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olof injury?
Reunion czare 
i heard from a reliable source that olof has some kind of infection on his wrist/arm and will stop playing for a while after MLG
2016-03-31 06:05
a reliable source he said it on stream?
2016-03-31 06:08
Brazil CHKING 
That's true mate, he's just still playing even with it, because its a Major... I have my sources too.
2016-03-31 06:16
'infection on his wrist/arm' k
2016-03-31 06:19
"reliable source", hah, He explained in the post-Splice game interview that he's having trouble with his wrist and therefore try to play as little as possible and skips warming up pre-games etc.
2016-03-31 06:20
yes. inb4 doctor told him to stop fapping too much thats y he got injured nokappa
2016-03-31 06:25
nukkye | 
United States yvr 
NBK captured olofmeister and broke his wrist ))
2016-03-31 06:27
gody | 
Sweden Sanfan97 
haha xD :') too bad it didn't work out for him xD
2016-03-31 06:30
Denmark jjh 
'infection on his wrist/arm' Lmao how can u be so retarded. it's called tunnel syndrome, not infection
2016-03-31 06:29 also nothing been having wrist issues, c9 would have 16-0d everyone if not for the wrist pain
2016-03-31 06:37
Canada mellowk 
reliable source is him?
2016-03-31 06:48
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