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ENCE and future
Finland JustinCredible 
Addressing rumors regarding the team after forfeiting our tonight’s match: We were unfortunately forced to forfeit our game in the Hitbox Challenger Cup as we were not given the possibility to reschedule it to another time. The reason for us needing to reschedule the game was due to allu being in process with moving houses this week. We could have played the game with a standin but opted to not to do so in order to give the team a couple of days to rest and recuperate after a disappointing and difficult weekend in Copenhagen. We would also like to address the ongoing rumors regarding our lineup: We are not in process of changing any players in our lineup. However we are spending all of our energy in addressing the problems the team has faced and extracting the full potential of the individuals we have the pleasure of having onboard. Expect a video to come out this week recapping our learning experience in Copenhagen and how do we plan to tackle the obstacles that we face. Best Regards, ENCE Management (gl, keep on training)
2016-03-29 00:55
I think ence can go places
2016-03-29 01:00
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