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Rate this PC before I get it!
Poland LoadingVacBanComplete 
So I'm getting this PC really soon. Rate it so I know if I really should change something. Also: CPU Cooler: SilentiumPC Fera 2 HE1224 Case: SilentiumPC Gladius X60 Pure Black Thanks.
2016-03-11 19:08
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Please no h8 m8 ;)
2016-03-11 19:12
-i5 +i7
2016-03-11 20:54
explain. why would that be better?
2016-03-11 21:11
with all they hardware he has to buy he'd be better off to save a little bit more money and go with the most current tech
2016-03-11 21:18
i5 is the most current tech.
2016-03-11 21:39
Razer chews. Kingston V series SSD's are garbage. Do you actually have discs to put into the optical drive? Everything else looks trouble free.
2016-03-11 19:12
You mean do I have any discs to use for the optical drive? Like only thing would be windows I think. And maybe later some other stuff. It's only like 15$ so why not... As for the SSDs. What do you recommend from here :)?[1729][from]=100&f[1729][to]=140 Don't forget to copy all the link ;)
2016-03-11 20:09
You can use flash drives/sticks for windows, optical drives are obsolete...but I guess it's only 16 bucks... I'd recommend a Samsung EVO as SSD either the 240 or the 480 gb one.
2016-03-11 21:13
Sweden W1sps 
Looks good except kingston ss 120gb is slower then all their other ojnes so basically pick any other SSD and dont choos razer keyboard it sucks i have like in total around 8 broken razer items in my home... also if you HAVE A LITTLE more money i would go for 6600k with ddr4 and the whol cha-bang
2016-03-11 19:19
What SSD from here do you recommend ;)?[1729][from]=100&f[1729][to]=140
2016-03-11 20:13
Dosia | 
Finland SEXGODV2 
u dont need 144hz monitor and 250gb samsung ssd would be better
2016-03-11 20:13
And by what do you say that I don't need a 144hz monitor? Maybe I want one ;/?
2016-03-11 20:37
If you like games with high fps then you fucking need 144hz
2016-03-11 20:40
^agree.. 144hz is a must nowadays.. you never go back from 144 if you had 60/75hz monitors
2016-03-11 20:42
i'd switch out that psu to a better one take this one:
2016-03-11 20:40
Is the one I picked not good or what's wrong with it ;/?
2016-03-11 20:48
i seriously hate corsair cs/m psu's.. budget shit.. the one I linked is on sale, and 20bucks cheaper + it's a 80+ platinum certi. worth alot more if it's not on sale
2016-03-11 20:50
this guy is right try to search for a seasonic S12II-620.. perfect psu
2016-03-11 20:52
thermaltake psu best im using thermaltake psu and never problem
2016-03-11 21:13
I can't find it on the internet shop that I want to buy so probably no ;/. Although thanks mate for the help :)
2016-03-11 20:52
what other psus are on that internet shop you are going to buy? I'll recommend you not get that shit psu anyway. so link me the other psus you can get
2016-03-11 20:53[1774][23582]=1&f[1775][19740]=1 Be sure to copy full link ;). Sorry for not english ;/.
2016-03-11 20:55
alright, take this one: must say the site is really shit.. storing alot of shitty psus or overpriced .. I guess this is better than cs/m one.
2016-03-11 21:04
2016-03-11 20:51
World smittywerben 
dont buy the stealth edition of the black widow. it sucks. take the not stealth one!
2016-03-11 20:59
Norway Dankmeme123 
everybody hating on razer products? why? i've had multiple products, spilled a fuckton of cola on my blackwidow 2013 like 3-4 times, no problem works like a charm. my razer kraken was lying on my desk and i spilled a bunch of chocolate milk into the right speaker, no problems, although sometimes it smells a bit like chocolate milk. i've had 2 deathadders, a 2013 and a chroma, i use the chroma now and it's working no problemo. The 2013 died after i thought i had an issue which required me to fickle with the mechanics of the clicking, and i fucked it up.
2016-03-11 20:59
Well in my abyssus, the lmb broke after a year of use. At least better than logitech g402 which broke after I tripped a glass of beer on my desk. It was barely touched by the drink and the sensor went insane.
2016-03-11 21:09
buy atleast 250gb samsung ssd. 120gb is not much and kingston ssd are slow. otherwise looks sick
2016-03-11 21:00
buy bigger ssd why would you take a 650w psu? take better/cheper ram throw this keyboard into trash when u get it
2016-03-11 21:02
2016-03-11 21:05
you dont need a cd drive invest it into better keyboard
2016-03-11 21:05
you have exactly same pc setup that i have, except that i dont have a cd drive + i have corsair rams I get 350-400 fps in cs:go that's what u should be expecting And 100-120 in h1z1
2016-03-11 21:07
+ I have corsair quickfire tk red switches keyboard and asus 144hz not benq.
2016-03-11 21:07
dvd drive for gay people
2016-03-11 21:07
r8 it 8/10, but mines better xd
2016-03-11 21:09
lilmao i had same pc , except the ssd , i had intel´s one good pc , runnin on fera with 4,4ghz 72°
2016-03-11 21:17
* + AMD radeon r9 290
2016-03-11 21:17
good pc. but get a bigger ssd drive ( 240gb or so ) so you can enjoy games loading and opening faster ;)
2016-03-11 21:17
-i5 + i7 the i5 will bottleneck your GPU
2016-03-11 21:19
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