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G2 to be in group of death again
Germany Andrew1337hc 
mark my words the group will be Na'Vi Astralis G2 CLG
2016-03-11 00:03
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or maybe titan curse lifted with new org?
2016-03-11 00:04
2016-03-11 00:28
Reunion czare 
please Envy and G2 on same group
2016-03-11 00:04
United States boots 
inb4 nV and G2 inb4 G2 > nV inb4 shox farts on happy's face
2016-03-11 00:05
United States pSilent 
Would suck. Hate seeing Titan/G2 get completely screwed over by group draws. One of my favorite teams to watch, especially in big games where they always seem to find unique strats/setups.
2016-03-11 00:06
ye i have always been a fan of ex6tenz's teams and i really wanna see them do well
2016-03-11 00:08
Don't worry high chance they'll get out of the groups since they have a decent chance against all legends teams that are left in the pool
2016-03-11 00:10
Netherlands julius1612 
they better hope for envy vp g2 and clg
2016-03-11 00:08
United States pSilent 
Either way the groups are going to be rough on them. Hope Ex6tenZ does his homework.
2016-03-11 00:09
Netherlands julius1612 
yeah ex6 will probably. and if envy and vp don't get their shit together g2 will be group winners along with clg #nahope
2016-03-11 00:12
envy vp g2 cloud9 would be a fun group to watch :D
2016-03-11 00:11
im praying that -clg +c9 so we get to see clg go to quarters and c9 get raped in groups again
2016-03-11 00:12
United States pSilent 
Why do you want to see Cloud 9 fail? All I want is for Skadoodle to get out of groups once. Maybe he'd get his drive back again.
2016-03-11 00:14
honestly i don't like how they show preference for n0thing because he has a nice personality, hes bad and definitely should have been cut along with semphis and shahzam, on top of that freak talks big but hes garbage. The only legit good player is skadoodle since shroud is a streamer disguised as a player and stewie still has to grow as a person and a player before he will be good and well rounded. They shouldn't be rewarded with a easy group for how poorly their org has chosen to let the team be and even in the easy group there is a pretty good chance they will be demolished. While CLG will at least make it close. On top of that i'm a huge fugly fanboy so i want CLG to succeed.
2016-03-11 00:21
Why, WHY!!!!!
2016-03-11 00:20
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