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Athough I was never a fan of LG, and their fans are absoute cancer, I'm slowly starting to likke them, they seem like nice people - especially FalleN - and I think they deserve to win this major :D
2016-04-03 21:35
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2016-04-03 21:36
United Kingdom Zayzo 
yes LG is nice but TACO looks like a druggie that stabbed multiple people
2016-04-03 21:36
Sweden T_T 
I'm so fucking mad, I chose NaVi in the pickem. First I put in LG but then I chose NaVi instead and im so mad because of that!! :(
2016-04-03 21:37
This was LG's choice of map though. Navi still has a big chance to win.
2016-04-03 21:40
Sweden T_T 
I hope!
2016-04-03 21:40
Gg LG. Se os gringos soubessem que o pessoal da LG fala tanta merda como nos.
2016-04-03 21:38
Every nation has it's childrens... and I'm sorry for toxic brazilians ones but you have to understand they are not the majority of us. If you spot a cancer post just report it in order to make hltv clean and let's all enjoy this epic finals!
2016-04-03 21:39
Yes it is. Good point bro! Brasilians just a little more childish, that's all. Go Luminosity! FalleN - the real legend- deserves this!
2016-04-03 21:40
Lithuania Kooligan 
little more doesn't describe what LG fans can be.
2016-04-03 21:43
Fallen just a god. Liked when he wrote "el classico" when they went into the first overtime.
2016-04-03 21:41
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
with the heart! <3 LOVE US SO MUCH, CHEERS with us BOYS! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm <3
2016-04-03 21:42
Yes, they are nice. Some fans are toxic, but most do not! Join us hahahahha
2016-04-03 21:56
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