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The Smartphones is clearly on the desk with the gamers at the MAJOR.
Denmark alvaro 
This i clearly the biggest problem i have ever seen to a Professionel E-sport Valve Major cs:go tournament. Because the players can use cheat just to have a Smartphone next to the gamer Pc's. just a random evidence finded on, it took me 5 seconds to find a evidence; i cant find any photos behind the players, but i have only looked after it like 2 minutes, that is also a problem, you dont see no admins behind the players in all the matches at the big stage, i am really dissapointed about the Valve and MLG admins, they dont take the cheat problem serious, ofcourse there have been so many evidence that people are cheating to this lan. first look at krimz AIMLOCK on train, the player he tried to shoot was behind a 10 meters big wall :D krimz was at POPDOG, the opponent was down at ALLEY hahaha. then look at coldzera 3 jumpshots and he got 4 kills with it. normally it takes 50 jumpshot to get a kill.. and ofcourse sometimes people are lucky with one jumpshot, not just 3 jumpshot with 4 kills in one match, its over 150 % PERFECTION, when the odds is like 5 % chance to get a jumpshot kill. This is a seriously forum Topic debate, is there no FREEDOM OF speech on HLTV! WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS PROBLEM SERIOUSLY AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, WE WANT A CLEAN CS:GO. WE DONT HAVE TO END LIKE CYCLING, ARMTRONG ALMOST KILLED THE SPORT WITH 10 YEARS OF DOPING WITH 7 CHEATING TOUR DE FRANCE VICTORY. everybody knows that flusha is cheating on lan, how can he be the only one who got like 500 videoclips with on and dudes its not like people only trys to find evidence to flusha. ALL PRO PLAYERS IS WATCHING DEMOS OF ALL PRO GAMES ALL THE TIME. all the coaches and teams is using 5-10 hours per day into watching demos of everybody, every team, every tactic and if a pro player is seeing something suspicious i know it will popup on, reddit or on hltv, it is not like the pro player is writing his own name on youtube or hltv, but many of the flusha clips and many other pro players is finded bye PRO PLAYERS AND COACHES
2016-04-03 03:59
Brazil jgger 
reported earlier, reported now
2016-04-03 04:01
tldr smartphones are handed in b4 the match idk what you want /ban
2016-04-03 04:03
he it would have to be connected on server ip...
2016-04-03 04:12
Estonia swag420weed 
WE DONT HAVE TO END LIKE CYCLING, ARMTRONG ALMOST KILLED THE SPORT WITH 10 YEARS OF DOPING WITH 7 CHEATING TOUR DE FRANCE VICTORY. Wasn't a problem actually as all top 10 cyclist were using illegal substances
2016-04-03 04:15
this wall ResidentSleeper
2016-04-03 04:17
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