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Favela invasion
Hungary HiNTaLOW 
It's like in the Walking Dead but worse. They will infect you with their low IQ and illogical thinking. Run, while you can my non-favelian brothers.
2016-04-04 22:32
Canada TwistZzZz 
run forest run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-04-04 22:35
Brazil forget_7x1_ffs 
sup now give me your wallet
2016-04-04 22:36
2016-04-04 22:43
You cannot infest a rotten corpse
2016-04-04 22:36
Brazil nysko 
keep hating, i'm amused.
2016-04-04 22:36
Sweden TutsiGOD 
i too
2016-04-04 22:38
World Aenon 
i three naxui
2016-04-04 22:40
I smell, I murder, I steal, you guessed right, I'm from BRA71L!
2016-04-04 22:37
My area in New York has already been overrun by Brazilians Only problem I have with them is they are mostly drunk by 11am and typically don't have car insurance. It's a scary combo lol.
2016-04-04 22:40
LOL That reminded me of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. hahahaha
2016-04-04 22:46
we smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-04-04 22:41
f0rest | 
Sweden [SKY] 
brazilians on HLTV like russians in cs:go
2016-04-04 22:44
Tnx god I perma blocked hltv on my computer, used hltv on my phone for some questions I had about gaming gear, Im satisfied with the answers so in a few days I will blocked hltv completely on my phone as well before the flood of braindead Brasilians on this site. Btw I thought Brasilians are cool people but after I reg to hltv all I can say now is that they are rly disgusting, Im just speechless..
2016-04-04 22:54
Where's your mouse now? Opss
2016-04-04 22:51
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