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fnatic = schumacher?
Sweden NoPeaceJustHate 
Watching fnatic playing is like watching michael schumacher, you dont watch to see who will win an event, you watch who will get the second and third place
2016-03-13 22:53
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Germany Schweinemensch 
NoPeaceJustHate = Gay? you just watch the name and you dont watch to see who he is, you watch if he is gay
2016-03-13 22:55
Lets hope no accidents that will ruin their life happen to them.
2016-03-13 22:55
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
rip cyx
2016-03-13 23:16
rip schumacher
2016-03-13 22:55
Switzerland Sylleo 
my favourite golfer
2016-03-13 22:55
i dont play golf
2016-03-13 22:56
Switzerland Sylleo 
sorry to hear
2016-03-13 23:10
did schumacher get a VAC ban in the end? cause thats why im watching fnatic ayyy noKappa
2016-03-13 22:56
he actually did ;( rip schumi
2016-03-13 23:20
how can you even compare them to Schumacher? such a disgrace for him. btw. Schumacher was legit
2016-03-13 22:58
no, schumacher was the biggest cheater in formula 1, crashed into damon hill on purpose to win the world championship when it was 1 point between them. parked his car on purpose at the first corner in Monaco in qualifying and block Alonso behind him to get pole position. blocking hamilton in monza for several laps a couple of years ago and got told by judges to stop blocking. etc etc etc etc etc, it is pretty well known that he was the biggest cheater in the sport, that crash into Hill should not be forgotten or forgiven
2016-03-13 23:07
denis | 
Germany dR3CK 
He deserverd for rekt
2016-03-13 23:12
title for 94' doesnt matter because of Senna agree on Alonso case Hamilton is worse than Schumacher still far away from what is fnatic doing
2016-03-13 23:22
I hope they finish their career the same way
2016-03-13 23:09
schumacher lifted his steering wheel? I always thought he was legit...
2016-03-13 23:10
so did I until I realized he wasn't.
2016-03-13 23:13
2nd: kimi räikönnen 3rd: rubens barichello Literally every fucking race.
2016-03-13 23:11
2016-03-13 23:13
2016-03-13 23:13
wrong reply, so how's your day?
2016-03-13 23:19
2016-03-13 23:19
Did Schumacher aimlock Häkkinen?
2016-03-13 23:12
Denmark slacking 
People hate fnatic but fail to realize they deliver by far the best and most entertaining cs. Teams such as astralis, very good tactically just make you fall asleep
2016-03-13 23:12
nah Schumacher was legit
2016-03-13 23:12
Except Schumi had a considerable equipment advantage pretty much all the time. There isn't any equipment advantage for Fnatic.
2016-03-13 23:13
Switzerland Sylleo 
good b8
2016-03-13 23:15
2016-03-13 23:15
2016-03-13 23:15
2016-03-13 23:21
haha not really
2016-03-13 23:21
comparing this bunch of shit with a hero
2016-03-13 23:14
can confirm but watching fnatic even worse
2016-03-13 23:17
I'm pretty sure fia would have banned fnatic
2016-03-13 23:18
MS got stoned to death. Just goes to show how far gone germanistan is.
2016-03-13 23:21
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