin of f0rest is in jail meme? Could very well be
2016-03-07 00:15
i'm not sure, but seems likely
2016-03-07 00:50
so nostalgic
2016-03-07 00:03
Most ppl just say bench, but f0rest played there in 1.6 Just like all other places that are called after players like delpan on the same map
2016-03-07 00:14
you also have other spots on mirage that are called after edward, delpan and neo.
2016-03-07 00:16
What highlight? What game you talking about?
2016-03-07 01:22 first event that had mirage in the mappool and he does this
2016-03-07 01:28
DD | 
Russia 6aLo4ka~
robban on de_mirage ,get_right(element) on de_inferno ,dober(robban)(i heard that on russian streams) on de_dust2 ,delpan of de_inferno ,element on de_tuscan ,ahl on de_tuscan ,starix on de_dust2 ,ceh9 on de_dust2 ,edward on de_tuscan ,nook on de_dust2 - if I forgot something please write in comments :)
2016-03-07 01:42
ahl quit way before tuscan came out, maybe u meant train? there's also gtr/edward spot on mirage between apps windows and short
2016-03-07 01:45
DD | 
Russia 6aLo4ka~
tuscan similar map to clan1_mill - i heard about that position on old russian videos and schemes maps. maybe you can call the place at the door in honour kuben -
2016-03-07 01:52
Wisla Krakow
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