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Liquid choke history --- Worse than Astralis
United States TrueAmerican 
Chokes against Navi at IEM San Jose 14-7, losing an embarrassing 3v1 Chokes against Optic on Train, 15-3 -> 17-19 Chokes against LG at Columbus, 15-9 -> 15-19 and 15-6 -> 16-19
2016-04-03 03:38
LG are fucking poor robbers from poor country poor brazil.
2016-04-03 03:39
Latvia Amen0 
liquid lost themselves. So many thrown opportunities. Even the first matchpoint round on mirage probably would've went for lg even w/o the lucky jumpshots. He got first kill normally AND his teammate was already helping clearing the aparts.
2016-04-03 03:41
but lg aren't deserving for this finals. Like no matter what do you say.
2016-04-03 03:42
TL became good 2 days ago, LG is fighting for this spot for so long.
2016-04-03 08:05
And they will keep losing as ever.
2016-04-03 08:06
they never stoped improving, and tomorrow its the big chance. stop hating
2016-04-03 08:09
As long as that annoying fuck Taco is in the team, I will never acknowladge LG.
2016-04-03 08:10
2016-04-03 08:10
HaHaHa the best team of 2016 and 2017 cry xD
2017-12-14 16:41
Brazil Velister 
2016-04-03 03:42
Forget that scrub. LG all the way. They're stable as a mountain being able to comeback TWICE with the crowd cheering against them.
2016-04-03 07:14
El Salvador belaC 
u r git stabd
2016-04-03 07:22
2016-04-03 12:13
ScreaM | 
Belgium V0LT220 
I'm kinda new to the CS scene, but 15-3, really guys ? that really happened ?
2016-04-03 03:40 They started tilting after they lost a 4v2. Enjoy.
2016-04-03 03:44
Sweden ald; 
LG the best team
2016-04-03 03:41
No, they'll get pummeled by Na'Vi who have more firepower and are much better tactically.
2016-04-03 03:43
LG have consistently given Na'Vi a run for their money time and time again. Where have you been these past 4 months?
2016-04-03 03:44
Na'Vi are playing the best CS they've ever been, again, LG don't have the firepower to stop and compete with Flamie and GuardiaN. Also have to consider that Na'Vi are much, much better tactically.
2016-04-03 04:02
Again, where have you been the past 4 months? LG and Fnatic are the only teams who have ever stopped Na'Vi.
2016-04-03 16:07
I just said that Na'Vi, right now, aren't the same team they were. They're firing on all cylinders, Flamie is much more consistent than he was and Seized has been stepping up massively. It's not the same team.
2016-04-03 17:31
the only reason lg even beat navi at katowice was because guardian couldnt play with his wrist.
2016-04-03 17:41
I believe my point has been proven, friend.
2016-04-03 21:46
Brazil jlp4 
2016-04-03 03:43
Nah, not even close. Astralis choked last what, 3 or 4 semifinal majors? Not even close, Liquid. Not even close..
2016-04-03 03:44
Astralis choke more often, but they don't choke nearly as hard.
2016-04-03 04:56
You're wrong. The "amount" of choke isn't measured in rounds come back (otherwise that title would forever be VeryGames losing to NiP after going up 13-2 on Nuke at Dreamhack Winter 2013). The "amount" of choke is measured by the inability to show up in big games (think Duhpreh/CajunB), the settings of the comeback losses (i.e. astralis/dig/TSM always choke on the big stage in majors, LG have been known to choke in very close games) and consistently losing key rounds (with LG have actually been guilty of in the past). Liquid did the last one a couple of times against LG, but for the most part they simply got shut out of the game by LG's superior defensive play. If you also consider liquids lack of experience on the big stage (other than Hiko), i'd actually say that they've had an exceptional tournament and deserve the entire NA regions praise.
2016-04-03 07:22
13-2 on Nuke isn't really a "choke" unless NiP were losing on CT. 15-3 at match point is much worse psychologically. I don't buy the "lack of experience" from the players individually. They are all veteran players, minus perhaps elige. Plus they already played on the big stage as a team at IEM San Jose. They haven't done anything exceptional except win a bo1 against fnatic. They aren't even the best team in the region. Lets see them dominate NA while performing consistently in LANs before we start hyping them. Otherwise some good points.
2016-04-03 08:00
Nah NiP were T side at that point - came back to win 16-13 or something playing CT. (an aside, it wasn't a huge comeback in the context of Nuke, but considering that Ex6tence was still considered the best IGL in the world at that point, and VG easily the second best team in the world, it was massive). No no, definitely not individually, they've all had a bunch of LAN and tournament experience, but not at that level and with than much pressure. I'm not sure you can definitively say they're the best NA team, but they're certainly the form team at the moment. CLG are probably the only other team who have been consistently good, i consider C9 to be done quite frankly. Liquid still have plenty to prove, but this tournament has been huge for them, and i hope to see them continue this run of form.
2016-04-03 10:09
Finland DessuHopo 
my thoughts are the same.NA should be happy with liquids performance.No one expected for them to reach semis and specially to push a team like LG in overtime in both maps.i wonder what happens now,will they ever be as good with koosta?
2016-04-03 10:23
I totally agree, its the closest any NA team has ever come to reaching the final of a major - celebrate the success! I do wonder what happens with koosta too, but i think it'll be beneficial in the long run. AdreN has a weather of experience sure, but koosta (like s1mple) brings some serious raw talent to the table.
2016-04-03 12:11
They choked a 14-1 lead on nuke..........Tside
2016-04-03 10:11
not only that, they threw away the absolute best chance a NA team will ever have in a major. Liquid had a perfect bracket only having to beat fnatic in a bo1 on dust2. After that they had a easy road to semi's. This kinda luck will not happen again and all they had to do was beat a team that they live in the same region as and that they play fpl against on a daily basis. was good while it lasted but next major should go as planned (fnatic probably winning it)
2016-04-03 03:45
Except that this performance proves they're capable of playing extremely well and repeating that success.
2016-04-03 16:12
as they are in top4 now, at the next major they will have a top seed in groups that possibly will cause them easier brackets, so that could repeat again :)
2016-04-03 17:38
Brazil DannyS1 
2016-04-03 16:13
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