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navi fans
GuardiaN | 
Germany GrayDuck 
Hello fellow navi fans, can you stop embarrassing me and other navi fans by crying over our loss. You are just making us look bad in general? Kthx I'll go kill myself after another failed finale btw. Bye cruel world //
2016-04-03 23:36
Do a flip faggot
2016-04-03 23:37
sry i have m9 bayonet, not flip knife
2016-04-03 23:43
Do a flip cheater
2016-04-03 23:44
Pls, I have less aimlocks than cold Kappa
2016-04-03 23:45
Its actually sad, Nokappa
2016-04-04 09:44
2016-04-04 14:52
Also as my last words, I want to say congratz to favelas. I'm at least somewhat happy that fnatic didn't win again, and I like fallen, fnx, fer, and cold more than those guys. I also like tacos, it tastes very good
2016-04-03 23:40
I am sad
2016-04-04 09:52
they can be happy enough tbh, the 2nd place prize money is as good as the last majors 1st place. They will come back stronger, imagine guardian wouldve been on point this major but i think he can use the same excuse like olof ;)
2016-04-04 09:55
guardian had wrist issue before olof tho
2016-04-04 14:49
DendiFace PuppeyFace
2016-04-04 09:57
Russia bugsYsiegel 
LG did mistake cuz starting winning everything so fast as possible. vac ban inc
2016-04-04 09:58
like, 4to za hui s gori? otkuda oni blyat vzyalis
2016-04-04 14:52
Russia bugsYsiegel 
za pol goda kazhdii turnir final.
2016-04-04 15:00
vse ravno malo
2016-04-05 14:52
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